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Racism Today: A “White Boy’s” Perspective

Updated on December 29, 2017
kwade tweeling profile image

Kwade is a freelance writer who is always in pursuit of education. He feels every subject is fascinating and worth study.


June/6/2011 I had to add a video to the end of this hub (Morgan Freeman on Racism and Black History Month). Be sure to check it out.

December/29/2017 Due to some formatting changes by the website, I have to make some minor adjustments, which helped me find some mistakes and things to clarify. I'm also adding an update at the end. Yay for segregation!

Me when I'm tan.
Me when I'm tan. | Source

About the Author

I am white, pale in fact. I get flack from time to time for being a white boy. Ever been called a vampire for being so fair skinned?

Ironically, I have a grand mother who is black and I am a full quarter Native American. I grew up with strong Native American influence in mostly white communities. Family and genealogy were hot topics at home. My family considers our origin and history important. It helps us know where we are from and who we have become.

Naturally I am in a position to see things from multiple angles.

What Does “Racism” Mean?

The dictionary describes racism as;

1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

(found on

Let Us Explore This Shall We

Over the many generations our country has been around, there have been countless instances of racism. The nation was founded by invaders looking for their own piece of land to call home and stealing it from others. This was followed by the new owners of said land bringing in slaves and forcing people to do their bidding on stolen land.

The people who had their homes taken and who were taken from their homes were horribly mistreated. They were considered the inferior race because their military might was not as powerful and they were unable to defend themselves against the more powerful attacking army.

These days there are many people who seem to think the days of racism are long past. Since the days of Martin Luther King Jr (I love wikipedia, great resource. Make sure you check the sources though.)

Some people believe such strides were made to break down the barriers of race that there is no more problem. Contrariwise, there are many people who are of the opinion that things are as bad as ever if not worse. They say that race affects everything from job availability, to basic courtesy, to police mistreatment.

Martin Luther King Jr at a press conference. Brilliant man who helped change the racial landscape.
Martin Luther King Jr at a press conference. Brilliant man who helped change the racial landscape. | Source

My Experience With Racism

I have always lived in communities that are mostly dominated by white people. In the small county I grew up in, there were Native American reservations spread out between towns. It seemed everywhere outside city limits was off limits to white people.

I mentioned before that it seemed everywhere out of city limits was off limits to white people. The irony to this is that you could often hear local tribes complaining that they had no good land to work with because the white people took it all and would not give it back. I also heard the same tribesmen talking, outside the presence of the "oppressive whites," about how the white men only think they have the good land.

While some of the Native Americans I know are some of the most peaceful, successful and spiritual people I know, many of them squander what is referred to as “18 money” (because they get afforded this money from the government as penance for white people taking their land). It's spent on things they do not need, that they then do not take care of. When the frivolous purchase is destroyed they go back to working minimum wage jobs and never head toward ambition. The same people blame the white people in the area for everything that goes wrong and for the poor shape of their belongings.

I consider this form of racism the worst. People let their animosity for others, fueled by race, be their excuse for their own problems.

The Most Dramatic Experience I've Had

The one that was most dramatic was a black woman who was trying to get food stamps (I was there for the same reason.) The attendant at the counter gave her the paperwork and asked her to “please fill these out and bring them to me when you are done.” Just as she had said to me moments before; the woman was behind me in line.

The new applicant turned red in the face and said “You can’t treat me like this!” Without waiting for a response, she continued, “It’s because I’m black!” She pressed on forcefully, “You’re just trying to get rid of me. You don’t want me to get what I need because I’m black!” Again she did not wait for a response, “You b****! I want to talk to a manager! Get me a manager!” This same protest continued when the manager arrived (he was on his way already because of the commotion). He introduced himself as a manager and she did not break stride on the yelling.

After several minutes of the manager saying things like “Everyone needs to fill out these forms” and “no we are not trying to keep you from meeting your needs” while the angry woman continued her tirade, she finally yelled “Damn white people! A**h*****!” and stormed out.

Granted, for me this was not a dangerous situation. But when it happened I realized for the first time how people let their beliefs about race get in their own way.

I have seen countless examples of the same kind of scenario. Most often there has been no reason I have seen for the "discriminated" to feel like they were treated differently in any way. This DOES NOT, mean discrimination doesn't happen. It's all too real. I repeat, these cases in which the person only perceived racism DO NOT mean there is no real discrimination.

Grrrr arrrrr (Angry woman)
Grrrr arrrrr (Angry woman) | Source

If You Think Racism is Dead;

take a closer look at things around you. Look at it a little differently.

It's not just about anger and abuse. It's about how we make it harder to get along based on things like skin color, hair color, cultural differences, and other misconceptions. Racism takes many forms and being aware of how we're treating each other based on such things helps us better understand ourselves.

If you see someone else and start passing judgement based on racial features, that's a measure of racism. Does that make you a horrible person? No. It may be an aspect of your personality worth changing though.

Programs to Stop Racism

These days, we have a number of legal obligations in place such as "Equal Opportunity Employment" that have a noble intent. I think they fall short. In this particular legal precedent for example, do you know what it means to have said status? Simply put; the company promises to match the local demographic. If they do not have an equivalent percentage of all races, ages, and genders working for them as the local population, they are penalized. Naturally this leads to hiring people who are of the appropriate race, age and gender to keep them in these stats. I worked for an Equal Opportunity Employer unloading trucks and distributing the product across the store. We were short staffed and they finally got a person to replace the last employee who left. The person they hired was a small young Latino woman, a new mother, who wanted to work in the clothing department. She could not lift much weight, she could not move fast and she did not have the drive to push herself as we all had to do every day. Now, she would have been fantastic in the clothing department, in fact, after she was transferred to clothing she did great. But she was a terrible fit for the unloading crew. But she fit that missing demographic.

I recently learned this kind of action is a misinterpretation of the law. The actions of the company hiring someone because they fit the demographic is specifically prohibited by the law. In this case, whether it was out of ignorance, or a desire to avoid litigation, I couldn't tell you.

My point here is this

People are racist and stupid and selfish. People are also kind, loving and brilliant. No matter what the color of their skin, or what they eat, or how they dress, what really separates us is how we treat other people. Not how they treat us. If we want to stop racism, we need to treat other people with respect and hope they are doing their best, whether or not we think they are. That dignity and respect is what wins hearts. Empathy is what dissolves issues like racism. Not intolerance.

Thanks for reading and I hope to read your comments below.

In the Words of Morgan Freeman

Update December 2017 (Segregation in Colleges)

There have been a number of stories circulating about segregation at colleges. I've found a couple of sources for this information.

1. Harvard had a separate graduation for the Black class members of 2017.

I'd caution anyone taking part in such an event, because it can easily look from the outside like segregation. However, it looks more like the Black students understood what a big deal their accomplishments are. They also recognized that it wasn't long ago, Blacks weren't given the same chance they were. They just wanted to have a ceremony for themselves as a community. A way to show each other they are not alone and they are strong. Essentially, it could have been done as a big party to celebrate, but they wanted the formality. Together they personally funded the event, and were able to celebrate formally with friends and family.

If feels to me more like they deserve kudos for a great idea.

(Side note: I've just realized I'm in the habit of saying "African American," but reading that article on BET had me typing "Black" instead. Since they only said "Black." For some reason that seems a little ironic.)

2. I've heard a bunch of reports about segregation on college campuses. I saw a few articles on right-wing media outlets saying Black students are demanding "Black Only" spaces. I'm choosing not to trust those though. I just haven't been able to verify them with anyone I was sure didn't have an agenda to push.

What I can substantiate is that there are a lot of people self-segregating. In doing so, they lose their sense of community and ability to tolerate differences. There's a pretty good article on it at the Huffington Post.

Whatever the case, it seems to me creating a segregated community, or a separate graduation is a bad idea. That's why Martin Luther King Jr fought against segregation in the first place. Working together and letting go of biases and fear is the only way to peacefully coexist. Nelson Mandela said much the same.

A celebration for a single group, seems shaky ground. But celebrating who you are and where you come from is always a good idea. Hopefully we can come to a better understanding and start valuing ourselves and each other.

© 2011 kwade tweeling


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    • S Leretseh profile image

      S Leretseh 

      7 years ago

      Regarding the black race in America PRIOR to 1964...

      White Christian MUST be vigilant stating the following!

      The black race's plea for integration, which began in earnest around 1960, was in fact something unprecedented in the annals of human history (it was entirely orchestrated by White Liberals), and was also the WORSE case scenario manifesting for most Americans. The black race was suppose to live within the structure and confines of its own group. The constructs of human history and, indeed, human nature, dictated this reality. This separation (from 1865 to 1964) was expected to give the Negroes the necessary opportunity to develop their own way of life, their own distinct culture and, most importantly, their own status environments (the creation of their own political & economic arenas), which would give them a feeling of self-reliance and empowerment over the lives of their people. However, by the Negro race’s plea for integration, it clearly signaled they were now prepared, and ultimately became very determined, to abandon their human requirement to be a self-reliant people (something they never did accomplish in their entire history on the American continent).

    • S Leretseh profile image

      S Leretseh 

      7 years ago

      Regarding race, a person is the race that his appearance conveys to others.

      As for group identity...

      Every ethnic group in America has a group designation...except white Christian people--the creators of ALL the political & economic arenas in America prior to forced integration (1964). Very troubling to me. Romans went thru this very same identity meltdown as their political leaders continued to expand on the word "citizenship". In AD 212, a Roman Emperor named Caracella decreed all peoples in the dominions of the Empire to be Romans. His intent was not altruism. He had an empty treasury and Romans were taxed higher than non Romans. The Roman Empire lasted another 70 years. The group designation of "Roman" disappeared forever. So it is going with those who were the recognized Americans up until 1964 (white Christians). The civil- rights laws (compulsory integration laws) purpose was to lure the black race into the Democratic Party, and thereby put more more DEMS in Congress... so they could create their socialism. The scheme worked well for the DEMS --they got their socialism. But the cost has been the destruction of the American identity for the creators of American society. White Christians WILL try to form a new identity at some point - human nature requires it. As for me, I only hope I can outlive this Democratic Party created foolishness.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 

      7 years ago from Southern Clime


      The following points that you made are heavy:

      “This is especially true of "White America" (I hate that term as much as the term "Black America". What better way to separate race?) White people in high class society have had an attitude of racism where they are suspicious of black people entering their neighborhood. The same is true of the reverse.

      "What I was trying to outline in my article here is that white people have done wrong. If we want to have equality, we need to share and share alike. We need to break the mindset that different race means different rights. To turn that around and create entitlements that are race specific for black people, is counter productive. It's doing exactly the same wrongs that were done in the past. It's repeating the past. Many white people understand that their ancestors caused serious grievance. But to continually hold all of them in contempt, while many try to bring equality to us all, just hurts the efforts toward true equality."


      "White America," "Black America" are used constantly in everyday language, but I hope that users do not mean "ALL" when referring to either. It is a fact that there never has been a plurality of White Americans involved in the practice of oppressing Blacks. During the terrible 50's and 60's that I lived through, there were many Whites silently helping Blacks "behind the curtains." If caught, their lives would have been threatened or ended just as quickly as Blacks. Consider what happened to those three boys as portrayed in MISSISSIPPI BURNING--two Caucasians and one Black. Some of that kind of White help went on in the open, but much more went on behind closed doors. Sadly, many other Whites died cruel deaths while helping Blacks. They are mostly unsung heroes. That has been happening since slavery began. Harriet Tubman was not nearly the only help on that Underground Railroad. She was the conductor, and an exceptional one, but she could not have done as much by herself. Righteous Whites, as well as other Blacks, were in the background risking their lives, too. Truth!

      When the Yankees came south to liberate Blacks, they were following army orders, but those Whites who volunteered to help Blacks were a totally different bunch. That is not to downsize the work of the soldiers. Surely they were a welcomed sight to Blacks.

      Whites who are not continuing the trend of oppression have a right to feel insulted when someone blames them, but history did happen. It seems that many modern-day Whites have a difficult time understanding that changes cannot occur overnight when the mess-up took centuries to do.

      Please read this article on affirmative action when you find the time. I am providing the address and an excerpt from it:

      "Justice and Freedom for All" Still in Its Infancy

      Liberals countered that "the land of opportunity" was a very different place for the European immigrants who landed on its shores than it was for those who arrived in the chains of slavery. As historian Roger Wilkins pointed out, "blacks have a 375-year history on this continent: 245 involving slavery, 100 involving legalized discrimination, and only 30 involving anything else."

      Considering that Jim Crow laws and lynching existed well into the '60s, and that myriad subtler forms of racism in housing, employment, and education persisted well beyond the civil rights movement, conservatives impatient for blacks to "get over" the legacy of slavery needed to realize that slavery was just the beginning of racism in America. Liberals also pointed out that another popular conservative argument-that because of affirmative action, minorities were threatening the jobs of whites-belied the reality that white men were still the undisputed rulers of the roost when it came to salaries, positions, and prestige."

      Yes, " Jim Crow and lynching existed well into the 60's,” so, why does others think that Blacks can get it all together in only about 50 years? “Blacks should be a world empire by now,” some think. How long did it take America to boast of the greatest country in the world? It did not happen overnight, nor did it happen after 50 years in America.

      It is true that some Blacks seem to be traveling backwards instead of forward, and that is not a pretty picture. Black-on-Black crime is at an all-time high. Drugs are ravaging many Black neighborhoods. Unemployment and crime are steadily climbing. That is not good, but it must be understood that this depressive bit of information does not describe all Blacks in America. Just for the record, guilty Blacks are not the only ones on drugs, and they definitely do not own the drug industry. Does anyone ever think about that? I was told that the best way to stop a cancer is to get the root. Although many Blacks are heavy into drugs, they are not the root (the industry). Crystal methane use and other drugs are quietly raging in White neighborhoods. I wonder why Blacks are loud with their illegal activities and Whites are often quiet. The quietness makes the guilty Whites look innocent when their hands are just as soiled as Blacks. Percentages are a different story as some people enjoy playing with them in order to paint a picture of which-race-is-worse.

    • kwade tweeling profile imageAUTHOR

      kwade tweeling 

      7 years ago from USA

      Brian, I don't have an answer for that. It would be extremely fascinating to see how that kind of social experiment worked. I just don't know of a way to truly change your skin enough to make it believable. Let me know if you come up with something. Get lots of video for perspective.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      My question for you is what do you think the cheapest and easiest way for a white man to live as a black man would be? I really would like to go undercover and help white people. Please respond.

    • kwade tweeling profile imageAUTHOR

      kwade tweeling 

      8 years ago from USA

      Thank you, Floyd! I'm glad you felt my thoughts are worth such high praise.

      I was going to send you a message directly, but other than by email, I'm not sure how to do that with HubPages. And I rarely check my email so, I'll give my response here.

      I think yours will be quite worth it. Get it written and share your own personal perspective. I believe the more we can share and truly understand each other, the better we are as a species. Plus, if for no other reason, you get the chance to express yourself. And that is worth more than I can explain.

      I'm happy to share any advice I have. Once you have a Hub up, I can look it over and see if I have suggestions. Until then, the best advice I have is generic:

      1. If you have the time, read the help articles HubPages has. They are quite informative and well written.

      2. Write what you know.

      3. Choose pictures that fit your subject (or no picture at all).

      4. PROOFREAD! Go through the article word by word slowly and make everything is spelled correctly, in the right context, and punctuation is used correctly. A little mistake here and there won't kill you, but a lot of them will.

      5. Be sure your formatting makes it easy to read. Big bold headlines helps. A photo to create a break in ideas is good.

      6. Look over the most popular Hubs. The high ranking ones are almost always formatted really well. They may give you ideas.

      I look forward to reading your first Hub. If you do one on race, consider a link to my hub. Giving some props to those who've given you ideas to add to your own, helps validate both of us.

    • kwade tweeling profile imageAUTHOR

      kwade tweeling 

      8 years ago from USA

      B-Dawg, it certainly feels that way sometimes. Hopefully one day we will simply stop being stupid about this.

    • floydjack91 profile image

      Floyd Jackson 

      8 years ago from Beavercreek

      Hey man this is awesome. My first post was going to about race and after looking at yours, I don't know if mine will even be worth it. I have many suggestions to stopping racism and some unique ideals. Im new to this site could you please send me some suggestions on how to set up a good hub and how to set up the format.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Kwade Tweeling,

      Do you think that they will ever try to bring pigmentation into the white male community? I am telling you I think black skin would help the white man with the way it is now. This is my plan which would help everybody.

      - I think that the law enforcement could get more black criminals off the streets if they were black faced. Many black criminals like to use racial politics to get away with things. Black skin would protect the white members of the law enforcement team from racial politics.

      -Bosses- A black face boss can get more productivity out of black employees. Black people will work harder and complain less if the boss has a black face. If a black employee wants to be lazy a black faced boss could fire them w/o discrimination lawsuits.

      - Business Owners- Black skin would also shield them from discrimination lawsuits. Black skin would be like as insurance policy for a white business owner.

      - If you see a black person going off on a white person you can protect that white person much better with a black face.

      - Black skin will also help many white men with the ladies. Women automatically assume that you are good in bed and have a big pipe. Also they feel safer with a black man. Wouldn't you feel safer if you had a black face?

      - Most white criminals and bullies will always choose a white victim. Black skin is like a body guard. It is time for the white man to dye his skin black and live as a black man. Black skin will be your bodyguard. Black people will treat you better. You won't have to watch what you say as much.

      Every house has a man of the house. Every home and family has a protector. That protector should always have black skin. People are much less likely to mess with you if you are black. That is the real. Peace.

    • kwade tweeling profile imageAUTHOR

      kwade tweeling 

      8 years ago from USA

      B-Dawg, Thanks for your input. I can certainly identify with your perspective.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Kwade Tweeling,

      The safest thing to be in America is a black male. Black skin would be a

      shield for the white man. Nobody would give the white man any crap if he was black skinned. Black skin would get the white man off the hook for slavery. A black man can protect white people from racist black people better with a black face. Black skin attracts the ladies. Black skin would protect the white man from racial politics and bogus racial lawsuits. Black people would work harder for a black boss. And a black boss can fire a lazy black employee w/o dealing with racial politics. Black skin = Protection for the white man moving forward.

      I personally think many white men should get a race change and live as a black man! I am as serious as a heart attack. Black skin would really help the white man in todays society. Black skin would give the white man more flexibility on what he can and can't say. Black skin would protect white men from black sin. Black skin is the answer to all the white mans problems.

      I am half black myself. I heard that there is some kind of custum air brush thing they can do in tanning salons that will make you black for a week. I know a white man that lost a 100 thousand a year job over racial politics. I know white business owners get sued over racial politics so I don't think that getting a race change should be the furthest thing from the white mans mind.


    • kwade tweeling profile imageAUTHOR

      kwade tweeling 

      8 years ago from USA

      Thanks for your input, Tyrone. I agree with you on almost every point you laid out. White majority ancestors did push had to keep the white people on the pedestal. Invading someone else's land, claiming it for their own and bringing in slaves to work said land. I felt I touched on that in my post. I'm sorry if it wasn't clear.

      A lot of people have lived with blinders on. Blind to what is going on around them, and often blind of what is going on in their own lives. We, as a country, have played the game of "keeping up with the Jones' " for so long, it had become common place to simply fight to look like we had everything. Now, with our society crashing down around us, people aren't sure what to do.

      This is especially true of "White America" (I hate that term as much as the term "Black America". What better way to separate race?) White people in high class society have had an attitude of racism where they are suspicious of black people entering their neighborhood. The same is true of the reverse.

      What I was trying to outline in my article here is that white people have done wrong. If we want to have equality, we need to share and share alike. We need to break the mindset that different race means different rights. To turn that around and create entitlements that are race specific for black people, is counter productive. It's doing exactly the same wrongs that were done in the past. It's repeating the past. Many white people understand that their ancestors caused serious grievance. But to continually hold all of them in contempt, while many try to bring equality to us all, just hurts the efforts toward true equality.

      Tyrone, I know you didn't intend it this way, and your post had really good information. When I read your post, it felt like you were angry and blaming white people for everything. Now, I'm sure you understand that white people are to blame for a lot of things in this country. And I'm sure you know there are also politicians from other races who are doing just as much bad. Likewise, there are people from all races doing a lot of good. And in our every day lives, if we just let others in, we easily see how we have more in common, than we have differences.

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      OK OK it’s time for a historical reality check! Are you ready for the truth? Let me start off with my standard! Whenever I’m coming real I must state! I’m not a racist nor do I hate white people AT ALL! But I must put blame where it belong!!!! Dr. Phil quote" You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge"!In the beginning America was founded on a white racist mentality! Affirmative Action was establish for whites “ONLY” 100%!! YES YES the truth is whites were the first recipients of a “Welfare Program”in America!!! Because slavery in America was a “Welfare Programs. FOR WHITES ONLY!!! Government approve! Slavery**Separate but so-call equal ** Sharecroppers** Jim Crow Laws** Discrimination** ALL DEVELOP AGAINST BLACKS TO KEEP HATE AND DIVIDE ALIVE AND MAKE A PROFIT DOING IT!!! Blacks were “last hire first fire” when we were allowed to work for profit! Which goes on TODAY! Also blacks were paid less for the same jobs whites worked at! Something the white establishment made LAW!

      OK if your white and reading the first paragraph your thinking. Here goes another black person blaming the white man for black America’s downfall! You would be so WRONG! I’m blaming your “white ancestors” for establishing a “un-fair” un-even” un-equal” “un-balance AMERICA! Were whites were able to enslave blacks which enable whites to establish wealth! To establish ownership of company and land and buy stock in other businesses! Home ownership was for your white ancestors ONLY! It was against the law in the beginning for blacks to own property! I just watch “HBO documentary “Hard Times/ Lost on Long Island”. Where a couple of white people told stories of the effect of the recession! Everyone stated “THEY WERE SHOCK”!!! Never ever thinking it could happen to them!

      Laid off on welfare going to food center asking for help was a minority thing to do! In white people minds! The reason many whites feel this way is because their white ancestors create a false America! Also white politician lie about welfare being a black thing. In reality “FOREVER” white receive more welfare then blacks and all minority! Many whites before the recession lived lies!!! They live as if they would not be effected by any disaster and if they were. Not to the level of the minorities! THEY WERE WRONG!!!!What the recession did for many middle-class whites. Was to put them on the same level as poor whites and poor minorities! AND WORSE! See many middle-class whites were making un-sustainable salary before the recession. Now their employer that are returning to profit! Are not hiring them back because they see they can function without their high salary. They can hire two people for less then the salary of the white laid off!

      OK I must add on something else your white ancestors establish “WHITE GREED”!!!!! This has also been a running evil in America hurting the economy and many American of all races! “White Greed” is why under former Republican President G.W. Bush the recession happen. De-regulation for American companies led to scamming Americans. While raking in record profits! Banks and mortgage companies made loans to people knowing they could not afford the loan. The mortgage companies and banks knew the Federal Government would buy the loan. This is after many mortgage companies and banks sold the worthless notes to other companies! Let me say before I go...We are all the recipients of the evil of American past!

      Bottom line white America needs white leadership!!!! That will tell them the truth about living in America and about their ancestor past evil! How the way whites vote and who whites voted for and the way whites think! Has been disenfranchising America and many white people too FOREVER! I must say what I didn’t say “SOME:! Yes some white people “NOT ALL" have participated in voting against America! Voting against equality! Voting for hate and dividing the country! Voting to keep minorities down so they can continue to be on top! Voting for white racist politician! Voting against”Civil Rights” for all! Voting for 43 male only white only Presidents! So if you still are wondering why America is in a state of recovery again! Read the damn post again...........I’m tire of writing!!!

    • kwade tweeling profile imageAUTHOR

      kwade tweeling 

      8 years ago from USA

      I'd say that's a sticky topic too Green Lady. Sometimes it's easy to let a stereo-type work you into a racist attitude like that. Having worked in call centers myself, I can tell you that the worst of the worst sometimes call in from a certain area a lot. It's easy to let that experience turn you toward the negative.

      In one job I had, we could look at the caller ID, know that a call was coming in from a certain US state, and reliably say, "Great, here comes another stupid racist caller." Better than nine times out of ten, it would be accurate. It was bad enough that when we got a caller who was intelligent, we'd be thrown for a loop.

      I think the part to remember is that what we see is always a cut out, or a small example pool, if you will. Just because everyone you have talked to from somewhere, or with a specific trait, is one way, doesn't mean it's an accurate example.

    • The Green Lady profile image

      The Green Lady 

      8 years ago from Australia

      There was a story here in Australia that people being trained to work in call centres in India for Australian companies were told that all Australians are basically dumb, drunk and racist. Isn't this racism in itself?

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 

      9 years ago from Southern Clime


      You said, " I am so glad that my son is growing up in a city filled with so many different races and cultures. What a gift to give to any child to teach equality and celebrating differences, not mocking them."

      "Love one another people!" Well said.

      Yes, I can identify with your points. I also live in a community of diverse cultures. It can be a learning experience just aaas HubPages is a great learning experience. I love learning about different ways of life in many respects. It is downright educational.

      In spite of the positives, we must be ready to properly hand differences that are contrary to our beliefs or values. I do not believe that all cultures are equaal, but I believe that all people are equal in value and should be treated with dignity and respect as well as give treatment of dignity and respect.

      Let me explain using a few examples why I say that all cultures are not equal. While we may share some practices, we have some differences. One culture may believe in arranged marriages while another may not. One culture may not eat certain foods, and considers them taboo, while another loves the food. It is reasonably correct to realize that some food choices are cleaner and healthier than others. That can be proven. In such a case, the two foods are not equal. Yes, we should respect others' rights to make choices, but we cannot logically reason that all practices are equal. Again, people are equal in value and should be treated with dignity and respect.

    • cheatlierepeat profile image


      9 years ago from Canada

      This is a wonderful hub. I am so glad that my son is growing up in a city filled with so many different races and cultures. What a gift to give to any child to teach equality and celebrating differences, not mocking them. I can't believe people still behave with such ignorance. Love one another people!

    • kwade tweeling profile imageAUTHOR

      kwade tweeling 

      10 years ago from USA

      Thank you. I have always felt this issue, as well as many others, needs to have a society wide fresh evaluation.

    • profile image

      Giselle Maine 

      10 years ago

      A captivating hub that really made me think. You are so right, so many people (myself included) assume that racism is dead... but your hub shows that it is not necessarily so. Very interesting hub and a challenging topic on which you wrote compellingly.

    • kwade tweeling profile imageAUTHOR

      kwade tweeling 

      10 years ago from USA

      Thank you Jo!

    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image


      10 years ago

      You have made some very good points here. I guess sometimes, we think that just because we have elected the first African American President that we are all cured. I know of some places where the population still snickers at the other color or handicap of their neighbor. It is truly sad to have to witness this in a culture of so much growth. I hope you will continue to appreciate your culture. This is so very important. I really liked your hub! Bravo! : )

    • kwade tweeling profile imageAUTHOR

      kwade tweeling 

      10 years ago from USA

      Indoctrinate U also talks about how there are scholarships based on race. There is one family they point out specifically that has two adopted black boys and one white girl. There are financial aid packages that the two boys qualify for that the girl does not. This is based on race, despite that they are coming from the same background.

      One of my favorite examples of the segregation (just because it is so blatant and no one notices). We have BET (Black Entertainment Television), and no one minds (including me). But if you made a WET (White Entertainment Television), there would be law suits controversy, and protests before the network aired. I feel that is discrimination as sure as if we said you can't have BET.

      As I was writing this comment, I decided I had to look and see if there was WET. To my shame, there is. Unfortunately they seem to be quite disrespectful so I do not recommend them. I wish I had started it when BET came on so it would have been done with more class and respect.

    • Willow Geist profile image

      Willow Geist 

      10 years ago from United States

      Kwade, I too have noticed racism in the world around us in unexpected ways. In fact, I have seen a documentary called Indoctrinate U where he points out that on university campuses all over the nation there are support groups for Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, and many other races, even one for women, but nowhere will you find a support group for whites or for men. I have noticed this is true outside of colleges as well. You can look up local hotlines in nearly any major city or county and you will see a similar situation. This is one unexpected form of racism, everyone is so focused on supporting every possible minority from the whites, that when the whites are the minority and you ask about it, you are considered racist.

      Another surprising turn is that some racial minorities are so determined to get "fair" and "equal" treatment they create the separation and unequal treatment that Martin Luther King was hoping to change. (Also talked about in Indoctrinate U)

      Thank you for this post. It is nice to see people thinking outside the box.



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