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Remembering 9/11:: My memories of the day:: A Memorial to Those who Fell

Updated on September 11, 2011

Remembering 9-11-2010

I was asleep. I didn't have cable or satellite TV. I had a cab driver renting the back room of my house, and he had satellite. That was back when you had to buy extra equipment to hook the system up to extra TVs, even had to pay for extra outlets. He woke me up. I was sleeping on the couch.

"Wake Up! We're under Attack! It's happened! We're at war!" he shouted as he shook me awake. He turned on the television, and the picture was grainy. I saw the smoke rising from the first tower. "They're making a movie..." I said, trying to comprehend what I was seeing.

He dragged me back to look at his TV. "It's wagging the dog, they're wagging the dog, this is Bush! It's to get the country behind him!" I said in disbelief.

The man I was renting to just looked at me, "What are you talking about? There are people in there, it's New York City..."

I just kept shaking my head, ran for the phone and tried to call my ex, at work. He was from New York. His family was up there. I tried his family, but the phones weren't working, anywhere. The calls were so many that day. "A second plane hit!" My roommate screamed from the hallway.

He was a grown man, an ex-truck driver, a body builder, he had weights strewn about his room... He was crying, I was still in shock. He was crumbling like a child. I was still trying to make calls. "You won't get anybody, I already tried..." he said, noticing my trembling fingers desperately dialing the phone. "All circuits are busy..." it kept saying, and eventually just the steady beep beep of the busy tone...

I went outside, but there were no people at home in my section and he dragged me back inside "You shouldn't go outside, we don't know how big this is yet. Bush is in Florida, they might blow up the whole state..."

I knew he was being hysterical and ridiculous... This was a grown fifty year old man, who couldn't stop crying and wringing his hands, directing me, back inside, keeping me safe from some imagined threat that wasn't coming to my trailer park. But I followed his instructions, it seemed to soothe him. We watched people leap to their deaths, one even survived, we heard later.

We watched President Bush's reaction, as it played over and over.

We watched as the towers crumbled to the ground,

We watched as lives of rescuers were lost in the collapse.

The smoke rose for days, the fires couldn't be put out...

I remember

Written Then...

One Nation, One World, One Dream

by Faye Marie Constantino

One nation, at odds within it's ranks,
Watched in horror, wondering:
"Is this the end?"
Staring in disbelief
As people leapt to their deaths
For lack of relief
Courageous to jump, free to make that choice
In the aftermath, we shout with one voice:
"This is not the end!"
This is a Democracy, we've the right to choose to fight.
That right was denied to those who died,
and now we must take flight!
For those who had no choice,
We cry out with one voice:
"Since your untimely end,
this whole world does comprehend.
We heard your every scream,
we're now one people, one dream
Your deaths will be avenged!"

I wrote poetry and posted it on, not my best work, but I had to do something. I hated Bush, I talked about conspiracy theories and I was threatened by friends that my words could get me put in prison for treason. I only shut up because of my son, only 6 years old. Of course, this was a battle for another day.

The Diminishing View

by Faye Marie Constantino

The point I see before me
Is simply a beautiful face;
Yet, as my view broadens,
I can see almost into space.
The future and past spread before me,
Seeming a puzzle that I need to solve;
Yet, as I listen to the powers that be,
I tend to weaken in my resolve.
While looking at the broader picture,
My eyes begin to dim;
I wonder where God is,
And what this all looks like to Him.
Are we only here for a moment?
Or is it a lifetime or two?
I can't seem to find the focal point,
It disappears in the diminishing view.

Courtesy of Mushafugga on YouTube: More memories The person who put this together remembered being in 7the grade...

Remember the fallen, remember the Heroes!

I know there's all this talk of burning the Qur'an, of Muslims building a Mosque... Take a step back today.

People died! Rescuers died, soldiers have died. Let's remember our dead today.

I won't use clever words, and photos and clippings to show you it was us, or it was them. I don't know who planned 911, who knew it was coming, who did something, or nothing. I won't speculate as I do the other 364 days of the year. I will not fight for equality or stand on the grounds that prejudices should be upheld, or put aside.

I won't fight today, too many people have already died on this day, let us remember our dead, of 9/11.

Remember the people in the towers, and those who went to help, remember the firemen, and the volunteers who gave their all with no thought to their own safety. Remember those who raced towards the injured and suffering, rather than run the opposite way... Remember the young men and women who immediately enlisted into branches of the armed forces, telling their families, their children, that "This is what I must do!" and remember the ones who will never come back from that war in one piece, as well as those who are still out there fighting.

Don't argue today over who is right and who is wrong.

Remember those we've lost... Those who would love to tell you to stop fighting, before we lose any more.

The Heroes Of Flight 93

by Faye Marie Constantino

You were weak in numbers,
but strong in courage,
in conviction, in faith, and in hope.
Your strength gives us courage,
we go to work, or to school,
we continue with our lives,
even though we're changed forever.
Your selfless heroic act
has restored our faith, renewed our hope
and instilled the conviction to fight
for what's right.
What profit is glory, what care we for fame?
Changed by your story, never to be the same.
We will remember you always,
and the lives you spared forever must,
ask themselves what they can do
to be worthy of the gift of life,
given them, by you.


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  • Faybe Bay profile image

    Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

    Thanks Wendy, I'm glad you like the poetry, and the page. It wasn't easy to write, sent me to bed for a whole day...

  • Wendy Krick profile image

    Wendy Krick 7 years ago from Maryland

    I remember that day very well too. I enjoyed reading your poems. This is a beautiful page.

  • Faybe Bay profile image

    Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

    It did me good to put it down, Lorlie, maybe we all should. I know that may sound like an overwhelming task, but I think that too many haven't. That's why we get morons who think burning a book is doing something constructive. Any time you destroy something it is destructive. Book burning will never be constructive, ever. Prejudices and terrorism will never repair the world, only destroy it. We need to build bridges, not burn them. Maybe we should all write what we remember, before they take our memories away too.

    Never forget! Never forget...

  • lorlie6 profile image

    Laurel Rogers 7 years ago from Bishop, Ca

    Faybe-what a wonderful job you've done here. You describe your day very, very well-I felt like I was there, too. I remember the day as well, but have not put it down.

    Thanks for doing such a good job for the both of us.

    Never forget...

  • Faybe Bay profile image

    Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

    Thanks Saddlerider, I had a hard time writing this because I could still feel us standing still staring at the place where the towers once stood.

    We're still standing here as a nation, as a world, staring at that empty place within us. It's a hole that can never be filled and it dictates our moods and our actions. It is that singular event that is shaping a generation. Nine years already, waiting for the actual vengeance, we haven't done it. We haven't caught Osama Bin Laden, nor have we stopped Al-Quaida, all we have succeeded in doing is raising a new generation to be prejudiced against people for where they live, how they speak, what they wear and how they worship. We are blaming and shaming, rather than naming the actual culprit.

  • saddlerider1 profile image

    saddlerider1 7 years ago

    This a wonderful heart felt expression of thankfulness for the lives given up that horrific day. Our world seemed to stand still that awful day as the American people felt the sting of terrorism on their soil.

    Never expecting or even thinking that it could possibly happen that close to home. The world changed that day and America sent out a definitive message to the terrorists that these cowardly acts would not be overlooked and that they will be hunted down and made accountable for what they did to human life.

    Faye thank you for putting this out in the Hubs for us all to see. We must stand together for peace and stamp out these fanatics who want to cause harm and change the ways and dictate to the American people how to live in your country. If they can't live peacefully in America they need to leave it and go back to their homeland.

  • Faybe Bay profile image

    Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

    Thanks Viking, never forget!

  • viking305 profile image

    L M Reid 7 years ago from Ireland

    Yes we should all remember the horror that those people on the planes and in the Towers suffered that day.

    May they rest in Peace