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Racism Will It Ever Disappear

Updated on January 8, 2017
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I have been the customer service field for over 20 years. I am a grandmother of 10 and on my second and final marriage,

Trump's Business Failures

The Great America

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The New Racism that is Old Racism.

When I hear the statement that "Trump is going to make America great again". I wonder what era are these people talking about. When was America greater than it is right now. I think America is getting greater and greater with each passing day. This is the home of the free and the land of the brave. Everyone wants to come here. Why? Because America is a great place to be. We have our freedom, we have our rights to be who and what we are. We have finally became a nation where all are somewhat equal. Where we are somewhat judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. We as a people have a long way to go, but have come a long way from where we were.

So when you say that Trump, being the bigot, racist, hateful individual that he is will make America great again, what great are we talking about. The divided great again, the racist great again, the hateful great again. The great that is demonstrated in the picture below great again. Exactly what great are we talking about? What great things has this man done in America that make him our Great hope.

The Great way the he belittles women by grabbing their crotches and raping them Great. The making fun or handicap people kind of Great. Or the building a wall at the Mexican border kind of Great. Exactly what kind of Great is Trump going to make America again.

As quiet as it is kept, Trump isn't even a Great businessman Let's check is record shall we.

  1. Trump airlines bankrupt,
  2. Trump vodka, no one seem to have thought that was too great,
  3. Trump mortgage, a complete disaster,
  4. Trump university was a non credited fraud.
  5. 1989, Trumps version of Monopoly that he convinced Milton Bradley to make saying that his face would get 2 million to buy his game for $69 that went bust after one year.
  6. 1991, the Taj Mahal, bankrupted after a year.

Just to name a few. Yes his daddy gave him a million dollars and he turned it into a billion dollars, but how many millions did he lose. Because his is a good business man, that will not make him a great or even good President. Being a good businessman is to screw people out of their money and turn it into your money which are not good qualifications to be a good President. So again I ask what era, time or day was it that America was great that Trump is going to make America great again. Those of you that has a answer for this question please comment in the comment box below. Thanks.

Sometime I wonder if people know what racism is. I have spoken to people who have said to me that they are not racist, then follow it up with a racist statement. “I’m not racist I just don’t like Mexicans.” I will never say that I am not racist because that would be a lie. I will say that I try not to be racist. Everyone has some racism because of how you were raised. There have been many studies on racism and all the different types. Unfortunately, the largest form of racism is against color (especially black).

In 1950’s and 1960’s Muzafer and Carolyn Sherif and their colleagues grouped boys of 12 years of age to attend a summer camp. They divided the boys into two teams and pitted against each other in competitive games. After the games the boys began to consistently rate their own team’s performance as superior to the other team’s. Unconsciously they immediately began to feel more superior then the other group.

Dr. Poussaint said “Racism can destroy us as individuals and ultimately destroy the world. One of the reasons why is has historically been so lethal and devastating is that when played out unharnessed, the bottom line, is genocide”.

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Stereotyping another form of racism. We all do this also. We all have stereotyped one race or another if not all of them. Examples of some typical stereotyping;

Asians are hard workers and studious. Mexican come out at night eating beans and rice. Blacks are lazy and eat fried chicken and watermelon. In 1922 Walter Lippmann first introduced the term stereotype used in social science. A new study shows that many people may unknowingly hold racist views, contrary to how they view themselves.

Do you think racism will ever end?

See results

Racial profiling another form of racism. The definition of racial profiling the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting of having committed an offense. The largest group in this category are African Americans. We all do it, if I put a list of crimes and take one person from every race, certain crimes belong to certain people. Examples: Drug Dealers. Serial Killers, Stabbing Terrorist, just to name a few. Just those few crimes, a certain race of people comes to your mind just by what type of crime it is. This can also fall under the category stereotype.

This next type of racism completely bewilders me. Racism within your own race. When we have the same opinion about our own kind. With the same hatred, detest, and loathsome that the other race would have against their entire race. In case they aren’t aware, those people are talking about you too, while you are in total agreement with them. How can you hate your own kind, that’s hating yourself, and that is STUPID? There are some things about my race that I don’t particularly care for, however I will not condemn my own race with another race. Also would not let them do it neither.

Someone said, Racism stops one person at a time. I don’t know who said it but it sounds like something someone would say. Let’s find a WAY1


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    • PassionButterfly profile imageAUTHOR

      Dianna Taylor Fobbs 

      4 years ago from Virginia

      Thanks and exactly what i was hoping people would get out of it thanks again

    • Credence2 profile image


      4 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Great article, it is human nature to gravitate to one's own tribe, people that look and more than likely think and act as you. What is beauty verses what is ugly, it can be as individual as a fingerprint? We all have biases of some sort, the challenge in the interests of civility is to be conscious of it and take deliberate effort not to treat anyone differently because of it. Being professional in our demeanor, taking into consideration the 'golden rule' will go a long way.


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