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Recognizing the sacrifice of those who serve us and their families

Updated on September 16, 2013

The sacrifices of those who serve us include not only the military but such professions as firefighters and police. Each of these professions experience dangerous situations on a daily basis and in many cases they put their lives on the line to do what they do best. Those who serve in the military never know the situations they may face during their enlistment but they do willingly as our military is a volunteer organization unlike in the past. We must not forget the families and friends of these individuals as they do sacrifice their time being away from their love ones and friends.

Today our military is stretched beyond belief with all the situations we are facing as a country and the world. It is a far more dangerous place today than in the past. There is always going to be some incident or commitment we have made as a country where our troops will be stationed to protect our interest and our security. Firefighters and police officers also face unknown dangers. Both of these professions are dangerous and anything can go wrong when going out on a call as a fireman or a police officer.

The professions mentioned in the preceding paragraph are only examples of what individuals who serve others willingly even if their life may be sacrificed. The professions of police, fire fighter and the military constantly involve danger depending upon the circumstances they are in while accomplishing their responsibilities. It takes special people to put their life on the line for others. Sacrifice is not just about the individuals in these professions and others for their families sacrifice and worry whether their loved ones and friends will return from the duties to which they have been assigned and serve without hesitation. Individuals in the professions previously identified require that we as the public which they serve show our appreciation for their devotion to duty.

Firefighters sometimes lose their lives and there was a tragedy in my local area where two firefighters lost their lives when they entered a burning house and the floor collapsed. Many individuals lined the streets to pay their respects where the funeral procession would make its journey. Many of these individuals did not even know the people involved but they knew they needed to acknowledge the sacrifice these individuals had made. The people who lost their lives touched many in their years of service and those lives will never be the same for it. It is important for us as individuals and as part of our communities to show our appreciation for the work that these fine individuals in these professions do every day.

The profession of firefighter constantly involves danger as they fight fires with their life always on the line. The profession of firefighter is one not to be taken lightly and those individuals who serve in it do so with dedication of duty and a willingness to help others in need. When firefighters enter burning buildings they never truly know what will happen but they do it anyway. The danger they face everyday is different than those in the other professions in that they never know what is going to happen as they fight fires. They never know for sure what may be hidden inside a burning building including dangerous chemicals or other harmful toxic substances. The results of a fire always causes emotional stress and the impact of losing a home or business stays with the people affected. For homeowners it is the family who has lost their home. For businesses it involves not only the existence of the business but the employees who worked at the facility affected.

Police officers protect us in many ways. We all understand the concept of being a police officer but few of us I believe really know what it is like. It is my hope that I can at least touch on what being part of a police force involves and the dedication needed to continue to protect their communities. Being a police officer involves protecting life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordnances. Some assignments may involve special duties which involve personal danger while having to act without direct supervision and to exercise independent judgment in meeting emergencies. Like the profession of firefighter many times those that have taken the initiative to become a police officer it takes a special person with dedication to duty. While police departments sometimes get bad publicity I feel that there are many who serve their communities well and deserve to be recognized for the service they provide. As with the profession of fire fighter there are times where police officers make the ultimate sacrifice in performing their responsibilities. When there is life lost it is difficult for the families and others who knew and worked with them. Each time this happens we must recognize their sacrifice and help support those affected.

Recognizing the sacrifice of those who serve us and our country is a huge task to say the least. There are those who serve in dangerous places such as those overseas but any individual in the military makes a sacrifice to serve us. While some people have problems with some of the missions to which the military branches are assigned it is important to remember that they are doing something in which they care. Loss of military personnel in foreign lands is never easy but the dedication to serve and protect our country while in foreign lands is commendable. I salute any individual whether they are military or civilian working for the armed services for their dedication to duty.

There have been many who have served our country to defend our freedom in foreign lands in foreign wars and we as individuals must always honor that service every day of our lives. Part of this involves honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and those that may in the future. It is important to honor the dedication of all military personnel to make sure they have the needed resources to protect them and accomplish their mission whatever that may be.

The last portion of this article involves the dedication and sacrifice of the families in the professions discussed above. Without the support of the families of those serving in the professions previously discussed it would be harder for individuals to dedicate themselves to the service they have chosen. Each time a life is lost we must remember the sacrifice the families have made for their friends and families who serve in the critical professions of firefighter, police officer and military personnel. I salute all the families involved with these professions.

Another point to make is remembering and supporting individuals who suffer injuries some of which they may must live with the rest of their lives. This is a different kind of sacrifice not only for the individuals but their family and friends. Any profession which has individuals dedicated to serve and/or protect us deserves to be recognized and provide the necessary resources to ease the burden they face with their injuries.

While I have only touched on some examples of professions that have individuals that have made the ultimate sacrifice I wish also to express my appreciation for any others that I may have forgotten. Those who serve us either here at home or in foreign lands that are subject to having their lives snuffed out deserve our support in their time of need and they deserve the resources to help keep them safe. Join me in saluting these professions and let us never forget the dedication involved in performing their responsibilities every day.


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