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Racism in High Places

Updated on June 28, 2017

The highest office in United States has shown their true colors the white House , where the president and his family residents. It's a shame that the fear of Black skin still exists, in America..

In 2008 Obama was the first Afro-American elected as president of the United States. Conservative whites never wanted to see a Obama in Office because of the color of his skin.

Regardless to what the situation is some whites will never think of Blacks as their "Brothers" because it has been embedded in them by some of the older generation

it's time for America the land of opportunities' to live up to what our country stands for, that is to live up to representative Democracy around the world something that never has been done.

Afro-Americans as much as we want to believe that racism is a thing of the pass, look at the treatment of President Obama and form your own opinion. The first Black president has been disrespected, discriminated against because of the Color of his skin.

I was born in a State where Racism was as plentiful as a glass of water. Black's was freed from slavery but still lived their lives as slaves, they worked for a few dollars to take care of their families. Families lived in shacks with no running water or indoor bathroom and was never excepted as humans.As much as we want to think that we are equal to the white man, it's just useful thinking.

Some Black's have made it to the top with Black's but deep down their skin plays a role in who they are. .

I remember being in north Carolina in a bathroom when two elderly white women came in. My daddy would turn over in his grave it he knew that we have to listen to one of them tell us white people what to do. They are being educations more , we can't go to a decent restaurant unless they are sitting there like they belongs. My God what is this country coming to? Stepping out of my stall I look directly into the eyes of the ladies, without saying a word.

Regardless of what I might have said, racism and bigotry has been embedded in the minds of so many people, who will never be ready for a change.The Republican are endorsing Donald Trump, a man who lies from both sides of his mouth.

Racism is still alive even in Washington DC. It's time to make a change . It's time to stop looking at the color of a man skin and focus on bettering this country. People are people.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 5 years ago from Boston MA

      From the beginning of time the White House have never had a Black president. Blacks jobs in the white house consisted of working as sevants. I am not a racism I love all people but i have to look back and realize that Racism is still alive.