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The Reality Series: What is Sensibility?

Updated on July 30, 2017

There are people in the world at odds with everything in their lives. Overwhelmed with confusion they tend to knock on many doors, they could be good by chance, but most likely evil. Why evil you ask? It is because of the desperate nature of evil to recruit. They use any means, television, drama, music, literature, art, streets, anything and everything that appeals to the aesthetics of human nature. They love company in all the evil that they have been committing, misery loves company. They do not want to be alone in the sad desperate place they had dug for themselves. And once they find other people in pain and in problems worse than they had faced in the circumstances, they find pleasure in it. Some people are better at evil than others, others just minions in the face of the scary gargoyle on the tower.

The distinction between right and wrong

People have been clamoring on the topic of right and wrong, nobody seemed to be sure about it other than a few sensible people of faith. Every time something terrible was presented to them packed in gold paper, they thought this was justified, because it was giving them happiness. Happiness should not come at the cost of the humans living around you or anywhere, animal life or nature in general. Wrong ideas and concepts were adopted to further the motives of the evil people deep in horrors of their deeds. Temporary benefits flowed at horrendous costs.

The litmus to right and wrong is

  1. 1. Is it good for humanity for their existence and progress or
  2. 2. Is it destructive.

It does require cultivating a culture of research and pondering, thinking twice about every sensitive action about to be taken. Life is a matter of sensitive life changing decisions, people might brush off many things as minor, minute and insubstantial but guess what it appears that they are not.

And once you know what is right and what is wrong, stick to it religiously. Yes, that is called religion.

Know your place

There has been a tendency in certain parts of the world to think of themselves as better than the rest of the people based on lineage, color, caste, creed and religion. The idea is destructive. It is not sensible at all to consider yourself as superior unless you indeed are. Know your place, superiority comes from humbleness, not a complex. It comes from helping others, not forcing yourself as a corrupt leader upon people. Just because someone is friendly and kind, does not mean he or she should be walked all over. People when treated nicely sometimes think it is their birth right, well it is not. Only the good people have the right to be treated nicely, the rest can go to hell.

Know who and what you are dealing with

It is a part of knowing your place that when you come face to face with indeed a superior person behave. People sometimes tend to be rude, frivolous, untidy, unruly and incredibly disrespectful towards people who deserve respect and reverence. This will not help their chances of living a lasting good life. Gratefulness should be made a habit towards people who actually helped, pointless fandom should be discarded immediately. Whoever was not grateful to the generous, righteous and kind, is not grateful towards God.

Never deprive yourselves of harmless pleasures

There are things in life that give you a lot of pleasure, for instance good music, good food, good music essentially, listen to good music not demonic or satanic music though. Indulge in outings, visiting great places which actually allow dangerous people to traverse the lands, go to restaurants, picnics, permissible adventures, read good fiction. Wear good clothes that you can afford with your hard earned good money. Less is better than more coming from wrong means.

Do not jump out of the frying pan into the fire

It is a fundamental part of living a life, people come at the cross roads, where they have a choice where they can either go right or unfortunately go left. Always when a person should come across a choice between little trouble or a lot of trouble, it is sensible to choose little trouble. Understand that colluding with evil is never “little trouble”, it is a lot of trouble always. Evil people do not keep promises, they do not adhere to contracts or agreements, they do not listen to their minions, they exploit. Never put yourself in a position where you believe even for the slightest that you will be in even more trouble that you are in at the moment.

Use all your resources wisely

When faced with an enemy, understand the resources at your disposal, and use them wisely. The situation can be so dire that you might have to walk the line between evil and good, but never ever fall into the category of evil. That is never wise, it can escalate to horrors no one wants to experience. What is the line people may ask? Those are the blurry areas. Areas not quite defined as major sins. That is to be done in dire circumstances not in condition of prosperity and abundance. There is nothing wrong with being poor, people look down upon poverty, being poor is better than being a criminal. Poverty over crime, poverty over sin.

Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.

People who are already in deep ditch of sins, all is not lost. Do not cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it, Reform and start afresh.

Stop dwelling on your past

Forget what happened, think of yourself as a newborn baby, now think of what you need to do, what your behavior is supposed to be like.

Take good advise

And last but not the least, there are many like to turn a deaf ear to good advice. They do not like people telling them good things, they believe they have to live their lives the way they want, but they are unfortunately in that process forcing other people to live a certain way of life, the way they want them to live. That is entirely unfair, remember that your lives are intertwined, every decision you make sends ripples in the cosmos oceans of the universe. Stay on a good wavelength.

If you cannot love God which is highly insensible, at least love your home

Remember dying is better than prostitution or turning into a woman when you are not..



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