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Rand Paul

Updated on October 3, 2015

Senator Rand Paul is one of the most recognizable names in American politics and one of the most recognized names on the topic of liberty today. Elected as a Kentucky Senator in 2010, Rand has shown to be an advocate for individual liberties, fiscal responsibility, and a has become a revitalization of American pride in the much talked about Millennial generation.

Such a man didn't start off as a politician however. Like his Father Ron pursued formal education as a medical doctor before entering into the political arena. Paul was an ophthalmologist, a surgeon specializing in eye surgery, who dreamed of giving people their eyesight back, as much as he wanted to do as a child for his Grandmother.

Since 2011 Rand Paul has been an elected Senator of the great state of Kentucky and has risen to fame with his Conservative Ideals, his Libertarian leanings, and his common sense approaches to running the nation under the constitution.

On April 7th 2015 Rand Paul announced on national TV that he would be running for the office of President in the 2016 Presidential election.

Political Positions

  • Pro-Life
  • Supports the elimination of the federal estate tax
  • Does not support bailouts or using tax funding to stimulate the economy
  • Supports privatizing social security
  • Supports opposing Radical Islam and having a strong national defense
  • Does not support nation building
  • Takes no position on capital punishment
  • Does not support federal standardized testing for students
  • Does not support Common Core
  • Does not support using taxes to address/debate global warming
  • Does not support restrictions on the sales and use of firearms
  • Does not support Obamacare
  • Does not support executive action
  • Unknown position on immigration
  • Unknown position on gay marriage.

*This article will be updated as Rand Paul makes more of his positions known.

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