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Recession Proof & Still OK

Updated on May 7, 2011

Recession Proof Ideas

"Effects of recession on the family"
"Effects of recession on the family"

Recession Proof - School Supplies

Did you know that you can save money on school clothes and supplies?  What I tend to do is to swap clothes with close - clean friends.  Say they have an old blazer; I will trade them for some school skirts and so on.

I also keep a record of what I have spent and where I bought it.  Then when these items become out of season - I will go back to the store and try and see if I can get the items of clothing my children need on sale.

If I know longer need any school items and I know my friends are unable to do a fair trade; I will ask around to see if anybody else needs the particular item.

Pencils and crayons I get at small markets or at dollar stores.  I always stock up on them as it is amazing just how many times my children lose these items, plus they don't cost too much,


Creative Recession Proofing

  • If you can; walk or take the tram for all your short journeys. It is so ridiculous when I see good friends of mind who will take the car for a 1 minute drive. They could easily walk and it would save them so much money - in the long run.

I wil be the first to admin - I won't ride a bike on the road because I am too chicken - but I do my bit and walk every chance I get. I even get off several stops before my home and walk because it is good for me.

  • When it comes to electricity, I always turn off appliances which I am no longer using. The computer goes off, as does the TV; along with the mobile phone charger. Again this saves money and the enviroment.
  • Water is another area which you can save money on. I currently have a water meter fitted in my house, at the time I was none too impressed. Now I am so aware of it, that I am starting to become just a little fanatical about it. Yes it has saved me money and yes (unfortunately for those around me) turned me into a bit of a nag!
  • Improve your home Insulation situation; this will definitely save energy and money.  I never  how much money I was wasting until I used a pre-payment meter which showed me just how much money I was wasting - by not turning off lights and leaving fridge doors opne.  Now I dry my clothes outside on the washing line and refuse to use the tumble dryer unless it is an emergency.

When you think about it saving money is closely related to being environmently friendly. Saving money means you are saving (in some cases carbon emissions) the environment and the knock-on effect is that you really think about things before you take action.

"Your Recession Proof Comments"

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