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Relatable Romney Meme - Thoughts on it's birth

Updated on July 31, 2012

A meme born of funny relatable Romney moments

Running jokes surface all the time and recently a funny one has started called Relatable Romney.

The joke features of fictional and sometimes nonfictional "Relatable" moments from Mitt Romney to the general public. Mitt Romney is a wealthy guy which makes him a bit of an easy target for making it appear as though he has no relatablilty with poorer people at all.

In fact it has been reported that he has a networth higher than the last 8 United States presidents combines and doubled! That is a remarkable figure (Estimated to be somewhere over 200 million dollars.)

This has led to a bunch of pranks on this particular issue.

The meme simply involves a picture of Relatable Romney with a caption at the top and bottom, usually meant to be speech from Romney himself

Thanks to for the picture.
Thanks to for the picture. | Source

Other types of Relatable Romney Jokes

The jokes mainly feature Mitt Romney's wealth as the focus of the gag. But they also feature other issues such as his friends in high places, the fact that he ran a Winter Olympics, and his thoughts on the President.

It is unknown as of yet where the meme started.

It is almost certain that it start due to some people believing that Mitt Romney cannot relate to the American people because of his vast wealth. Perhaps things Romney has said or done has fueled this image over time.

There has spawned a serious of images that relate to relatable Romney but arn't actually the gag. Some are different photos of Romney with captions, while some are photos of the President commenting on the gag.

The gag rose quickly and appeared on many of the social networking sites and also the meme creation sites where people can add their own text over a blank template of a meme image, then upload them and share them with the community, the funniest ones often finding prominence and getting shared through blogs, social media and social bookmarking services.

The meme was adopted by many of the meme watching sites who catalog the current memes that are in circulation and receiving attention.

If Mitt Romney becomes the President, this meme may continue for a long time, due to the fact that many more instances will arise where it could be construed that Mitt Romney is not relating properly to the American people.

However if Mitt Romney does not become the new President, he will likely fall away from prominence and will not receive as much attention anymore (though he will still probably receive a little big of attention and speak to some issues, as the last Presidential candidate who did not win the Presidency, John Mccain did since 2008), which may see the meme continue to some degree, most likely a much lesser degree.

As the election draws closer in 2012, the meme will probably peak in popularity sometime before or during the election. What will happen after that? Noone knows!

Relatable Romney
Relatable Romney | Source

Culteral events and cues will always be the driving factor in both offline and online memes. We have seen the birth of one recently and if Romney becomes the President it will probably grow into an all out popular meme.

It will be interesting to see in which direction it does. Leave a comment below linking to your favorite Relatable Romney meme!


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    • CrazedNovelist profile image

      A.E. Williams 5 years ago from Hampton, GA

      Lol... that last one was hilarious!! Funny hub!


    • profile image

      rickylicea 5 years ago

      Mitt just doesn't have the common touch to relate with an average Joe.

      It's just a facet of American politics that he has to go eat hotdogs and go bowling, etc things which he probably would never do otherwise.

      Which sucks for him, if only he could just give a powerpoint presentation and be done with it.

      A related and funny video