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Reasons to be proud of America

Updated on July 2, 2014

There are many reasons to be proud of America and proud to be an American. Our country began as influx of individuals across the world. We are a nation of diverse cultural background and we are better for it. One of the big reasons to be proud of America is our Constitution.

Our Constitution and the rights and liberties contained within it are a mark of intelligence which we have not seen since. Individuals who came to this country had new ideas for a new country and those ideas transformed a young country into what it is today. The accomplishments and struggles they encountered was representative of who they were. Today we have struggles as individuals and as a country. We should have the same courage and tenacity they exhibited when our country began.

As previously mentioned I am proud we have the opportunity to learn from other individuals from foreign lands. While we may not always agree with their perspective it provides an opportunity to learn from others with different backgrounds. The principles engrained in the Constitution are a big reason I am proud to be an American. Through time we have made changes to our Constitution as deemed necessary but it is with the majority of state elected officials who represent us to accept or reject such changes.

One of the many reasons to be proud of our country is the right we have to free speech. Many countries around the world do not either permit such expression or they so intimidate their citizens to the point they are afraid to say anything. With the right of free speech we can voice our opinion freely and this can be seen in the political ads this election year. It is important to remember that there are limits but as long as we state the truth, we can voice our opinion about any issue that is important to us as individuals. Though free speech seems to be under attack to some extent it is still a right we have under the Constitution.

Additionally our freedom of the press and freedom of religion are basic principles and rights we have which do not exist in other countries. The scope of these principles and rights are unmatched around the world. We are a country which enjoys a multitude of rights and privileges and we should cherish them and fight when they are attacked from government or any other source. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press allows opinions other than our own to be either spoken or written.

The structure of our country as defined in the Constitution with the separation of powers with the federal government basically established as three entities, Congress, The President and the Judicial. Along with this comes the responsibilities of the states which in the world of today have become blurred to some extent but states in a country having specific responsibilities for their citizens is a plus. Our country is a republic and as such we as voters can change who represents us at the state and local levels if we are unsatisfied with the actions/decisions.

Another reason I am proud to be an American is our political system. Today though there are some problems with our political system but it does not make it a bad system. We as individuals can become involved in politics as much or as little as we choose. The structure of our political system is one of the best if not the best in the world by having the opportunity for individuals of all walks of life to be involved.

Our political system is also one as identified to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. If we as individuals and voters do not like the choices made by those we elect we can vote to replace them. Some countries establish election times based on events while our country has set times for our elections through our states and Congress. There is no long period of time between elections as we elect governors, senators, representatives and the President. The power of our vote is unlike that of other countries as we have the opportunity to shape what we are as a nation and change the path our country takes by our votes. It is a power we should not take lightly especially this election year.

History has proven that we as a country have faced many hardships and as individuals we took action together to get through those hardships. One unique experience of which I am proud to be an American is our response to the attacks we experienced on 9/11. Individuals throughout the country expressed their anger at this attack and we had a united front regardless of which political party individual may have belonged. This kind of unity showed the character and resolve of our nation.

The opportunities and rights we have under the Constitution were established at the beginning of our country and the experiences our fore fathers had shaped what would become the law of the land. Our country is a great country and we have many things to be proud of one of which is those who fight to keep our way of life secure through all branches of the military. It makes me proud to see individuals step up to the plate and risk their lives for us and they deserve all the support we can give them. Being proud of our troops through history also says much about our character and resolve. Many of the battles we have faced as a country were not of our choosing but thousands of individuals took it upon themselves to fight to keep the freedoms we have. In addition we stood with other countries when their way of life was threatened which could have eventually threatened our way of life if we let such events occur. We have been a country in the past that has not backed down from a fight and having that type of character to stand up for what we believe as a country is another reason to be proud to be an American.


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