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Racism in the 21st Century

Updated on August 30, 2018

Racism Is Wrong White or Black

Racism has become a term we as Americans always associate with whites discriminating against blacks. Yes we do still have whites that discriminate against blacks in this country. It is unfortunate that these things still exist in an advanced society such as ours, but they do not exist at the level the media and people like Jesse jackson and Al Sharpton would have you to believe. Also racism is no longer a white against black problem, it has also become a black against white problem.

In these days and times there are lots of blacks in positions of authority, including the presidency of the United States. Racial and cultural differences create problems in people of authority, not all people but the majority whether they will admit it or not. There are just as many blacks discriminating against whites in the 21st century, yet this is a problem overlooked and sometimes even laughed at when mentioned. I am not racist, I have several friends who are not caucasian. I grew up in an area of rural South Carolina where my brother and I were the only two white kids on our school bus. I still have friends from that neighborhood that taught me how to play basketball and drink beer. I played on the local football team and was the only white kid on the team. I have no problems with black, asian or hispanic people, so it perplexes me when it appears that certain people of other races have a problem with me just because of the color of my skin.

Recently I worked a job where I was basically the only white male employed by this company on site (other than the white guy who was married to the black female supervisor's first cousin). I was repeatedly written up and yelled at for simple little things while the other employees seem to do as they pleased. I even overheard a conversation between my immediate supervisor and another employee during work hours discussing me and referring to me as "white boy". Now this would not be acceptable had it been a white supervisor speaking to a white employee referring to a black employee as that "black boy". Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Black Panthers would have people rioting in the streets.

Racism is wrong period. No matter what race, religion, gender or age there is no excuse for it and it should not be tolerated. Also it should not be exploited for issues of personal gain in every situation. There are several examples of people promoting racism for personal gain and publicity in mainstream media every day. The media twist and corrupts and only presents particular points of view that stir up controversy and actual promote the racism themselves for profit.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have led luxurious lifestyles of fancy dinners, custom made suits, expensive shoes, jewelry, penthouse suites and chaffeured limosines at the expense of promoting racism for personal gain. The Black Panthers say they received over a million dollars in donations during the Trayvon Martin outcry, where did that money go? They only offered a $23,000 reward for his capture, so who gets the other million?

There was an incident in the news recently where 3 black boys set a white boy on fire and yelled "that's what you get white boy!" as they ran away laughing. Where was the public outcry? Where were Jackson and Sharpton who say they are against all racism no matter what color you are? Where were the federal hate crime charges?. This country has been programmed to see racism as a one way street when in fact it has several avenues and lanes that lead to various places that none of us want to go.

Do you believe we as a country are programmed to ignore blacks discriminating against whites?

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