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Reap(India ),Rape(Cricket ),Run with Rs.400 Crore.

Updated on February 24, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Minister Quits,Now Axe on Modi + IPL + ShuklaJi

Our Great Cricketer you Know,with due respects to our Indian and world players of Cricket.
Our Great Cricketer you Know,with due respects to our Indian and world players of Cricket.

Minister is Kicked Out Now in 'Q' 2 more - Cricket. in Whose Hands.

The news of the day is that a Union Minister has taken interest in interfering with the organizers of a big Cricket Match watched by millions of people in India and other Cricket Playing countries.The New age politics has entered sooner than expected and no sooner than expected these young hot blooded bureaucrats started showing interest in women and Cricket.

Why was this exposed like opening of a Pandora Box and how come that TV channels started showing so much interest.This is a Joke in our country.Many things are flashed to viewers to watch with interest on our TV which are called as Father of the house,the mother being the Laptop and Children being Cell phones.

The Finance Minister who was given a wake up call by these TV'S suddenly orders the State Controlled Income Tax sleuths to give a priliminary report on how the hell what has happened when all the hell was dancing with imported bikini like clad girls in open cricket grounds shown with such desi bursting crackers like hell on TV'S day after day for years and reported to have paid millions of US$ for so many things we never had seen so far in our country.

The Man Behind the multy Million US$ business with film stars,business tycoons and hidden by proxy politicians was by a jail bird who was a drug traffic criminal.He was supposed to be soon nominated as consul-general of Iceland as he was instrumental in people depositing money in Iceland a place where nobody pays tax.This was called as Tax Heaven.The other place where a huge money is deposited by Indians being SWISS BANKS.It is said that if India can get this black unaccounted unpaid tax amount is brought to India,we Indians need not pay tax for 30 years besides each famoly being paid a bonus of 2,50,000,this is another story.

The Finance Minister who speaks with Rasgula in his mouth was perhaps unaware of this Cricket as his home state plays football.So when the wake up call was given fortunately the good old Prime Minister had to come home traveling round the globe as his airway was blocked by Volcanic Ash.The Finance Minister was happy his boss was taking a world whirl detour to rush home to see what the hell his deputy had done with a widow and cricket.He frantically ordered a primliminary report Pronto.The Income Tax sluthes as usual ever ready to raid a house raided houses all over the country.They delivered the report like Pronto.

The enemy of the IPL commissioner Rajastan Cricket Association and several bureaucrats with whom IPL commissioner had rubbed shoulders came under attack by another cricket playing state and they said that how can a drug traffiking convict be chief administrater of a sports body.How come they allowed him all along,why the hell the TV media has not said anything on this.Something our politician Lal Krishna Advani who said make me Prime Minister and I will bring all the money in 100 days.Working days how many hours they work,let's take 8 hours that means 800 days.Now no more talk of that by press and TV media that has been kept perhaps in a freezer,they have a freezer in RED FORT is it not.

The UPA 2 Govt run by a lady behind the screen is keping mum and the Defence And Finance Minister and Finance Minister are talking to each other as to how the hell they will face the old man.Why the Defence Minister becouse he is a senior minister.They are good in making a committee which will present the report after carefully going through the documents may be thousands and counting of money which will be a train load.That Final Report will be made available in a grand function when nobody knows what its all about.

The persons involved would have shifted their operations to Dubai by that time and perhaps will be Dubai cityzens by the grace of the KING.


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 7 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Thanks M/S.thevoice.

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      smart hub write thanks