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Rand Paul and His Platform

Updated on September 26, 2015


Like the rest of the Republican candidates, Rand Paul believes that the tax code is too complex. Unlike other Republicans however, who want to simplify the tax code, Paul believes that we need to start all over and scrap the 70,000 page tax code that the IRS has established. According to Paul's campaign website, he wants to "replace it with a low, broad-based tax of 14.5% on individuals and businesses." He calls this tax the "Fair and Flat Tax."

Foreign Policy

Rand Paul believes that we must stand beside our allies such as Israel who we have had a long standing relationship with. Concerning our involvement in other countries, if he is elected he will explore all other diplomatic avenues before sending troops into an area.


Rand Paul does not support Amnesty, but he does support the legal immigration process. Like the other Republican candidates, Paul has a plan to secure the border to keep illegal immigrants out. He also wants to employ a visa-tracking system that will keep tabs on people who came to this country with student visas or as asylum and refugee seekers.


Paul like other Republican candidates is a staunch pro-life advocate and believes that life begins at conception. Like Ben Carson, Paul is a physician and this is where his convictions on the issue originate from. He proposes that we leave the issue up to the states so that they can pass their own anti-abortion laws.

Gun Control

Rand Paul is known for his promotion of the Bill of Rights, and when it comes to gun control he is no different. He believes in the Second Amendment right to bear arms and if elected he will veto any gun control legislation that will infringe upon this right.

NSA Spying

Rand Paul does not agree with government agencies like the NSA that gather bulk phone data on American citizens and believes that our Fourth Amendment rights are being compromised where they do not need to be.


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