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Remembering those who have past and the government who continues to lie to coverup what happened...

Updated on April 16, 2015

I often wonder how much the government in general lie to us, the American people and how many people are a part of that lie. I served in the USAF for over 17 years and have been a part of some of those lies. Granted, for the most part the lies where to help protect our people from harm; however, I know of one lie that has been told over and over again since 27 April 2011. The reason I know it is a lie, is well I was there to see the carnage left over and to experience the death of nine Americans (Active duty and a contractor).

Prior to that date, I remember our Group Commander (438 AEAG) instructing us all (Cops, pilots, finance personnel, supply personnel, fire fighters, etc.) to attempt to stop corruption and the loss of American Taxpayer dollars that our “Ally” (use that word loosely) the Afghan Air Force personnel we were training were involved in. Things such as illegal military flights, which involved human trafficking, weapons turning up missing, aiding the enemy, etc. On the ground military equipment bought for the Afghan Airman would disappear and when asked where it was, the same answer always came up……”it is in the warehouse” or “we ordered it and it hasn’t come in yet”……problem is that equipment never showed up or made it out of the warehouse. This in turn had my Afghan Security Forces personnel and other Afghan personnel in anything from WWI on. Yes I said WWI. The Afghan top ranking officers would utilize military fuel, to fuel up their own personal vehicles and at times tanks they kept in the trunk of their car. Nothing was above being stolen and no one was above stealing it.

Case in point: An American ran contractor on the Afghan base lost half of his building materials one night after everyone went back to the barracks. The next day when it was reported to the American military contract officer and then latter to my office, military police, we were unable to locate the Afghan military police commander for the base due to him being at home work on projects to better his home and side business. Now I know this sounds a little too convenient; however, this is the same man when we finally spoke to said it wasn’t his problem. The Afghans would never actually admit to theft, but like any corrupt group anywhere in the world this is the norm. They will smile and nod at you, treat you like a child or push the blame off onto someone else in the Afghan leadership. To put it nicely, we were chasing our own tails trying to find the truth.

Fast forward to 27 April 2011, a Wednesday morning around 8:30. My translator and I head down to the Afghan military police headquarters to talk to one of the Afghan Captains. When we arrive all the officers and off duty personnel are heading to an end of week safety briefing that was starting shortly. This I found strange, but allowed it to pass without much more thought since the Afghan were always trying to find ways to get extra days off with pay, I thought maybe a new holiday I haven’t heard of yet. Now most people in the United States might not understand why this was strange; it was strange because the Afghans work Saturday through Thursday since their Holy Day is Friday. I returned to my NATO work center and started looking for something to do, since it seemed like it was going to be a long day without anything to do. I decided I was going to meet up with some other personnel on a project they were working on; however, were still in the process of bringing the materials needed to the base.

As I waited and talked to my friends, a call came in from another friend delivering the news of an ongoing active shooter in the Afghan Command Center, where she was at. Of course being a cop meant going which was only expected, but I wasn’t going just because of my job. We all reacted to what was happening depending on our jobs, which means, if you are a cop, medic or firefighter you run into the chaos and if you weren’t then you ran to a place that was safe and out of the way. Basically, what people do back in the states? The report of that day’s events and of the first investigation into what happened are at the following link, as after four years it is very hard to speak or write about that day.

One key aspect that still drives me nuts is the lone shooter scenario, now I have ran through many different training scenarios over the years and a few real ones. In all those years of training from different aspects (ie. Responder, victim, suspect, etc.) have I ever seen 9 people gunned down when they are spread out in a room filled with filling cabinets, room dividers, desk, chairs, etc. Now I’m one of the first people to admit that anything is possible when situations like this occur; however, from the get go I was told I didn’t hear certain things; such as an AK-47 going off during the event. This is important because, the Afghan personnel who responded didn’t have AK-47s, they were armed with M-16s. Plus when we entered the building and made our way to the location where the event had occurred, we found blood trails and at least one wall with Arabic words written on it in blood. Plus the one person who actually was involved in the initial shooting has been silenced behind red tape of Air Force medical stating his PTSD from the event is too much for him to bear currently (currently means from 2011 through 2015). I can understand this to a point in the aspect I too carry around internal wounds and scars from this event and others. However, it is our responsibility as survivors to ensure the truth is told. Since in some cases the investigators have brought the integrity and honor into question of the personnel lost that day. So a second, then a third investigations have been conduct over the past four years and though some of the information is similar, some information has changed; however, the key aspects of these investigations that bother me the most is how key information has been “CLASSIFIED”.

Since it seems the US government does not see the need to explain why our personnel have died, civilian media and investigators not hired by the government have done some digging around and as they do, so does new information come the surface of what happen that day and what is still happening today.

So as I started off this story, I will end it.

How much does the government in general lie to us, the American people and how many people are a part of that lie? Please remember on 27 April to stop and think of our lost personnel, not just the NATC-9, but all of our people from government lies and corruption.


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