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Racism in Ferguson

Updated on December 3, 2014

Why is it that people are still up and about in Ferguson trying to claim justice? I'd like to say up front that it's all really pointless. Especially when Mike's autopsy revealed that he had Meth in his blood and most witnesses say that he didn't raise his hands up and that he charged the officer. I'd do the same thing if I was Darren Wilson.

People claiming that he's an innocent child is nothing but sheer and utter stupidity. A 19 year old is considered a child and robbing a convenience store is considered innocent. Right. I hate to say it but Mike's not innocent, rather, he's guilty. He's caught on cam robbing and considered a child? Attacking a police officer and considered innocent? Brilliant, just absolutely brilliant. I'm wondering where and how American mentality just dropped and hit the fan.

And another thing... If white people are so racist, then why are blacks so misbehaved and causing destruction in Ferguson? It's actually a statistical fact that blacks are more prone to commit crimes than whites. The activists are just as racist as Darren Wilson if that's the case. You sure did a great job calling racist and justice, Al Sharpton.

On a lighter note, I mean no offense to anyone. I'm simply saying that if blacks want to be respected, stop misbehaving and obey the law.


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