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How Colors can Influence Day to Day Life

Updated on August 17, 2015
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Felisa is a teacher and a fiction and non-fiction writer. She dreams of publishing a fiction novel in the future.

Colors Can Influence Life

I used to think that colors are just there to brighten things around and make them beautiful. I never associated colors with the things I do. I never thought that they could help in some ways.

It was only when I got old and I read a lot that I understood what colors could do to help us with day to day circumstances.

Colors aren’t just colors.

Colors can influence your day to day life.

Whether it is at home, at work or anywhere you go, you can use colors to influence something you want.

In designing, colors are very important. The choice of colors is crucial.

According to online experts, blue and red colors dominate adverts online. These colors have more chances of being clicked online than other colors.

The same is true with your day to day undertakings; there are colors that can influence what you do. Don't say, "They are just colors".

Let’s take a look at these colors and how they can influence your life

. Each color has its own meaning and what beneficial effect it can do to your life.

The Meaning of Colors

  • Yellow

Yellow is the color for urgency and activity. If you want things accomplished quickly, wear something yellow. By wearing yellow colored clothes, you will feel the urgency to move and get things done.

  • Red

Red is the color for aggressiveness. It is a good luck color to some Asian countries. In the Chinese community, red means lucky color, so red is a must worn outfit during birthday celebration. Red is a strong color. If you want to win a contest, try wearing red. This is because wearing red can make you dominate an event and your opponent will lose a little of their confidence; thus you can have a bigger chance to win the game. The same is true when it comes to wooing a woman; they say that red is a good luck color so if you want a bigger chance of getting the yes of a woman, wear something red. Good luck.

  • Pink

Pink means calm and love. It is a color that you can use for attracting someone you have a crush on. So, if you feel like flirting with someone, the best color to wear is pink. If your goal is to have a calm and romantic night with your date, wear something pink.

If you want your baby to be calm and peaceful give her that pink color. You’ll be both playing without problems.

  • Black

Black is the color of mourning. Black is a sad color and the color of death, but black is also the color of authority. This is the reason why in the corporate world, black is mostly worn by those in authority. You can also wear black to gain the respect of your subordinates and make them obey your orders.

  • Blue

Blue is the color of the sky and the water when they are calm. Blue stands for depth, calmness, loyalty and trust. If you want an office that shows authority, color it blue. You can also wear something blue to show that you are calm but authoritative. If you have a business transaction, try wearing blue to get the trust in your business deals. If you want a calm place to take a rest, color your bedroom blue.

  • Green

Green is the color of growth, production and also money. Green reflects the feeling of freshness. It gives us the feeling of a new life. Green is my favorite color because it gives me the feeling of a healthy life. If you are very tired, go out and look around at the green plants and you will finally feel relaxed. If you want a more productive business, try using green motif. Green color attracts money and could make your business prosper.

  • Orange

Orange is the color of enthusiasm. This color can pep you up if you are feeling depressed. It is a color that can awaken the sleeping and down feelings. So if you want to be alive and get that depressed feeling out, wear something orange.

Colors are very beneficial too. As the saying goes, “There’s no harm in trying”. So what are you waiting for?

Get those colorful outfits out and wear them .Who knows? They could help you achieve your dreams in life.


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