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Religious Right Loses

Updated on November 7, 2012

Americans Vote Against Theocracy

I was very pleased with the outcome of the presidential election last night. I was also very pleased with the outcomes of many of the senate elections. I believe that these outcomes showed that Americans want to keep intact the separation of church and state the Jefferson wrote about. It showed that Americans do not want laws passed based upon the religious beliefs of some congressman. I have to admit, I was worried for a moment. I was afraid that voters in Indiana would agree that rape babies are gifts from god, or that voters in Missouri would agree that if a woman was legitimately raped, her body would take care of the pregnancy. I was also worried that voters would allow legislatures to define words based on what their god thinks.

I am happy that those things, and worse to follow, have not come to pass.

Take Back Your Party!

It is time for the Republicans to take back their party! The economy should have been the number one issue this election. The Republican nominee was a businessman. He should have been able to win based on this! Why didn't he??

He didn't because the extreme religious right has held the Republican party hostage. The candidate had to pander to these crazies on the fringe of the party in order to win the primary. The majority of Americans do not want a theocracy. They want a politician who is religious, but who will also respect the religious freedoms of everyone else. The Republican party moved away from this concept, instead advocating for legislation that promoted their religious viewpoints.

We need to get the religious right out of the Republican party. I would have voted for a Republican candidate who didn't want to push his religion on everyone else. I would have voted for a fiscally conservative candidate who didn't pander to the religious right. I know a lot of others who would have as well. However, I could not vote for a candidate who would destroy the first amendment and slowly turn America into a theocracy. The economy is important, but our fundamental rights are more important, and I think the results of this election showed that.

Sorry for the Rant

I apologize that this Hub came across as a little rant-ish. I was very upset that the Republicans didn't chose a moderate candidate like John Huntsman to run for president, and I was upset that they didn't chose a more Libertarian candidate like Ron Paul. Either of these two men would have beaten Obama in the general election. These two men are the embodiment of everything good about the Republican party. The reason they didn't get elected was because they refused to pander to the religious right, the fringe group that is tearing America apart and trying to reduce this great free nation to a theocracy. I am just so happy that Americans said no to this!!!


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