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"Rahm Emanuel Pulls Squeeze Play On Big Banks For Obama's Gun Control Activity"

Updated on July 12, 2013

The Devious Plan Unfolds With The Advent of Gun Control Legislation

While President Barak Obama met with 12 police chiefs at the White House today, January 30, 2013, Fox News Channel (FNC) reports Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, is evidently receiving federal funds to help push Obama's gun control agenda.

Emanuel is also applying pressure on banks to stop doing business with legal, American gun manufacturers. The banks include TD America, Bank Of America and other big, established lenders. Source: FNC.

Rahm Emanuel's efforts are blatantly illegal. His call to end business relations with second amendment-protected gun manufacturers is in direct opposition with The Bill of Rights in two ways.

1. Emanuel is engaging in contractual business interference, meaning he is advocating the stoppage of a protected activity . . . In this case, gun manufacturing.

2. Emanuel is intending to harm a legal, American enterprise protected by the second amendment - the right to bear arms.

Rahm Emanuel is the same perpetrator calling for Chick-fil-A to stop operating in the city of Chicago. He made the ridiculous move because Chick-fil-A's' CEO, Dan Cathy, spoke out against gay marriage, an assault on Cathy's first amendment right! The ACLU (not exactly a known voice for conservatism) called Emmanuel's call for the action, "viewpoint discrimination." The self-assertive mayor then backed off.

The Supreme Court ruled viewpoint discrimination to be illegal in a case argued in the mid-1990s. Emanuel's brash edict was shot down and his strong armed, lawless tactics outlawed because he is an elected, public official. The high court ruled that viewpoint discrimination infringes on the first amendment right of free speech

Conversely, the court ruled any non-elected American could, for example, tell a bank not do business with gun manufacturers. This activity is legal under first amendment protection.

Cuomo's Gun Control Law Upsets Citizenry

Meanwhile, further East in the state of New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo's high popularity numbers plummeted following tough new gun control measures he signed into law in early January, 2013.

Quoting Cuomo, “Gun violence has been on a rampage. We must stop the madness my friends. In one word, it’s just enough. It has been enough.” Yes, Mr. Cuomo, we get it . . . unfortunately your constituency didn't! Cuomo also referred to the National Rifle Association as a 'fringe element'.

Emanual and Cuomo represent a growing number of Obama-backing public servants dictating legislation to the American people in ways that walk all over their constitutional rights. Obamacare implementation was the first step in the vision of a New America. An America now mimicking an imploding Europe.

50% of the American population is now on some form of governmental assistance, and the size of our government is proportionately bigger that the 24oz. Big Gulp outlawed in New York City by Mayor, Ed Bloomberg.

The dangerous trio that is Emanual, Cuomo and Bloomberg are in the Obama camp; part of an ever-increasing number of elected folks hired to do the work of the people - not the work of enslaving the populate.

Gun control, large soda pop legislation, out of control spending, no budget, the unexplained and dismissed Benghazi case, a president unwilling to compromise with congress . . .

Do you not see the bigger plan unfolding before your eyes?

It's being uncovered at breakneck speed and seemingly, no one has the backbone to bow up and say, "Wait just a second. You people work for us, in fact you elected politicians are, in effect, public servants. Stay in your places and honor the oath when you were sworn to uphold and protect our precious Constitution."

In the meantime, the very least you authoritarian politicians can do is remove your shoes as you trample all over the paper reflecting the magnificent genius that is The Constitution of The United States of America.


©2013 by copywriter31



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