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Recipe For Disaster

Updated on March 15, 2011

Recipe For Disaster.


Mix the flesh of

the unborn aborted,
with the blood from

young soldiers destroyed,
Add the spew from

raped victims recovered,
and the vomit from

a homeless man's binge.

Throw in toxins from

what China exported,
and the belch of

each factories refuse,
quarts of acid rain,

mingled with mercury,
add some saturated fats

to give it taste.

Add in untested drugs,

handfuls of costly capsules,
and ten gallons of overpriced fuel,
plus some meat from

the animals butchered,
in experiments to

test new products.

Don't forget all

the sludge from a landfill,
and lead paint from

a ghetto child's wall.

Blend it all in a

huge metal cauldron,
heat it up till it's

barely lukewarm,
then you might have

the stew we're fed daily,
from our lobbyists

each cooking up deals,
as they promise us

all lands of plenty,
while we're choking

to death on their meals.


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