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Random Gun Violence

Updated on April 20, 2020
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I am from the USA, I enjoy the basics of life such as discussing the issues of the world in a wide view. This includes almost everything.

Gun Violence

Gun violence has been a problem for as far back as we can count or remember. Several precautions are taken when citizens become fire arm owners. The process of educating individuals applying for a fire arm permit should continue once the individual owns the fire arm. This is just one of the steps to keep the safety of the right to bear arms in our best interest. Other safety methods are safety devices, storages and experience. The ATF has systems for illegal gun transactions to decrease the number or illegal guns that are on the street. This system in large crime areas is the top percentage of gun violence crimes committed. Below is a demographic study of “Mass Shootings in 2018” taken from

Recently the coastline or coastal states have been targeted in the gun violence sweep. Tensions rose when hurricanes leveled certain areas and a vast number of fire arms were made available to the audience at hand. Who are the audience at hand? Those oppressed by the lack of supplies, attention, uneducated and poverty stricken. Another group is those who are graced with being in the upper middle class and high class citizens. People who are shamed for having more than their peers. Normally schools are places where bullying begins therefore the violence leads to the Florida and Columbine shootings. According to a March 2018 Politico article, “The Republican-led Florida House passed a school safety package that includes an unprecedented tightening of gun control regulations.” “The 67-50 vote was also tough for House Democrats, who earlier in the day decided to take a caucus position against the bill because it would allow for armed educational personnel in schools.” This was a vote that went forth to defeat the NRA in the fight for parents and student’s safety.

A week ago, a hostage standoff at Trader Joe’s produced a dead customer along with family members the assailant hurt earlier. Around the same time a gunman open fire in a Canadian neighborhood were by the Mayor blames it on irresponsibly allowing hand guns to be accessible. “Witness reported hearing as many as 15 to 20 gunshots in the Danforth and Logan area, which hosts several popular bars and restaurants. Several witnesses posted videos taken near the scene to social media, including audio of shots ringing out through the neighborhood.”

Lastly, this in house vote allows for politicians to stop visiting hurricane sites to fix other issues. The states that were hit are afforded an opportunity to repair the lives of those affected and not be labeled a failure. When problems are identified leaders are to stay within the margin of the problem that was pointed out. Let gun violence speak for gun violence and distress of a hurricane stricken area speak for itself. Survey the citizens and analyze who is suffering emotionally and may venture off into becoming violent i.e. random gun shooting due to stress.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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