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Reason left the room when Oregon man sent to prison for rainwater collection

Updated on August 9, 2012
Globalists need not apply.
Globalists need not apply.

There is a gentleman in Oregon, the state in which I was born over forty years ago, who is headed to prison today because he was doing what has been done naturally by farmers and conservationists for centuries. His crime was collecting rainwater in ponds on his personal property which fell on his property during the wet season. According to unethical and eugenics oriented globalism, that warrants prosecution and 30 days in prison like a common criminal. He is not fleeing an unreasonable law or unjust legal ruling. Instead he is submitting to tyranny as a form of protest and heading off to his new abode behind bars at the expense of the neo-feudal taxpayers who can’t seem to recognize they let the monster of depopulation culture in by the front door to set up shop in our government and legal system.

His name is Harrington. He is hoping that by following the rule of tyrannical law that he can wake up an apathetic public to how deep this nation has sunk.

A recently published article on the matter recounted the following:

“Common sense is the basis for common law, without common sense, the law is insane and we did not agree to be governed by insanity or illegality,” said Harrington, adding that throughout American history, citizens have laid their lives down to preserve cherished rights.

“I’m sacrificing my liberty so that we can wake up as a country and stand for our liberty,” said Harrington, adding that his campaign had only just begun.

As we have documented, Harrington’s case is just one of dozens across the country that illustrate how the establishment is using draconian regulatory powers to eviscerate property rights and re-define Americans as de-facto feudal slaves with no inherent rights whatsoever.

This process is being carried out under the umbrella of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 project, which demands that member nations adopt “sustainable development” policies that are little more than a disguise for the reintroduction of neo-feudalism and only serve to reduce living standards and quality of life.

Why is this story important? Because I have my doubts about how successful Harrington will be in his intention and effort. It is because Harrington’s situation is more defining proof that unethical globalism has reached intolerable levels when it can reach into your life and cause havoc, absences of reason, and imprisonment for normal living. When an idea and a culture stemming from that idea, hates life and the portions of mankind who nurtures it to this degree it is indeed time to remove it from our presence. With the rapid advancement of this tyranny it could be expected that people will soon be facing arrest and 30 day sentences for rain falling on their property and the grass growing next. Do we wait that long? The mountain of manipulation and lies over the simplest of things like extraterrestrial contact is illuminated by situations like Harrington’s. One must ponder this mountain and then consider what would be involved in correcting the course our nation is taking with its construction of a police state, transnationalists with unprecedented and unhinged power, and traditional bodies who instead of policing them against violations of Constitution and Reason bend over and kiss their shoes, allowing those powers to continue unabated.

So I will leave you to wonder if I’m speaking in jest or serious about this next statement. Put the ships over the cities....some of us want opportunity to consider immigration to other planets out of reach of the psychotic Eugenics crowd. We desire freedom from ignorance and giggle factor, not just freedom from tyranny. In a situation that can only be corrected by chaos and violence because the other party will not bend, a peaceful people abhore being left with no choice but to rebel. What proverbial third option might be plausible and worth considering. We would rather consider a long trek across the deep expanse of space bound for a new world. We would rather begin again from scratch than be faced with defending ourselves against a cultural elite bent on terminating us and our way of life in the name of depopulation policy. There is no room on one planet for one group who loves and nurtures life and another who would exert tyrannical control and destruction of all life sacred to any reasoning state of being. Since we currently cannot entice our own exotic technology space fleet into the open, we will be needing to find an alternate transit solution. Any ET willing to pick up a friendly group of hitchhikers? Some of us would like to enter negotiations.

Put the Ships over the cities. If an immigration deal can be made, we intend to take the Constitution with us since the Eugenics System Lords apparently don't want it and the apathetic mainstream public apparently doesn't need it.



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