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Red Cross Continues to Set Benchmark in Charity

Updated on January 12, 2015

The world’s largest philanthropic organization, Red Cross International, has completed 150 years of dedicated and compassionate services. The history of Red Cross International is closely intertwined with world history, political movements, wars and regional turmoil. International Red Cross is the brainchild of Jean Henry Dunant, a Swiss businessman and social activist. The humble beginning of Red Cross Society dates back to February month of 1863 and worldwide societies were formed in October month of that year. The 1901 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Red Cross founder Jean Henry Dunant and it is a testimony to the unmatchable services rendered by the society. Red Cross International redefined charity services, rescue operations, human rights movements, and services to the poor and depressed.

The Red Cross extended their multifarious operations into communal riot areas and natural calamity spots. They take care of the medical treatment of war prisoners, reunification of people with lost relatives in war torn areas, and providing food and shelter to populations affected by hostilities. The Red Cross is often termed as the world’s largest humanitarian group and it is aptly titled as the “life support machine” of the globe. The Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has more than 100 million volunteers as well as supporters. Red Cross International is guided by the pristine principles of humanity, independence, voluntary service and universality. They have recreated a new atmosphere of love, compassion, and unity in this contemporary world of materialism. The Red Cross have always laid special emphasis on protecting victims of armed violence in warn torn areas like Afghanistan, Sudan, and Israel.

International Committee of Red Cross is responsible for monitoring adherence to Geneva Convention guidelines which list out the basic rights of war affected people. National societies of Red Cross organizations provide medical services and humanitarian relief wherever. It is a well-known fact that Red Cross contributed immensely to the maintenance and promotion of human dignity and global peace. Red Cross society have been continuously been involved in movements to improve the lives of human civilization
for decades.

In 150 years Red Cross has grown to become a towering presence in global humanitarian efforts and rescue operations. Red Cross volunteers have changed the history of world nations badly affected with communal riots, poverty, and natural calamities. As an organization, Red Cross International has only one ideology and that is to help people who can’t help themselves. Organization of Red Cross is made of several independent organizations working towards a common goal. Commendable services of Red Cross Society during the first and second world wars are now part of world history. Relief assistance measures led by Red Cross have always reached public attention and the global population has begun to revere this unique humanitarian group. New age action plans of Red Cross are intended towards promotion of humanitarian values, disaster response and healthcare.


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