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Raise Prostate Cancer Awareness with Tie Takeover Tuesday

Updated on November 1, 2016
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Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

Be Aware and Help Raise Awareness

When one raises awareness for a cause that is near and dear to their heart, they are giving a gift of knowledge to an audience who are not aware. Advocates use their voice to assist others during their time of need.

Those that raise awareness are educating their audience about potential health issues. By having the support system of others who are on their side, they feel more at ease.

Then there are those who have passed. Those who have succumbed to a disease and are resting, they may be gone, but they are never forgotten. By raising awareness we are honoring their memory.

A wise person once said to "Be the change!" Those three words have made me the dedicated person that I am. Do not wait for others to get stuff done - do it yourself. Hence, I honor my late husband's memory and prostate cancer awareness via WFTV, the largest TV market in Orlando which also happens to be Team Cap's favorite news station.


WFTV Daybreak News Team

My story of raising awareness begins with Orlando's favorite TV meteorologist, Brian Shields. Brian is extremely witty, caring and very clever. It's not too often when you turn on the local news, that you are laughing along with the local news team.

I often hear from friends and family that they no longer watch the news because it is too depressing...those folks obviously never watched the Eyewitness News Team on WTFV. Sure the news can be a downer, but it is what you learn from it and take away from the program that matters.

Brian, alongside with anchors Jamie Holmes who is equally hilarious, Nancy Alvarez and Racquel Asa are quite a delight first thing in the morning. This terrific team enjoys interacting with their television viewers.

Both Brian and Jamie are quite a hoot and holler on social media and on the air. They are all appreciated by their many viewers.

Courtesy of WFTV. Eyewitness News Daybreak Team
Courtesy of WFTV. Eyewitness News Daybreak Team

Weather, Humor, Awareness...Oh my!

The awareness campaign started by Brian is proudly named, "Tie Takeover Tuesday." For the past few years, he will share a photo of three tie choices. Along with the photo he shares which awareness campaign he will be expressing support for that week.

Then his many Facebook - Instagram - Twitter viewers/friends/followers/fans cast their votes. The fanfare begins and at times, almost came close to breaking the internet! Way to go, Brian!

I have been a fan of "Tie Takeover Tuesday" since Brian began the awareness campaign. My granddaughter followed suit as did my husband. Each week we would compete against each other for the winning tie. I didn't win as often as my husband and granddaughter, but it sure was a fun challenge and we learned about foundations and causes that we were not aware of.

The votes are then tallied, but in the meanwhile we read the comments which are posted along with the photos. The sentiments of others are overwhelming at times. You learn so much about the viewers, friends and followers of Brian's. The support and shared journeys of the readers are that of caring people who send well wishes, prayers, good thoughts and hold warriors up.

On Tuesday, he wears the winning tie and those who selected that particular tie give themselves a high five! My husband and granddaughter often relished in their glory of winning.


Tie Takeover Tuesday Takes Off

Since Dave was such a fan of Brian as a meteorologist and of his "Tie Takeover Tuesday," I asked Brian if it would be OK if I sent him some of Dave's ties to use for awareness. He said, "absolutely!" I also sent a copy of the book I wrote on mine and Dave's journey and a few awareness bracelets from the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

I did make a small request that if he could one day help me raise awareness for prostate cancer. Brian was all for the idea!

What happened next neither Brian nor I ever imagined...

First Brian decided to raise awareness the following week! Say what? So soon! I thought Dave's ties would be mixed and matched with other ties throughout the "Tie Takeover Tuesday" awareness campaigns! Instead Brian surprised my friends and I by posting the photo below on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Mind you, it was a nice surprise!

Along with the original post, Brian's words were...

"Dave passed away this year from prostate cancer. His amazing wife, Linda, sent me a batch of his ties. Dave liked to place his vote each week for "Tie Takeover Tuesday". This week we get to vote on his ties. I'll proudly wear the winning tie on we remember Dave & those battling prostate cancer." (Bless his heart!)

"Tie Takeover Tuesday" then took off...we about broke the Internet with over 900 votes, 80,000 views and 100 shares!

This has been the most popular Tie Takeover Tuesday to date!

Photo created by Brian Shields, WFTV
Photo created by Brian Shields, WFTV | Source

Pick a tie...

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A Secret Is Revealed

In the photo below Dave looked so handsome in the three ties that made this week's cut for "Tie Takeover Tuesday."

I sent Brian six ties, he selected these three. Unreal that he would select these three ties because there is a secret that goes along with each of these ties that no one but me was aware of until minutes before voting closed and I shared that surprise with Brian who was equally surprised.

Tie A was worn on May 13, 2011 to my daughter Michelle's wedding to David. She requested that Dave wear a yellow and gray tie. Her wish was granted.

Tie B was worn on March 3, 2003 (03-03-03) to our wedding. I requested that Dave wear a black and gray tie. My wish was granted. He also wore the tie to his son Mike's wedding to Nichole in 2005.

Tie C was worn on November 8, 2008 to my daughter Carissa's wedding to Jon. She requested a tie with purple undertones. Her wish was granted. Dave also wore the tie for his daughter Erin's wedding to Jeremy in 2010.

"Family Ties" as quoted by Jamie Holmes. Perfect quote! Three ties and five weddings!

Say it with me now...awe! These ties will once again shine on "Tie Takeover Tuesday" their work isn't completed yet.

Which tie do you select? Winner is announced below.



Brian's post also has a shout-out to Movember which is a movement for the month of November. For the month of November men do not shave. They grow 'staches and beards and promote men's health awareness. They tell fellow bros to "get checked!"

There are Mo-Sisters too. The women have the option of also growing a mustache or a beard, but the majority of women opt out. They could also decide not to shave their legs. Once again the majority of women opt out. The point is to raise awareness for men's health any way they are able to.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Shields in hopes of helping to inspire y'all on a way you could come up with your own personal idea to help raise awareness to a cause. Whether the cause is close to your heart, to those who are suffering or just for the sake of making a difference in the world. I hope that this interview helps to inspire you.

Brian Shields, WFTV
Brian Shields, WFTV

Interview with Brian Shields, WFTV

What inspired a meteorologist from Orlando to start Tie Takeover Tuesday?

I love interacting with our viewers. My Facebook page is full of the kindest and funniest bunch of weather enthusiasts. I was looking for a way that they could be part of the TV experience, and this seemed to fit!

Which Tie Takeover Tuesday had the most votes?

Oh, wow, we've had so many. The Tie Takeover Tuesday's that are tied to a cause, tend to get the most votes. And those are the ones I like doing best! Just like the one this week for Cap!

I have witnessed weeks where the votes were in the hundreds! Who helps you tally the votes?

I count the votes. If I need help, one of my co-worker pitches in...she's great! Many weeks, there is a clear-cut winner, so that helps.

Do you accept donations of ties to help you bring awareness to causes?

I've had a few folks send in ties. Another faithful viewer had a tie that he only wore at his daughter's wedding. He doesn't wear ties so he sent it my way! I wore it on TV. (You just might be doing that once again!)

Where do you get your many ties to use for TTT?

I have a lot of ties! However, I've accumulated them over time. I'm not ashamed to say I am a thrifty shopper. You can get really good deals with ties if you know where to look.

Who taught you how to tie a tie?

My dad taught me how to tie a tie. There are different styles of tying one, but I like the knot this one makes. He's a good teacher!

Most memorable Tie Takeover Tuesday?

The TTT this week is definitely a stand-out! I feel so honored to wear Dave's ties. It is so personal. The viewer sentiment has been incredible!

Do you vote for a tie?

I don't vote for a tie, just the viewers. It is totally up to them!

Do the ties get placed back in rotation for another chance in the spotlight?

Yes! I especially like to get back in some of the favorites, that just missed out on winning.

What is your track record for predicting the local forecast correctly?

Oh, that is easy to for me to keep track. 100% accurate. Always. (I concur!)

And the Winning Tie is "C"


Team Cap's Prostate Cancer Journey

In Conclusion

Thank you, Mr. Brian Shields for taking the time to answer my questions. Thank you for the humor you brought into Dave's life and for bringing him even more sunshine than he already have.

My hope is that others will be inspired by you to create a clever idea on how to raise awareness in their part of the world.

We all have the capability to raise awareness for a cause when our heart beckons us to do so. Using a necktie is a brilliant idea! This technique helps to make people aware of the cause and it also brings people closer together as a society.

An awareness campaign also helps to educate others. It's fun, educational and competitive...three things that most of us appreciate.

Superman by Jimmy Charles

Did Tie Takeover Tuesday inspire you to help raise awareness for a cause that is near and dear to you?

See results

© 2015 Linda Bilyeu


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