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Religion and politics, a no mix situation.

Updated on September 10, 2012

By author Joanne Kahleen Farrell. Joanne is a historical fiction author and political writer

On the GOP using religion to haunt others...

Lets keep the Christian religion in true perspective here. The story of Jesus teaches that he had the courage to stand against the corrupt church of the day. He stood up to the Roman leaders, and the military in a peaceful manner. We should as well. He did not teach self righteousness. He taught us to feed his sheep and heal the sick. He taught us be good Samaritans and to have the courageto stand against evil even if you are afraid. His battle was not with women in poverty. His battle was not with LGBT persons. He battled for the hungry and impoverished. He rallied for good against some of the most evil men who ever lived. His teachings give us the courage to do the same.

Guilt and self righteousness was not part of the original plan. I think the biggest problem with Christian Churches today is that they teach all old testament and very little Mathew Mark Luke and John. They have lost the original message. The story of his love and courage is supposed to encourage us to fight for the most vulnerable. Remember, he taught the world that the meek shall inherit the earth not the rich and self righteous.

He never ran for office or lead a country. He was just a simple carpenter who taught the world that love was the only answer.

By Joanne Kathleen Farrell


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