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Re-directing Synthetic Anger

Updated on September 2, 2010

Redirecting E-Harassment Back to the Source

      We all know that we can be made to feel foreign emotions that come from OUTSIDE as opposed to INSIDE us.  Examples include "the feminine feeling", anger, sexual arousal or it's opposite, fake sadness and an endless host of contexts for these fake feelings designed to disturb us so that we will psychologically break down and join this "secret society".   

     It is very interesting to note that if you perceive yourself as a fierce, black Dragon - that feminine feeling instantly disappears.  America is being sissified into mamby-pamby slaves who do not dare think for themselves lest they face the scourge of electronic harassment.  One way to emasculate a man is to give him the illusion that he isn't male.  They tried EVERYTHING on me: electronic torture, fake heart attacks, fake fear and a host of other mind-games........but I did not capitulate to their psychological emasculation attempts.

     The uglier your psychological perception of yourself is, the less feminine you can be made to feel.  I had the best workout today by thinking of myself as this huge, awful black dragon and a host of other monsters.  I didn't feel feminine at all AND I could run harder and faster for longer periods of time.  It's also hard to make a fearsome monster commit sins he doesn't want to in his own mind.  It's like you are already so terrible that you are immune to all terrible thoughts.  Of course I'm not terrible, these are just psychological tactics to bolster  psychological strength in a hostile environment. 

     And when I got back home, the television boomed out: "May he burn in Hell!"  It's no secret that the media is used to control people as opposed to entertain them and I've had it happen too often for it to be a coincidence.  Well, I put myself in the worst position, psychologically-speaking.  I drank caffeine while my ears rang like the dickens.  Then I went up and studied a chapter in a book I'd been reading.  It hurt a little and I kept getting "vibes" that I resented someone I actually I REDIRECTED this "fake hostility" along with some pent-up anger I had never expressed or used before.

     I pointed the blackest, nastiest waves I could think of at all the potential sources of electronic harassment.  I cursed the satellites and imagined them exploding and crashing into the ocean in flames.  I focused my anger at HAARP, the facility in Alaska that uses Ionosphere-heating to control the weather (and allegedly people's thoughts).  I cursed the equipment and it's operators, making their devices explode in their faces.  Oh yeah, I cursed those infernal cell-phone towers that seem to be the source of all this mind-f###ery.  I lived right by one and that period of time in my life was the worst ear-ringing Hell you could ever imagine.  When I directed my anger at these potential sources, I got a definite feeling of pleasure that passed up and down my body!

     Now, logically nothing probably happened to these devices/goons.......but it allowed me to psychologically RE- focus (and thus eliminate) the anger and frustration I felt and replace it with a POSITIVE FEELING.  This was WAY better than inhaling pain and blackness and imagining it destroying my body so that I could emanate a healing light to everyone around me so I wouldn't feel like an awful person.   Incidentally, doing this does appear to lift the spirits of some people I did this with.  It's like all this high-tech gives us some kind of weird ESP/energy-transfer capability.

     I feel great and I did much to provoke these "invisible thought police".  I got the Royal treatment and I liked it.  They'll need to come up with other psychological "angles" to try and control me.  Just think of that poor guy in that room with the flashing red lights on "The Men Who Stare at Goats".  This is black-op psychological warfare we are dealing with here.  Once you realize that this is just mind-games and that they aren't probably going to go away gives you incentive to turn their "force" against them.  At least focusing our attention on these possible sources and hating them is a start to getting to the bottom of all this nonesense!   Lets all work to make America a FREE country, not a "Kingdom of Fear"!!!!


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