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Use Of "Cloud Seeding" To Check Climate Change

Updated on February 8, 2012
melting ice in the poles
melting ice in the poles

It was in the news that a mass of snow was deposited on the city of Beijing, China. That the high volume of snow came on the 2nd of November-earlier than the usual-induced the media to report on the probability of a detrimental effect aftermath of the cloud seeding activities engaged in by the Chinese. Instead of the fear, I saw this supposed possible 'future disaster worry' as a solution to check Drought and remedy the melting Ice of the Polar Region.

Although the issue of the melting polar ice super-cedes, by virtue of magnitude of the hunger and starvation that is affecting Humans and animals in Niger; Sudan and other victim states must be placed first on the table because they represent the immediate impact of how climate change could be hostile to the Inhabitants of the Earth. For at this moment, thousands of fellow Humans and Animals are starving. As Animals are dying for lack of water and food, so are men suffering from and dying of malnutrition.

The issue of the melting polar Ice may be more detrimental. But at this time in question, we could only predict the future as the time when islands will sink, when the polar Bear may extinct, When there will be massive flood worldwide, when there shall be shortage of fresh water for some important natural drainage. And when a people will have no place to call home.

On the issue of the control of drought, it is a fact that the Chinese had used the process to Irrigate dessert areas. It was stated that it got to a point when neighbouring states began to accuse the Chinese of stealing rain. Hence, why can't this same process be applied to Somalia? Then, the issue of Instability and source of funds. Non-governmental Organizations are involved in food distributions in this area. But why not give a better solution in the form of making rain available? This is a key to stability in that, the people will get their lives back and be more engaged that they will be distracted from War. For the complexity of the present situation points to the unpleasant climatic conditions in the area in question. And donors must be aware of this important Task.

Cloud seeding could cause precipitations that can give rise to rainfall and snow. Silver Iodide and Dry Ice are the tools that are used to stimulate the process of cloud formation. Silver Iodide dispersed into the Atmosphere with Propane flame, could serve as Nuclei for precipitations. When the cloud is large enough, it fall back as rain.

From my limited opinion, Cloud seeding could be a remedy for the recovery of melting ice in the polar region. For the ability to use the process for ice generation is well established. If the process is applied in large scale as a major United Nation project (or otherwise), large amount of ice could be generated. Also, cloud seeding can be integrated with the process of Evaporation to reduce the volume of the sea. For a large cloud seeding-evaporation project carried out continuously for a very long time could begin to reduce the volume of the sea, thus could check floods, recover and preserve the environment, save the polar Bear and stabilise the salinity of the sea.

But some questions are being raised about the possible chemical hazard aftermath. This is not yet proven. But what is more important, is the depletion of the coral reefs. Certain reasons are being given. But we cannot detach from the possibility of over-dilution of the sea.

That the Winter in Beijing came earlier than usual and in excess could indicate something else: that the possibility of cloud seeding activities leading to spontaneous chain reaction that could prolong and intensify winter. And a phenomenon of this nature is what the Entire World need if the melting polar Ice is the Threat it is.

As man continue to explore outer space, he must be conscious of the need to conquer a more threatening situation within his vicinity which by virtue of proximity has an immediate impact on his Existence.

Today, we hear of the need to heal the planet, but more energy is being invested into reducing Carbon (iv) oxide emission whose impact is in the long term, while the ice in the poles continue to vanish at an alarming rate. Even the process is being retarded by political process. Why not cloud seeding?

Apart from the people's republic of China; in Russia, Australia, and the US, cloud seeding process are being used for various purposes that in the case of the US includes: precipitations in drought area, to reduce the size of Hailstones that forms from Thunderstorms, reduction of Fogs around Airports, Inducing snow in ski resorts, and a contemplation of use in the battle field. While Russia have found it useful in removing radioactive materials from the atmosphere.


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    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 6 years ago

      msms, I appreciate that you took the time to go through this important Hub. The negative of climate change is deafening, hence we need to profer our own small solutions. Thanks!

    • msms profile image

      msms 6 years ago

      'cloud seeding technology and climate change' has many issues fears nut its uses are of importance. It is ultimately the 'trade off' between use and its harmful effects. You have analysed the situation very clearly and with clear logic. I can appreciate now ...I like your Hub and way of presentation of arguments. Thanks and please keep exploring more for us our readers.James Agbogun