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Recipe for an Electronic Harassment Free Life

Updated on May 4, 2016

Severing the Mind-Body-Machine Interface

I have reached a point in my life that is virtually electronic-harassment free. In this article, I will: 1. explain how this technology works to make your life a living Hell 2. Show you how to break the grip on your mind that this technology has and in so doing 3. Take back your life. This is based on 8 years of electronic Hell I fought through to finally make it to the normal state of existence which I now enjoy.

This is for the people who suffer electronic torture. From my experiments on myself, I've found many ways to escape this phenomenon and come up with a decent hypothesis on how this is being done. Do you know about the concept of Binaural Technology ? Basically, certain sound-patterns can mimic neurological firing patterns and get your brain to synch-up. The firing rate determines how you feel. There are patterns that mimic: calmness, general stimulation, even states that mimic those experienced through meditation. There are also rates that correspond to: fear, various sorts of pain, confusion and even psychosis. Microwave technology is capable of transmitting any of these feelings to anyone. If satellites were employed, there would be no place that you could go to escape these unpleasant states of mind.

So you don't escape by physically moving: you escape by either jamming or replacing the signal you are receiving. Do you know what a Brain Machine is ? It is a device that creates these sounds I was talking about, allowing you to alter your own brainwaves. There is a Beta-Perker which is very stimulating, a theta-wave that mimics states of meditation, an Alpha wave pattern that is mildly calming...........there are many other neurological states. These are just a few examples. I realized that Binaural technology was being used on me because that's exactly what the ringing in my ears sounded like when I was feeling: confused, nervous, panicky and even psychotic. When I plugged into my brain-machine, I could generate sounds that competed with these unpleasant mental-states. When I played loud music through earbuds that I enjoyed, I was able to get into the song and completely escape the ringing in my ears that was driving me to the brink of insanity. To desensitize myself to these sounds, I actually purchased a headphone amplifier and fried my inner - ear on both sides. It worked! My hearing sucks, but it is no longer possible to electronically bully me with these tones or loud noises. I make this all sound too easy. They jacked-up the Binaural signals, which I fought with both my will and progressively louder music. Eventually, they gave up. Still, you will notice immediate relief when you listen to pleasing music or plug in to a brain machine.

There are pharmacological ways to combat the sounds you hear. Kratom, a legal herb pretty much eliminates the pain associated with Electronic Harassment. I spent 5 years on this herb, enjoying it's ability to make me impervious to the EH (electronic harassment) I was receiving. I was taking way too much, however and was more or less strung-out all the time. Still, this herb is a miracle if you are being harassed. I've found that virtually anything that alters ones' neurochemistry can be useful in dealing with EH. Caffeine worked, dextromethorphan was very effective, Clonopin worked and Zyprexa has proven to be VERY USEFUL for blocking the maddening effects of EH. I feel that this is due to the drugs alteration of your own brainwaves. Like a false scent, it throws your mental captors off of the trail of your brains' own electronic signature. Zyprexa stands alone in it's ability to provide long-term release from EH.

In summary, most EH is AUDITORY. It is most likely microwave-based, satellite projected binaural frequencies being used on the inner-ear (Cochlea). The connection can be severed through many ways. You can purchase your own brain machine (I recommend the DavidPal36), play music you love through earbuds or use the pharmacologic alternatives listed above.


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