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Real Clear Politics

Updated on June 14, 2010

Hi I'm Chuck Burns.

I started this Hub Page and a blog called casual citizen because of the recent political situation in our country. The demonstrated ineptitude of our elected officials has caused me great concern. Previously i have been content to actively listen but never was active in politics except to vote. This time around the goings on in Washington have alarmed me to the extent that I feel compelled to call out to others. I need to let you know how I feel about the political situation and to find out how you feel. Do you have the same concerns and anxieties?

Chuck Burns

Chuck Burns
Chuck Burns

In the past I have been a Casual Citizen who was content with either political party in the Presidency. My feeling was that as long as the House and Senate were of the opposite party to the Presidency there was no harm done. I believe in minimal government. The government should take care of National Defense, and International relations. There isn't much else that the government needs to be involved in to my mind. With the President of one party and the House and Senate of the other party then government comes to a standstill and few if any laws get passed. We don't need more laws, what we need is common sense and to enforce the laws that are already on the books. Legislators will create their own importance. As the saying goes the job grows to fill the allotted time. So it is with our elected officials. The nation would be much better off if Congress met for 30 days each year. The less we let "them" do the better off we the people will be.

I like Sidney Blumenthals book but not his politics, Read also McClellans book shown below

Our politicians have demonstrated that most of them are self serving. We already knew that about politicians but a new revelation for me was to hear members of the house and the Senate say on television that a piece of legislation was too big to read. Some stated that they couldn't understand the legislative language in the bill so they were working from the plain English Language version. Unfortunately the plain language version is not the same bill as the legislative language version. Another complaint was that there wasn't enough time to read the bill because it is over 1000 pages. But their lack of understanding of what is in the bill wasn't going to stop them from voting. Our elected officials actually stated that they were ready to vote when they had not read nor understood for what they were voting. I was shocked to hear those statements. That is my government of the people, for the people, and by the people ready to pass legislation on an empty head. How could they be so irresponsible.

An insiders viewpoint by Scott McClellan, Read also Blumenthals book shown above

It isn't bad enough that our politicians are poised and ready to vote empty headed with no knowledge or understanding about which they are voting. Another serious injustice is the attempt to circumvent the established legal procedures set by the lawmakers themselves. They set their own rules and then try to find ways around them. I am suggesting that the Health Insurance Reform legislation may be attached to a bill of lesser importance to force a vote. I know that this procedure has been done before but that does not make it right. The health insurance reform legislation is not ready. The members of the House and the members of the Senate are not ready. There is no urgency to pass the bill. This is an extremely important and costly legislation. If it is worth doing then it is worth doing right.Take the time to get it right and then vote on it.

Very interesting notion and happening in Europe now

Based on the recent observed performance of our Senators and Representatives i am of the mind to boot the bunch right out of office and bring in a new group. Unfortunately I don't hold any hope that the next bunch will be any better.

I have an idea that at first may seem far fetched but hear me out. I think we would be much better off if we instituted a draft. A draft to replace all our elected officials. A draft just like the draft for military. In fact why not just use the same system It already exists. When your number comes up you go to Washington for a term and serve your country. It makes no difference if you are a lawyer, waitress, factory worker, house wife, or a homeless person living under a bridge. When your number comes up you go to Washington.

 I can hear the politicians hooting and hollering! Objection! You can't do that. We are professionals, We have years and years of experience. Why those people in the draft are just ordinary people, They are so, so common and know nothing about the ins and outs of working in Washington.

And my answer to that is, PRECISELY!


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