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When People That Call Others Racists, Can They Themselves Be Racists?

Updated on June 29, 2018

When a black president was elected by the people, not only once but twice shouldn't this have silenced the racists

This is not 1860 or even 1960 and not 1999. In 2008 a black president was elected by the people. How could the country during the 8 year term of this black president start the Race issue again?

Many on this president's staff and high position were black. As were several from the republican and very white president GW Bush. However with a black president the nation became inflamed and raging about blacks and their treatment in the country. Having a black president, he could have quelled this rage and let the way to dealing with their issues.

The problem was that he didn't do anything to quell the issues. In fact, he created more a divide on the black issue. I guess he was too busy kissing up to he new favorites the illegal aliens, and refugees.

Whenever, someone would question or criticize president Obama about his performance the knee jerk response was that it was an act of racism. It shouldn't matter whom the president is or what gender, race, creed or any other attribute to critique their performance.

These people that retorted to Obama's criticism with calls of racist are in fact the real racists. They are the ones that bring up racism, and then they hide behind racism to hide the real issues.

An example of how the left calls everything Racist!

When someone calls another a racist, that in fact can also be construed as an act of racism? The use of the word Racist as is the calling of someone as a White Supremacist.

Political Correctness was created and most used by the left. They developed it so that it would be unidirectional. In other words, those attacked by the PC couldn't fight back. But it is time now to call those that call others Racist, as Racists themselves.

  • Freedom of Speech has been nullified by PC and also by people using the word Racist as a hammer, to nail those they don't like, or that disagree with them.

Example: All of these behaviors are anti-Constitution. Which political party fits this description?

Favoring whites over other races.


Whites were the majority in the country? Now, at least in CA Hispanics are now equal to Whites in the states.

How is are Whites favored over other races?

Are they favored with protections from the government, like the others races, and the gays? When whites are mistreated by other races, as well as other whites, what is their federal grounds for protection.

Answer: There are none because Whites are not in a protected class.

So how are they Favored?


- Favoring Christianity over other religions.


This country was created by Christians, and they believed in God. Now, where are Christians favored over other religions. Christians are also a majority, but day by day their majority lessens. Now they are the target of the left, Why. Simply because they believe in God. The non Christians aren't forced to believe in their God. Where are they favored over other religions.?

- Favoring heterosexuality over other orientations.


Did heterosexuality change the society that existed before the left made it a Racist act to believe that they were normal, and that is the way that it works. The left then weaponized heterosexuals calling them Homophobic, while elevating any form of non heterosexuality into the new norm. Forcing people to do things that they want to do for homosexuals. How are heterosexuals favored over LGBTetc, and why did traditional religious based heterosexual marriages have to be Forced to change eons of history just to make the LGBTetc the new normal?

Where is the favoritism?

- Favoring men over women.


Once again, women and minorities have laws giving them federal protection. And where is the protection for men, white men. Because non white men are also protected under color.

As for women making less than men, that is only a half truth. As many men don't make as much as other men. It is not like men are all paid the same. And the issue of equal pay between men and women is another distraction of the left. Pay has to be based on equal performance and not gender. For every man in business that got promoted or makes more money, there are many men that he beat out for that job or pay.

Once again, the left has morphed the 14th amendment to make their false facts fit their scenario.

Anyone that has worked in corporate America knows that mere performance, qualifications or other job attributes can be set aside, and made secondary to personality and chemistry. Some one is sitting in that corner office, that every one below them knows they didn't earn it, they just hit it off with their boss.

And is there any doubt that a pretty and young woman has advantages that men don't have, at least for now.


- Favoring the 2nd Amendment over other Amendments.


What other amendments are challenged by the 2nd Amendment?

This is just a statement from the left that they want everyone to believe has some foundation. But it doesn't mean anything.

The 2nd amendment is part of the Bill of Rights, and as most these amendments they are attacked by the left. Look at the recent attack on the 4th amendment by the DOJ in not respecting the attorney client privilege, and abusing probable cause.


- Favoring the few over the many.

This statement has no foundation, and it is simply too vague and ambiguous to have a reply.


What is Racism and how does it convert to calling people Racists?

The twenty first century in the United States has been one of Social reconstruction. The Politics and the United States government has been confused with Social Issues. Politics is neither Equipped nor useful for handling any the of the many social issues brought to the political arena this century.

Politics and the Law

Government can create and pass laws that can try to get people to conform to certain social views. But, just making these laws in an of itself won't change the people's fundamental view of any social issue.

Forcing people to interact with other people doesn't work any more than trying to get people to stop consuming Alcohol. In the case of Alcohol they people that wanted to stop Alcohol consumption, not only made it a political issue, they also made it part of the constitution.

These few people in America got the upper hand in the government, and got them to pass a constitutional amendment making it illegal to make, or consume alcohol. That didn't really change the minds or the alcohol thirst of people in most of the country.

To fight back on the constitutional amendment against Alcohol, it created a whole new product for the Mafia and other gangs across the country. In direct opposition to the constitutional amendment, the people of the country still consumed alcohol. They probably consumed more alcohol during prohibition than they did before it.

The point here is that when the inner core of what people want and what they think, the government, and politics cannot change them. In the case of the Alcohol amendment, the country realized that there was no stopping alcohol consumption. The alcohol consumption amendment was Repealed.

And even today, with the strong force of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) and the criminalization of driving while alcohol or drug impaired, it doesn't stop the consumption of alcohol. Even though MADD made these Driving While Intoxicated Crimes more serious by taking out the Intent, or Mens Rea thereby making them serious felonies the people still do it.

There are even repeat offenders and as they repeat the criminal and legal consequences increase, they still go out there drunk.

Alcohol versus Social Attitudes and View Points versus the Law and Politics.

An example of the social issue that defies being handled effectively by the government and its law making to control it is the Landmark SCOTUS case of Roe v Wade in the early 1970s. Now over forty years later, this case is still in dispute at least at every presidential election.

This social issue which defies political solution takes up a lot of the presidential election campaign, and this lessens the amount of time to discuss non social issues which the government is supposed to be able to solve.

This would be like the passing the national budget. Here this week, another social issue became a distraction that caused the government to shutdown, as this social issue was tied to the budget. That social issue had to do with rewarding illegals for criminally breaking our immigration laws, and the sovereignty of our borders.

While this issue was about the illegals children that came into the country, it still rewarded the parents. The US is compassionate for children, even those of illegals, but not so compassionate that the government would shut down adversely affecting the people of the US.

Back to Roe v Wade -- The Right to Life or The Right of the Mother

That case broke the pregnancy into three time periods. During the first Trimester the state (government) has little to no interest in the pregnancy. So, this first Trimest would be the best time to do an abortion. This supports the right of the mother to Terminate the pregnancy.

The reason for this termination can be anything, but the real reason for terminating the pregnancy is one that was force, by rape or other circumstance. Another reason for terminating the pregnancy is medical where having the full term cause major damage or even death to the mother.

The Second Trimester

This point the fetus has evolved to the size and point where the interest of the state comes into play. Now, unless we have hidden pregnancies, this should actually be too long to have waited for the abortion, but it is still permissible.

The Third Trimester

At this point, it was originally intended that the state would have its greatest interest, but there are abortions at this stage. To the point that a live fetus can be forced to terminate.

Social Issue

It is hard to believe that so many abortions need to be done in the first place. Then it is equally as hard to believe that there are so many Rape pregnancies. And third that there would be a need for second and third trimester abortions.

The point is that the Law is ineffective in solving this issue.

Black Lives Matter

This was one of the major Social Issue to distract the presidential campaign, and even through till past the inauguration of the new president.

Black Lives matter makes it seem like the Blacks are the most important people in the country.

  • These lives were more important than the police killed in the line of duty.
  • Soldiers fighting for our country. Veterans weren't treated well by the VA.
  • The embryo through to the fetus doesn't matter.
  • All lives matter, but if you say that, then you are a Racist.

Racism to Racist

These were just some of the main social issues that have been used to provoke their supporters to call anyone that disagrees with them a Racist.

The word "Racist" has been politicized, and weaponized to shut up any and all discussion of the real issue. Racist technically pertains to someone's race. That when someone says something derogatory about the person's race, you are called and deemed a Racist.

But, I submit that based on this centuries use of the word, Racist, there are no bounds for its use and abuse. It can reference, sex, gender, citizenship, immigration, illegal aliens, and even Race itself.

Based on this boundless misuse of the term Racist, I submit that it is RACISM for the person that makes such accusations against another.

In effect, the word Racist loses its meaning and it just becomes another Political Correctness. Another example of this Racism is when the person calls some a White Supremacist. This person making the accusation should be deemed a Racist.

The RACISM RACIST appears to be a one way unilateral political street.

The Real Racists are the people that keep calling others Racists while rebuking any and all attempts by others to call them Racists. It is only Racists because "They" say it is Racist, and not when anyone that opposes them says it.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 months ago from Orange County California


      Isn't it ironic that electing a black president would be furthering Racism.


      Thanks for your comment.

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 

      7 months ago from The Great Northwest

      Agreed Breakfastpop. A lot of divisive terms came from the Obama era. It was done extremely passive aggressively.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      7 months ago

      We can thank Obama for all this "racist" rhetoric. Before he walked into the Oval Office, we were okay.


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