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Repeated Denial of Negative Realities/ Affirmation of Reality Stops Panic Attacks

Updated on November 9, 2010

"If Isn't/Wasn't/Won't Be and All is Fine"

Tonight I was able to attend a social event and take much less of the anti-stress medication I normally use. The things that trigger panic episodes are so illogical, unlikely, far-fetched and downright false. Facing up to these fears instead of always running to the medicine cabinet really strengthens the mind and lowers the tolerance to stress-relieving drugs.

If you take a serious look at what is driving you up the wall - you'll see that 90% of the time it is so unrealistic to be laughable. Somehow, it is so easy to take meds instead of strengthening the mind. All you must do is NEGATE these realities that won't hold up to the light of day and then say "Everything is Allright!" over and over again. These ridiculous thoughts that shake the mind are played over and over again like a stuck record in the hope of depriving you of your Reality (your way of seeing the world). Thusly, REPEATED denial of these disturbing thoughts followed by affirmation that everything is fine will lift the blanket of stress you feel pushing down on you!

It doesn't matter whether you believe that these negative thoughts come from within you or without you - this REPEATED NEGATION/RE-AFFIRMATION fixes the sort of crises electronic harassment/gangstalking victims are going through. For me, I believe that these are exogenous signals. Too much has happened to me for me to naturally deny it.......HOWEVER, I DO CHOOSE TO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE REAL BUT ISN'T. In other words, even though this electronic/subliminal harassment is real, I choose to deny it so that I can replicate a COUNTER-REALITY to "fake fear" which I call EXPERIMENTAL ANTI-PARANOIA. People seeking to drive you nuts with tricks to drive you nuts can't get you to submit to their reality if you refuse to believe in them. In other words: there exists a group that is trying to convince you that they are "out to get you". If you refuse to believe that they are, how can they catch you? It's all a mind-trip. These people would never hurt you in a million years, they use mind-games to get new members!

This is why I recommend regular social activity for those of us bearing the weight of gangstalking/electronic harassment. You can reduce your anti-stress drugs and that means a better quality of life. You need them less/ you get more out of them! By challenging your mind to face paranoid feelings, you gain natural immunity by using the NEGATION/REAFFIRMATION TECHNIQUE I SPOKE ABOUT EARLIER!

I think that this harassment is focused on "dreamers" because we like to use our imaginations to make life seem better. Using active fantasy to jam thought-control works great.............but seriously, REAL REALITY never felt so good. Such-and-such disturbing thought is ka-ka and everything is fine......which is how it is in REAL REALITY 90% of the time, anyway!!!


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