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Rasputin, The Mad Monk Who Wasn't a Monk. Was he "Mad" Though?

Updated on August 30, 2016

Rasputin and some of his "sexy girls"

Rasputin and a few of his "sexy girls", and "Boss Ladies" as he liked to call them
Rasputin and a few of his "sexy girls", and "Boss Ladies" as he liked to call them

Born a Siberian Peasant

Even as a boy, the other Siberian Peasants recognized some sort of power in Rasputin and thought that he could "make magic." One night he was asleep in his room when a great rabble of peasants entered his house. "Someone has stolen my horse!" one of the peasants shouted out. Rasputin rubbed his head for a moment and pointed to a man in the crowd. The peasants grew angry at little Grigori Rasputin for causing such a fractious development in the normally peaceful village, so they beat him where he stood. But for good measure, a couple of the village peasants snuck over to the man's house a couple of nights later and found that he was hiding the stolen horse in a barn. This didn't make them like little Rasputin any better at all. It made them more suspicious of his "powers" and what he might know about their own duplicitous activities, so he was beaten up and picked on frequently. This might have inspired his frequent pilgrimages around the world, seeking spiritual wisdom and peace. Rasputin never in his life was able to sleep much, and he could walk for six months at a time with very little food or rest. He walked from Siberia to Greece and the Holy Land. He joined the Russian Orthodox Church for a little while but decided he did not want to be a monk. It definitely did not suit his nature. Some have stated that he was a gnostic, one who worships the entirety of nature, and he may have been by philosophy, but doubtfully by sect. Others have suggested that he got his great sexual and physical stamina from "Chi" and aruvedic methods, and that is also how he healed the tzar's son Alexi from bouts with hemophelia. Maybe those are the same types of spiritual principals applied. There are also those skeptics that simply say he was crazy, and his mesmerizing eyes and hypnotic ability and even his own manic self belief could have explained everything. I think these are the people who are determined to see him as a super villian and forget the causes and costs of World War One. For those were Rasputin's main enemies. The people and countries who wanted to enter World War One and saw Rasputin and Tzarina Alexandra as evil co conspirators trying to keep some sort of peace with Germany, and prevent one of the most horrific wars in history from happening.

Rasputin could make his pupils dilate and retract at will. I'm going to try this too
Rasputin could make his pupils dilate and retract at will. I'm going to try this too

Letter to the Tzar

The Tzar was not a man with a strong character. England and France were pressuring Russia to join the war. Rasputin had to leave the Tzar and Tzarina for a short time, and when he was gone, he wrote the Tzar the following rather prophetic letter:“The Spirit Gregory Efrimovich Rasputin of the village Pokrovshoe”.‘I write and leave behind me this letter at St. Petersburg. I feel that I shall leave this life before 1 January. I wish to make known to the Russian people, to Papa, to the Russian Mother, and to the Children, to the land of Russia, what they must understand. If I am killed by common assassins and especially by my brothers the Russian peasants, you, Tsar of Russia, have nothing to fear, remain on your throne and govern, and you, Russian Tsar, will have nothing to fear for your children, they will reign for hundreds of years in Russia. But if I am murdered by boyars, nobles, and if they have shed my blood, for twenty-five years they will not wash their hands from my blood. They will leave Russia. Brothers will kill brothers, and they will kill each other and hate each other, and for twenty-five years there will be no nobles in the country. Tsar of the land of Russia, if you hear the sound of the bell which will tell you that Gregory has been killed, you must know this: if it was your relations who have wrought my death, then no one in your family, that is to say, none of your children or relations will remain alive for more than two years. They will be killed by the Russian people …. I shall be killed. I am no longer among the living. Pray, pray, be strong, think of your blessed family‎9/‎10/‎2015


Rasputin's Mysterious "Refusal to die"

Rasputin's death came within the prophesied time of the letter, which was longer than the excerpt I published. He was also able to heal the Czars youngest son's painful and lifethreatening bouts of "the bleeding disease" common to many royals, passed along due to their inbreeding. (The czar was a direct relative of queen Victoria) from long distances. even a scraped knee while trying to play could cost the boy his life, and thus came the Czarina's great devotion to Rasputin. Rasputin also talked politics with the confused Czar, who was being pressured to enter World War One. (That's what the letter was about.) Enemies of the Czar, and therefore, Rasputin, decided that if they could kill Rasputin, then the Czar could be easily led by the ear to do their bidding and join into the war. A war in which soldiers were just machine gun fodder, bewilderly marching into death from one trench to the next, facing nerve gas. A war that created or finished creating a madman named Hitler and all his followers. The death of Rasputin, for 100 years, made him seem all the more indestructible monster that people wanted to believe he was. Poisoned, shot, beaten, poisoned some more, and shot again, and finally thrown into an icy river only to be discovered days later, that he was still alive and struggling when he finally froze to death. Now we know that this, too, is all a fairy tale. Rasputin was killed by a single bullet to the head by a British Intelligence Officer, because Britain, too, wanted Russia to join the War. Shortly after, the Czar, Czarina, and their three children were all assassinated in their palace where they were hiding, and taken to the woods and buried. Not a one escaped. There were a couple of accounts of people having somehow "retrieved" Rasputin's legendary large sexual member, in one account, two elderly women kept "it" preserved for over half a century, but upon performance of lab tests, it was a sea cucumber. Another "one" showed up at a garage sale in California, but it was not human either.


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    • helenstuart profile image

      Helen Stuart 18 months ago from Deep in the Heart of Texas

      Yes Maggs224, Sorry for the LONG DELAY in responding. I knew very little about WWI until I married a Veteran. It just seems to be a travesty to me. Not so long after the American Civil War, fought in such primitive conditions, Men just marching, marching, marching headfirst into machine gun fire. Trench warfare. And nerve gas and the high price Germany had to pay made Hitler, maybe already a lunatic, stark raving mad. I listened to some of his translated speeches, most of them a shreiking politician, but others, man, bizarre and almost incoherent but the crowds still roared. I never understood how anyone could have called him charismatic. Never. I saw an interview where the narrator asked an old Jewish man how the Jews could have let things get so far out of hand. (I often wonder why they didn't just all turn on the couple of Nazis with guns who were far outnumbered by Jewish prisoners) The elderly man said, "we thought Hitler was a joke, a bumbling clown that would go away. " Thats what so many people think of Donald Trump......

    • helenstuart profile image

      Helen Stuart 21 months ago from Deep in the Heart of Texas

      Since I have written that hub, quite a while since, I have learned that Rasputin was served the poisons, etc, in his infamous "impossible to kill" death scenario, but he also took two bullets, one quite off the mark, and one right to the head, killing him instantly, in most of the accounts I've read. It was fired by an Intelligence Agent from Great Britain. The top brass in the GB military wanted Rasputin dead because he was trying to talk the Czar out of joining in on World War I. To me, that proves he was a great guy. World War One was one of the most Brutal and needless wars, with unprepared soldiers from all over the globe sloshing through fields and digging trenches, or trying to, or trying to dash to the next trench and being hewn down as if by thousands of grim reapers in the form of the deadly machine guns, or dying of nerve gas. (Which some people blame part of Hitlers evil and insanity on) And that is what WWI gave us that was the most evil of all, WWII, Hitler, and the Nazis. The Americans were none too nice to their Jewish brothers and sisters either, forbidding them entrance into many establishments and clubs, but Hitler, and his henchmen, brought evil to us that we will never be able to unsee. He inflicted suffering so deep that I am certain there is a Hell, and I am glad.

    • maggs224 profile image

      maggs224 2 years ago from Sunny Spain

      A very interesting Hub and I enjoyed reading it. The working class of many European countries lost the brightest and best of a generation of young men that were cut down in their prime.