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Recent New York Terrorist Ahmad Rahani Sued Police

Updated on September 19, 2016

Ahmad and Family Sued New Jersey Police

Recent NYC and New Jersey terrorist Ahmed Rahami was successfully apprehended by New Jersey police on September 19th. Along with this arrest they also detained five other Afghani's who are believed to be in connection with the Chelsea and New Jersey bombings. While Hillary Clinton would rather have sat down and waited for the facts about this event, anyone who's been paying attention to world events in the past few years could have easily thought this was a staple of Islamic terrorism. Homemade Improvised Explosive Devices (IED's) have often been used in the Middle East as well as bombings in Europe as well as in the US. Violence towards Western Civilization has shot through the roof which has Americans alarmed. Because it's not stopping despite how often the politicians say "everything's fine"

After Ahmad Rahami was arrested the Daily Mail learned that he and his family tried to sue New Jersey police of persecution because of their religion. The article reads:

The prime suspect in the New York and New Jersey bombings sued his local police force and claimed they were persecuting him for being a Muslim. Ahmad Rahami said in a lawsuit that cops in Elizabeth, New Jersey subjected his and his family to discrimination and "selective enforcement" based on their religion"

The article later goes on to say that the family accused police of trying to shut down their restaurant. They also claimed that locals in the community have racially abused them and flat out said that "Muslims don't belong here" to the family. This was filed in 2011 and shows that not only Ahmad but his family has had problems with their local government and the community surrounding them. It stands to reason that this could be something that could play on the hearts of leftists who might see him as a victim instead of a monster who was willing to kill Americans. Persecution of any kind in a free country like the USA shouldn't be tolerated. But if leftists claim that this is the reason for his actions, that shouldn't be tolerated either. There are ways to prove your innocence especially in the social media age and shed light on the hypocrisy of your government. A good example is...well...any lie that Hillary Clinton has told. It can be done without endangering the lives of fellow Americans. The police didn't radicalize him because he was already on their radar beforehand. Maybe they were onto him and they couldn't do enough because of political correctness.

It seems as though there is always someone else to blame except for the terrorists themselves. In this case leftists might say it was the police who radicalized Ahmad Rahami instead of his journey to Afghanistan or his fellow Afghani friends influence in the US. It was documented that after his trip to Afghanistan his behavior changed. In the case of the Boston Marathon bombers it was said that the Tsarnaev Brothers were just "acting out" because of their perceived injustices in Chechnya. Which isn't the case either because why would you bomb a marathon full of Americans unless it was for Islamic extremism and you hate America? Even in regards to the Paris attacks in 2015, some tried to defend the terrorists saying that the killers were "acting out" from western oppression in the Middle East. Let's be clear: There should be no sympathy for people who are willing to kill everyone that doesn't believe the way they do like most terrorists. And the moment they use Islam as fuel to perpetrate their disgusting actions, even by saying "Allahu Akbar" followed by the violence, it becomes Islamic Terrorism. Terrorism is a very clear definition that some politicians can't seem to accept. Let alone come up with a solution to stop domestic terrorism.

An intelligence center known as IntelCenter found that around every 84 hours there is an Islamic terrorist attack somewhere in the west. These attacks no matter the capacity are becoming more and more frequent. At least half of those attacks have taken place outside of major cities. This is important because smaller capacity terror attacks never get the media attention it needs. Which should be considered journalism malpractice. This is a problem that needs to be recognized for Western Civilization because whether they believe it or not, the free world is in a war. It's in a war where the enemy is unrelenting and willing to do anything to bring about its destruction and provide a world where Islam reigns over free thought. Most Muslims are peaceful but it should also noted that they are also not true Muslims. Their very prophet Muhammad is the "model citizen" of the faith who was a conqueror. He has also contributed to the formation of one of the the strictest laws in the history of the world known as Sharia.

Hillary Clinton touts her political experience as one of her highlights in the election over Donald Trump. But if that's the case, doesn't that mean she is also to blame for some of this? It was on her watch as Secretary of State that the Islamic State grew in power. She should have been one of the first people to be raising the alarms and tell President Barrack Obama this isn't some kind of "JV Team" . These animals are the real deal. Plus they are the true adherents to Islam who have slayed thousands of other Islamic apostates who refuse to abide by their laws. Politicians struggle to use the correct term to label Islamic terrorists. While they work to preserve the perception of Islam, people are dying. And in the west they die every 84 hours.

Let me know what your thoughts are. Comment, share and follow me. You can also stay up to date by following me on Facebook on The General Conservative. Thank you!

Ahmad Rhami captured on September 19th 2016
Ahmad Rhami captured on September 19th 2016 | Source

Ahmad Rahami Captured

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