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Religious Freedom Laws Show Intolerance

Updated on April 3, 2015

Many states in America have passed or will pass religious freedom laws that basically allow a person to refuse service to anyone based on their religious beliefs. Whether right or wrong, that is their belief. A small, private business (not a corporate or large chain) should have a right to refuse to do business with anyone, if they choose to. That may not be smart business sense, since they will lose money, but the patron is free to go to another place, also. The main focus of many of these laws are on the LGBT groups, which are not a protected class where discrimination is against the law. But, they can be applied to other situations also.

The sad thing about this is how intolerant event the LGBT community is of those who are straight. The LGBT thinks they are a protected class because of their sexual orientation. They are just as hateful and repugnant as many straight people are. In a recent poll by CNN, they randomly called known gay business entities and sought business, such as a straight wedding in traditional setting, the gay business refused them. Gay people think they have the same rights, yet are intolerant when the same thing happens to them by a straight business owner.

They claim to be tolerant, yet, show they are quite the opposite when straight people oppose their lifestyle whenever confronted. Many in the LGBT community are radical and actually give that lifestyle a bad name at the expense of the moderates within the group, which are tolerant and that not everyone has to accept them.

The intolerance of the LGBT group infringes on every person's personal beliefs and freedom of Speech. Where are the right's of these people that choose to disagree with their lifestyle? Why should their rights be suppressed and intimidated as what occurred with the small pizza owner who said he refused to serve a gay person based on his religious belief? Now, the LGBT community are intent on ruining his life and business with bad online reviews and fake pizza orders. This intolerance is like the Nazi brown shirts in Hitler's day who trashed many Jewish businesses in the 1930s. This pizza place is now closed. This is criminal, IMO. This is bad public relations for LGBT. Instead of closing the business, the LGBT group should have simply ordered tons of pizza without disclosing their sexual orientation and then reveal it. This would show the pizza owner the value of this group. Now, he just hates them more!

Of course, not all the intolerance is from the LGBT's. There are many sympathizers also. Why do members of the LGBT group have to wear their sexual orientation like a badge, anyway? Anyone in high school and up, can determine if one is gay or not. It is not rocket science. They don't have to be "in your face" about it unless they are being challenged. Gay businesses, like straight ones, also subtly discriminate against straight customers. They are no different. They can make a straight person uncomfortable to persuade them to go elsewhere.

This intolerance door swings both ways. Gays in the workplace is fine as long as their sexual orientation is not at issue while there. This also applies to straight people. These religious freedom laws have shown just how intolerant many in the LGBT are simply because a person does not agree with their lifestyle, and if they are a small business owner, can refuse them based on their religious belief. While it may be bad business sense, after all, it is a loss of business, this should be their right to do so and the government should not force all to accept the will of the majority. Remember, LGBT's also discriminate. The door swings both ways.


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 2 years ago from California

      Glad I saw this hub. Well worth the read.

    • profile image

      retief2000 2 years ago

      Thanks for you Hub. I agree there is more than enough vitriol and heat in every possible discussion about how free Americans are to deal with conflicts arising from that freedom. We have a natural right to freedom of conscience and we have a legitimate expectation of free economic activity. When one collides with the other anger and intolerance are not the answer.