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Rebranding of Community Services to the Greater Toronto Area

Updated on November 15, 2009
The Kababayan Community Centre
The Kababayan Community Centre

Kababayan Community Centre Multicultural Services



KCC Multicultural Services Annual Report 2009-2010



It gives me great honour to deliver a message of success and

triumph on the past fiscal year for Kababayan Community

Service Centre. The programs and activities the agency

spearheaded under this period truly contributed to a

productive and enriched history.

The centre along with its associated community groups, had

provided help to many of our men and women through

counselling, mentoring and guidance. It is in this network that

members of the community from various backgrounds

became recipients of assistance that enable them to assimilate

and generate productivity and direction. Even in an uncertain

economy and after three decades and some, Kababayan

Community Centre continues to make a difference with the

unwavering support of the government of Canada.

On behalf of my fellow members of the board of directors, I

would like to congratulate Kababayan Community Centre for

once again concluding yet another fulfilling year. We are

proud to be part of such a dedicated team of staff and

volunteers who selflessly work beyond requirement to provide

the best quality of service clients could get.

Indeed, there is always hope and optimism for the future in

knowing that an agency such as KCC will be ready to aid at the

moment need. We look forward to another year of passionate

service for the community.



Board of Directors

Kababayan Community Centre



I am pleased to present Kababayan Community Centre’s

annual report for the fiscal year 2008-2009 to our board of

directors, funders, colleagues, friends and constituents. It is a

privilege to provide you all a retrospect of the year that had

passed which is one of growth, progress and great

enthusiasm for community service. One of the highlights of

the period was the retrofitting of the centre’s facilities

allowing separate rooms for each staff member that ensured

privacy in counselling and information exchange. The

renovation also included the acquisition of two additional

rooms and at present, Kababayan Community Centre

currently occupies the whole southeast wing of the 1313

Queen Street West building, also known as Parkdale Arts

Community Centre.

In the year we are reporting, additional funding was also

generated for a new role in the agency in the position of the

finance and administrative manager, to respond to the

accountability and governance responsibilities of the centre.

It is also with pride that we announce that FY 2008-2009 also

saw the careful preparation of the three-year 2009-2011

Strategic Plan through the expertise and generous

consulting support services of the Management Advisory

Services (MAS).

The past fiscal year also consistently strengthened our

existing ties with other organizations through sustaining

joint programs as well as creating new partnerships and

activities that enriched the centre’s services to its clientele.

In total, the revenue received by Kababayan Community

Centre through the support of the federal, provincial and

municipal government and fundraising efforts was

$427,755.00. With much respect and honour, we thank and

recognize these levels of government for their continuous

support and assistance.

Finally, in keeping up with the ever-changing needs of clients

but primarily to reflect the various services that the centre

provides to the public, Kababayan Community Centre moved

towards rebranding in FY 2008-2009. Under the brand KCC

Multicultural Services, the agency hopes to reach out and help

more clients who are in search of community support.

Truly, the year was a very productive one. I would like to

extend our sincere appreciation to our staff for their

commitment, professionalism and passion for the quality of

service provided to our clients. Their dedication produced

innovative services responsive to the needs of clients and

surpassing the required targets as proposed to our funders.

Much appreciation is also given to the centre’s volunteers

who generously give their time and efforts to assist the staff

in programs and activities.

As we head off to face more challenges in servicing our

growing multicultural clientele, we once again renew our

commitment to fulfill their calls and requirements in full

support of community service with vigorous spirit towards

another succesful year.


Executive Director


Community Social Support Programs

The program works to support vulnerable, high-risk members of the Filipino Community. Program activities include: a Filipino youth group providing leadership development, tutorial support, cultural and intergenerational support; peer support, counselling,violence-prevention workshops and network for women; mutual peer support and education for seniors. Centre provides afterschool programs for Jean Vanier and St. Margaret Catholic Schools.

Women’s Program Support group session on economic pursuits & well-being – 10 Sessions/47


Legal Assistance with Parkdale Legal Services – 1 Session/4 Participants

Organizational Teambuilding and Planning Session – 1 Session/35 Participants

International Women’s Day Forum Caregiver’s Support Network Monthly Support Group Session – 12

Youth Program Peer Support and Information Session – 9 Sessions/395 Participants

Discussion on Cultural Struggles & Adaptation – 2 Sessions/62 Participants

Recreational Activities (Skating & Bowling) – 2 Sessions/44 Participants

Discussion on Healthy Relationships– 2 Sessions/25 Participants

Managing Change and Transition – 1 Session/23 Participants

How to Ace a Test – 2 Sessions/30

Seniors’ Program Peer Support and Networking – 9 Sessions/322 Participants

Honouring Senior Parents – 2 Sessions/99 Participants

Holiday Celebration – 1 Session/48

For more information and community support services call Kababayan Community Centre

1313 Queen St. West, Toronto, 416-532-3888


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