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Rahm Israel Emanuel - Is he good for the city of Chicago?

Updated on March 18, 2015

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rahm Israel Emanuel is among the candidates seeking to become the next mayor of the city of Chicago.

There as been some surreptitious approach to outs his attempts to run for mayor by others who would like the public to believe that he did not meet the standard because he has not lived in the City of Chicago since his appointment in January of 2009 as Chief of Staff for the Obama administration. Before this appointment he served in the house.

That of course is a conceited approach brought about by his opponent because of the spirit of fear. They were intimidated because of his high profile.

Emanuel is a Chicago native, born to Jewish parents and on whom the nation has placed a demand upon his life to serve his country.

But this attempt to oust him is merely dirty politics that would have injured the candidate’s ability to run in his own hometown merely because he seems to have the best qualified for the promotion of economic growth for the city.

In these days, we have to stand up, not as buffoons but as men of wisdom who desire to see growth in all areas of our city.

We cannot afford to choose leaders who will stare blank faced in the midst of turmoil.

We cannot allow our votes to be parlayed to the ones who promised to increase the minimum wage to $15, one ounce of cheese and a pound of chemically restored meat.

Could Rahm Emanuel have been chosen by God for such a time as this?

Could he be the City of Chicago's Esther?

Now here is food for thought.

Would you choose a donkey to run in the Kentucky derby?

In fact, the horse you choose if you are hoping to win, would be one that was trained and even before that, when you looked into his eyes, you had to discern a winner. You had to see a horse who was a purposeful runner and that winning was not an option but his sole intent.

The chosen mayoral candidate must be like that purposeful horse and not a donkey.

  • He has to be mannerable but at the same time aggressive
  • He has to be presentable but at the same time, having the mind of a fighter, fierce
  • He has to be intelligent but at the same time humble; knowing when to speak and how to speak.
  • He must be trustworthy for the good of the City
  • He must be willing to be impartial and raise up the whole city not just a few to further his own agenda
  • He must be tender, compassionate yet not easily deceived.
  • He must have a working knowledge of the City
  • He must have the respect of those with whom he works

I have witnessed some awkward outburst among the mayoral candidates that baffles the imagination. Surely, no way in “hades” would they ever be my representation.

If they in the public, will display these miserable attitudes, then what are they displaying in the closet?

I have never met Rahm Emanuel, or for that matter any of the other candidates and therefore this post is in no way trying to incite or persuade or be a benefit to Rahm Emanuel but merely a subject that as a citizen, I believe needed addressing, for the good of the City.

Rahm served as a senior advisor to the Clinton administration and later in the United States House of as a Representative, representing Illinois 5th congressional district.

His father, Benjamin was a dedicated fighter for the cause of his people and his mother, Marsha, came from the loins of a Chicago union organizer.

It would appear that the grace that was on his father and on his mother Marsha, is on Emanuel to lead, to organize and to get things done!

I would be remiss not to mention the other candidates which I will do in another post.


© 2011 Apostle Redwood


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    • profile image

      Warren Johnson 7 years ago

      I only have one Question. Is the only reason he left the Obama administration to run for mayor? Follow-up If a better opportuniny comes along will he then abandon Chicago for it?