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Racism is Alive and Well in the US, but Something Has Changed.

Updated on May 11, 2017

Black Church

Spirit Calls

The year was 1996. I sat in the back of a small church in Nashville, Tennessee on Christmas Eve. My son was just 8 months old and the woman next to me offered to hold him because he was a little fussy. I passed her to him and she continued to pass him from member to member in an effort to keep him from crying during the service. I watched feeling very comforted and grateful as a new mother. I could feel the deep rooted spirit that easily flowed through the church. This was something that I'd never been able to find in white churches. Most white folks have never experienced or even tried to experience the amount of spirituality that generally runs through a black church. I can say that because I am white and I've tried to attend midnight masses at many, many white churches.

Obama's Exit Changed Things

My baby had passed from black woman to black woman and was now on the aisle in front of me. His light, white skin was somewhat of a contrast if you were only looking at the skin, but this group of people who I just met tonight was one that helped me to connect with my soul and where for the past several years, I'd found a sense of peace on my traditional Christmas Eve celebration. I'm not a religious person and only tend to end up under this roof at this time of year. At other times of year, my spirit alone leads me through this life. The black race is for the most part superior in most ways to most races. They are stronger and have a capacity for knowledge that few races hold.

I stopped this tradition several years back after moving to a different city and not being able to find a comparable church experience. However, I really couldn't do the same thing in today's world; times have changed. I often stand in line at the local market and find myself talking to the people around me. (Yes; I talk to strangers and they talk back where I live.) Most respond and we have a enjoyable conversation, but if it's a black person, they tend to just give me the evil eye like I'm the enemy a little too aware of my race—not always This has only started happening in the past few months specifically and I'm thinking it has something to do with Obama not being President anymore.

Historically Black College

Racism Exists

The Bethune-Cookman college recently graduated. This is a historically black college. On their graduation day, the graduating class shouted boos and actually turned their backs on invited guest speaker Betsy Devos, Head of Education. Devos continued through as boos could be heard throughout the venue even going as far as to say it was okay that the students were booing her and that was a part of the Democratic process, which it is, but Devos came to the college because she was invited by the President of the college and the administration. So, it was sad and represented an angry, hate-filled student body that blamed her for what the President and the administration did. Their anger was misplaced.

On YouTube, many posts and videos described the scene. I couldn't find a real reason that they should boo her. There were lots of opinions and a whole lot of emotion toward the subject, but no good reason. The anger would have been better directed at the people who invited her. She, afterall, was invited by the President of Bethune-Cookman. If she declined the invitation, would she have been protested for being racist?

The pages on Youtube about this incident were incredibly racist. I read words like "whitey" and "the four years in college is our safety from the white man." Words and reactions that tell me the black man wants to be separate and isn't interested in becoming a part of our society anymore. Maybe they’re tired of trying; for the first time ever, they could make a change. An entire group of people are sending remarks and hate toward the white man and if the white man did the same, we'd be marked as racist. That doesn't make any sense. Racism is racism no matter what side it comes from.

Historically Black College

I went to a historically black college. It was the best experience of my life. Yes, I'm white and was one of the only white people in class for a four year period. I got my degree. The one big lesson I realized when I went there was that black people are very prejudice. I'd spent years thinking that the prejudice was only coming from the white man's point of view and was almost relieved to realize that it can also come from the other side. During one of the semesters, Reverend Jesse Jackson was speaking at the school. At the time, I didn't drive so I had to take the city bus. My mom just so happened to want to come and see him speak also. I was one of only a few dozen white folks including my mother in the audience. We wouldn't have missed it for the world and we sat out in the night air waiting for the bus to take us back home. I didn't feel threatened while we waited. We stood out and people noticed us, but nothing aggressive was put in our direction. It wasn't scary to be a part of this community because the black man at that time wasn’t filled with hate.

Stop Prejudice Now

Stop Racism!

For the most part, the black race has really gotten racist in the white man's direction extremely so and only recently. Don't get me wrong. The black man has a reason to be racist at least at one time they did. Their race has been put under the bus more than once. But so has the gays, so has the Irish (who were also slaves) and so many other races. I could explain what I mean, but that's not the point of this article. They can't change their skin color, which makes it harder, but for the most part racism doesn't exist in the dominant sense.

Most of us really aren't racist in today's world. The problem with that statement is that one idiot in the crowd will do something racist toward a black person and that one thing will get either too much news or effect that person greatly. I know it happens to me in other senses; when one bad experience affects the way you respond to every other person in the world. A black friend of my son's had some stupid white guys scream something stupid at him recently; it was a racist situation, but to be fair it doesn't represent most of the white race. Still, it's hard to shake it off. When someone does something to me in an attacking way, the next time I am in that situation, I remember it and react like the next person is going to do the same thing; even though they likely don't. So, it's understandable. We're all human.

LBGT is Also a Minority

LBGT is a Minority, Too!

I've spent a lot of time in the past hanging out with the LBGT crowd. The reason I mention this is that they are also a minority and have been persecuted for being different for thousands of years. I spent the 90s in Key West, which at that time was flooded with gays. I lived there with my husband and we danced the night away many times with a crowd of men who were interested in my husband; he isn't gay or bi-sexual. The only thing that makes gays different from the black crowd is that they can hide their difference easier; it's hard to change the color or your skin. There was a time when gay men were more flaming, but I seldom see that anymore. That crowd has been very much accepted into our society. They were called all kinds of names, but I haven't heard any in years. Sure it could still be there, but not if you don't look hard.

My thoughts on that are that the LBGT crowd doesn't give a sh#t if you call them "queer" or a "faggot." They tend to embrace it, which has made the very words lose their power. At this point in our society, I am always walking on pins and needles when I'm around someone black because I don't want to say anything that will offend them. Just by making the "N" word one that only they can say and noone else can say, purposely separates them from our society. You have to learn to laugh at yourself. Otherwise, others will use it against you.

Racism Coming From the Black Man This Time

Today is different. There's a revolution going on in the country and for the first time in years the racism and the hatred isn't coming from the white man, but rather from the black man. It truly seems that the black man is no longer interested in being a part of this country, but is really wrapped up in a whole lot of anger and hatred. It's really too bad because at this point, there are still a whole lot of white people who want to support them in every effort. President Obama couldn't have been elected without a lot of white people voting for him; there just aren't enough minorities in this country to have put him in office. That in itself proves that racism is at an all time low.

Who knows how this will end. I'm hoping for the good, but it looks like it might turn to be not so good.

And this article will likely be deemed as incredibly racist. So be it!


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