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Ray Lewis is a Thug

Updated on December 2, 2011

The Hero of the Department

Hey, I wanna be the police, if you can't beat them join them!
Hey, I wanna be the police, if you can't beat them join them!

Look for a Scandal in Baltimore P.D

A large police department has allowed a thug to infiltrate the ranks. They did this knowing his history. This will cause problems and eventually a scandal will erupt from this ne'er do well and his cohorts who are surely there skulking in the shadows just waiting to get back at that police officer for what he did (in the thug's mind) to the thug or the thug's family member. You can rest assured whatever may transpire is not a result of personal feelings or bigotry from the officer.

Police have a job to do and most people cannot grasp that idea. They try and make the officer look like a bad guy by making false reports of misconduct. Most of the time they do this because the officer did his job properly, but they are too ignorant to realize the officer would not need to do his job if you were doing yours, which is simply abide by the law.

Thugs have no rules or ethic standards to abide by which will directly cause the loss of jobs in the lower ranks while command is left scurrying to shut down the already out of control corruption caused by the presence of a thug. Anyone with common sense should know if undermining of authority is allowed and relished because the interloper is a talented football player or any other thug, corruption and scandal are not far away.

There are an array of motives for retaliation I thought of just hearing this story. A story the media and the Baltimore city officials get gooey over. They are star struck by a thug who happens to be talented at a game. Now the police officers, who have to play along with this sham, are going to eventually be this thug's victims.

Someone who has no ethic standards or moral compass to follow will seek favors for unsavory people who have perpetrated crimes against others resulting in the officials he will approach having unnecessary pressures from city officials and police command.

You naysayers can shut it, "All he's doing is trying to help his buddies." this bogus argument will not fly with me. He can help his buddies by paying for a lawyer to represent them since they will have been charged with a crime and continue to have a constitutional right to due process.

Mark it down in your little book, Baltimore is in for a huge embarrassment.

I have ranted enough about this, I have a job to do tonight. I have a new Officer to begin training tonight. He will be riding with me for the next three weeks as he is getting "Hands On" training with our department. I have spoken with him extensively about a career in law enforcement and he seems to "Fit Like a Glove".

I would like to welcome, in this forum, our newest Officer of the law, O.J Simpson.

The crowd must have gasped at the very thought of this. Why? He was found not guilty, give him a break he just wants to give back to the community through the police department.


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    • manthy profile image

      Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

      I agree and the NFL treats him like a king, I don't get it man, what is going on in this country?

      Nice hub

    • Ole Number One profile image

      Tim Hyde 7 years ago from Louisiana

      Why can't a policeman state his opinion without some illiterate fool posting some inane batch of want to be sentences that make no sense. You act as if policemen can't change. Are you a hypocrite? I'm sure you'll change.

    • profile image

      DL 7 years ago

      Why is it that police don't think people can change for the better since they have expreienced change for the worst before. If before the change was bad, the change for the better should be welcomed and not bad mouthed.

    • Right Black profile image

      Right Black 7 years ago from Huntington Beach, California

      Ole Number One, I hear Lawrence Taylor is looking to give back too. But really, I hope Ray Lewis really has turned his life around, only time will tell.

    • donotfear profile image

      donotfear 7 years ago from The Boondocks

      Hey Ole Number One: Ya think I'd get in trouble if I posted a picture of somebody who lied & scammed me and labeled it Jerk-Wad? LOL.