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Rainbow Gathering

Updated on June 25, 2015


The famous Welcome Home sign at the entrance of a Rainbow Gathering.
The famous Welcome Home sign at the entrance of a Rainbow Gathering. | Source
Pretty girl arrives
Pretty girl arrives | Source
Make camp
Make camp | Source
Rainbow Gathering rules and suggestions.
Rainbow Gathering rules and suggestions. | Source

At a gathering of thousands they hold daily counsel. Anyone who has an issue or problem gets their chance to speak their mind when they are handed the spirit stick. Then there is discussion until all agree. They have their own security patrol to keep the peace at a gathering.

They discourage alcohol because it tends to make people act stupid and more self absorbed. Rainbows do not care what you smoke. If you appear very high and confused they will guide you down to the main gathering and away from any real police in the area. The Seneca Rainbow police will help you stay safe or take you to counsel if there's a problem that needs to be addressed.

Some family members like to run free and naked, but most wear their clothes. Just because you see a beautiful lady running naked does not mean you can touch her!

Usually the local police show up at a gathering. They may try to arrest people for weeds or drugs when they first arrive. Once you make your way down into the gathering you will be safe from them. The police cannot arrest everyone there at once and that is what they would need to do to arrest any one of us for drugs inside the gathering. Police have no place at a Rainbow Gathering.

Rainbow people are not for drugs, but are also not against them. Some family members like to experience drugs and some do not, it is their choice and the business of no one else. As long as you can behave and remain in control of your actions, they do not care what drugs you are doing.

Please do not share drugs with others without first asking them, not everyone wants to be tripping on your newest batch of LSD.

We suggest for your own safety and peace of mind that if you do decide to experience a trip, please stay with us in the forest and do not venture to town or far away from the gathering. Rainbow people love you and will protect you, outside people will fear you and may cause you much harm.

At a gathering your money has no value. Bring tobacco, hemp, herbs, tea, etc. to use as your money. You can easily find someone to trade for cigarettes or weed. Its fairly easy find free weeds to smoke, cigarettes may be a bit harder to find. Tobacco is one of the best things to bring for trade.

The Rainbow Gathering is free of charge. They pass around the Magic Hat for anyone who has money they would like to donate. Items are bartered as money is not allowed because it would violate the agreement with the National Park Service. Bring your food and herbal donations to Main Camp to be shared with all.

An annual gathering may have over 20,000 people in attendance. They build many kitchens, tea stands and new age work shops. There is a medical service, child care, counsel and much more. The center of the gathering is left open for a huge bonfire where people gather around to play music, dance, sing and pray. Breakfast and dinner are served to everyone at center circle. In main camp they put on shows and seminars. All is free of charge. The festival lasts a week or two with people hiking in and camping in small groups around the perimeter of Center Circle.

Everyone is welcome. They do not care what your beliefs are as long as they are in harmony with nature and life. You will find many people of different faiths at a gathering. Krishna people camp together, Jesus people make their camp, Hindu's, Buddhists, Pagans, Native Americans, holistic new age people, drug crazed hippies, etc. All are welcome and loved. Love makes no judgments or distinctions.

A small clean up crew remains behind to restore the forest to its natural state. There are letters posted online from the Park Service complimenting how well they do. After 20,000 campers have built and lived in a small city the forest is cleaned and restored to be as if no one was ever there.

Hiking to Gathering

Hiking Shawdows
Hiking Shawdows | Source

Lovers enjoy the scene

Love Peace and Rock n Roll
Love Peace and Rock n Roll | Source

© 2015 Randy Hirneisen


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