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UN-Reality Control

Updated on January 1, 2011

UN-Reality Control

      We exist in a time in which each of us is continually bombarded with subliminal messages to be:  weak, compliant, non-aggressive, asexual and boring.  Over time, binaural beats imposed on a human mind can result in your brainwaves mimicking these messages.  Obviously, this is not desirable to the individual.  Society wishes to preserve the Earth, but the means to that end have deprived the individual mind of:  creativity, vitality and freedom. 

     One must break out of their binaurally-entrained brainwaves using any and all techniques I've mentioned.  Any thought can be switched around/inverted into a thought which produces the opposite effect than that desired by the person thinking it.  This is why extraordinary means are necessary to amplify and preserve our intent, feelings and ideas.  We must rise above our self-perception of being small and weak compared to the seemingly overwhelming might of our new "silent government". 

     All of this junk is coming in through our ears, so it is vital that we not only jam these transmissions, we must REPLACE THEM with something that inspires us to grow, thrive and conquer.  The microwave-based transmissions enter your ears along with whatever you are listening to to shut it out, so we must FOCUS on our messages we give ourselves as though it were a very important assignment.  This is MUCH more effective than just passively taking it all in. 

     This morning, I woke up feeling INHIBITED.  It is like an invisible wet blanket thrown over my soul.  Everything seems to take so much more effort than it used to.  Intense emotions often result in disturbing thought-patterns being fed back to us via this "system".  To break through this invisible prison, I got out my I-Pod and listened to music which inspires a sense of majesty, potency and power.  This time I did more than just passively listen, I STUDIED each note.  I found myself soaring to new emotional and mental heights as I did this.  I had caused my brain to produce waves which were intense enough to break the monotonous mental prison I'd found myself in. 

     Self-perception can also be used to OVERPOWER the suggestions and punishments which we are force-fed on a daily basis.  By assuming the form of something gigantic and non-human, you will find it much harder to be bullied by these subliminal signals.  I chose to perceive myself as a huge Dragon.  This way, the usual methods of intimidation had no effect upon me whatsoever.  I was able to have one of the most intense workouts in years as I listened to my music and thought of myself as this huge creature.  The subliminal tricks are meant to control people, not giant Beasts.

     You attain a higher level of purity because these messages are usually bad thoughts which play upon our fears and weaknesses.  I've always been astounded by the way perceiving the self as something huge and powerful so easily pushes aside the usual mental-images designed to bring me "down".   Often, I had been made to feel like a sexually-violated woman in the past..........NOT ANYMORE!  This is like AMPLIFYING the self in ones mind to compensate for all the crap being flung down upon our minds to keep us:  quiet, subservient and compliant.  The individually-created unreality completely trounces the synthetic reality, especially with the help of music which inspires the self.  Reality is still reality, but in a society of "enforced synthetic reality" it pays to IMAGINE YOURSELF AS GREATER. 

     Don't ever stick to just one "amplified self".  Be like the mythological shape-shifter which can be anyone or anything it wishes to.  For some reason, these "individuality erasers" need you to think of yourself as yourself to RID you of yourself.  The more variant your self-perception is, the less easy it is to control you.  Don't stop with just self-image, change the way you perceive your bodily-functions.  You'll notice that with each breath out, you can be made to feel as though you are projecting energy towards someone you want nothing to do with.  By breathing out of your hand, top of your head, control your perception of where this energy is going and hence ruin the attempt to psychologically-shock you. Imagine your hands/feet/head as holding an "energy-balloon" which expands with each breath out and contracts with each breath in.   

     Anyone being electronically-harassed knows what I am talking about.  Most people believe in unreality anyhow..........we had just as well create our own reality to adapt to these attempts to control us.   Deep down, we are still ourselves anyway.  This just changes the "surface-thoughts" which can be "read" and thusly used as handles to pull our minds this way and that.  From beneath our projected self-image, we control our thoughts, motives and emotions. This gives our imagination something better to do than torture us.  It also INCREASES PERFORMANCE............that is something we can all use in a mentally-hobbled society!   


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