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Recycling Your Old Magazines

Updated on March 11, 2011

Too many magazines?


Tips and Ideas to Recycle Your Magazines

If you're like me, I like reading. I enjoy a good magazine that has good stories, tips, pictures, recipes, landscaping ideas and other helpful information. There's a magazine out there for almost every topic! I've held onto some for years and even kept them in containers that will protect them and keep them readable for a long time, but all too often, I end up with too many magazines and where I live, there's not a recycle center for magazines or glossy paper. Instead of throwing them away and having the landfills piled high with them, I decided some of the best ways to recycle my magazines were to give them away to places that would appreciate them.

I start by going through a pile of magazines, looking through them for the dates and to see if they still have good information that's not too out dated. If it is, then I put them in a box to be recycled. I have a friend that lives in town and they do have curbside recycling for magazines, so I just save the oldest ones to take to her whenever I go that way. Most of the time, there's always something good in them, no matter how old they are!

Instead of recycling my magazines the way some may, taking them to a recycle center, I prefer to take mine to places that would appreciate them. To me, that's a way of recycling and keeping my home from having too many magazines taking up too much space.

When I have an overabundance of magazines, I ask around to places that use magazines all the time and see if they would like them. One place I take them to is the Veterans Administration to their hospitals and for the Veterans that live on the premises for long term care. I ask them if they would like the magazines and I've never been told no.

I also ask my doctor's offices and outpatient care facilities and other medical places, such as diagnostic and treatment centers, the dentist office, any place a person may have to sit and wait and may enjoy looking at a magazine. I think about where and when I like looking at them too! I ask family if they'd like them and sometimes we trade so we can all enjoy different magazines from time to time. Another place that always appreciates magazines, are Day Care Programs and Schools. They use them for art projects and all sorts of fun creative things! Even nursing homes are happy to get them, to look at or again, for projects the residents may do from time to time. I had one friend suggest that she takers her magazines to the laundry mat, because people always enjoy them when having to sit and wait! I'm sure you can think of a few places too, that would appreciate different magazines from time to time. Most places are overjoyed to have them because as I've been told, sometimes people take magazines with them, so waiting rooms tend to become bare, with time.

When I find magazines that have lots of good, helpful information, I will carefully tear out the parts I want and file them in folders marked for each topic. I especially like to save recipes and gardening tips, but there are all kinds of great information and when the ads are gone, you'd be amazed how small the magazines really are! I write on the magazine cover what I saved them for and what page the articles are on. It helps me from having to glance through them when organizing. It's good to keep some magazines, just like books, we have our favorites and enjoy reading and learning from them, but when we get over run with them and we're being mindful about clutter and having too much in our homes, then it may be time to sit down and go through all those magazines and pass them on to others who can enjoy them just as we did. If you find at times no one wants your magazines, remember to use to advertise them for free for the taking and pass them on! It's a good feeling and we're helping ourselves, the landfills and others too.

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