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Reporters In Haiti Need To Not Be So Clean

Updated on January 22, 2010

***My 700th Hub!***

I know, everyone hates me for yesterday’s post about us needing some help with education, homelessness, etc. right here at home as much as the help they need in Haiti. I guess it’s just part of the American arrogance to worry about our citizens too but whatever. What has become an increasing concern of mine is the fact that every time I see a reporter from Haiti they seem to be very cleanly dressed and coiffed as they walk through the rubble. Either they’ve found a way to help the local economy by hiring Haitians to be their personal assistants (who no doubt have to find a river somewhere to beat their clothes clean on a rock) or somehow the reporters’ living conditions are a little too good for what’s going on there if you know what I mean. Reporters in Haiti need to not be so clean – Don’t Get Me Started!

The other morning I was watching CNN and there was this reporter who was tall, dark and handsome. They had him in a full body shot as he loped about the rubble. He was wearing a very fitted green v-neck t-shirt that sort of had that Gap feel but since he’s working for CNN it was probably the Banana Republic version of the shirt that can also be found a little cheaper in the Gap and if you want a disposable version of the same shirt you can get it at Old Navy (since all three companies are owned by the same corporation). Anyway, you get the idea. He was in great shape and the shirt clinging to him was clinging not due to sweat or the shirt being wet and dirty from rubble lifting, it was tight because the reporter knew he had a great body that looked good in this very clean, bright and very tight green t-shirt so he bought it in a size that would show off the body he worked so hard to get. Good for him that his shoulders were straight across like a cross beam to keep a dilapidated building up and that it hung perfectly on his 6’3” frame tapering down to a waist that is normally only achieved by a corset. It was sort of like seeing the model Tyson in the middle of the rubble from the earthquake. While people behind him were picking up pieces of concrete and rubble he walked through it all as if at any moment he was going to do the “all this can be yours if the price is right” arm that the models on Price Is Right do to showcase the big showcase.

Although I was very young at the time, I remember seeing reporters like Dan Rather reporting from actual war zones. They always had fatigues on, looked fatigued and were dirty from being in foxholes presumably risking their lives to bring us news here back in “The States,” the story from “The Ground.” But not our modern day reporters, no sir, they all still manage to keep that studio fresh appearance somehow even in the middle of a war zone. To their credit, they’re not in ties and jackets (as that would seem too dressy I guess) it’s sort of like they’ve received a pardon and get to dress “crisis casual” or something. They’re all in their t-shirts or those shirts that look like they came out of a catalog for people who go on safaris. You know, you don’t know anyone who has actually been on safari but apparently you need a lot of khaki shirts that have a tab and button to keep the sleeve rolled up.

As if the wardrobe doesn’t get on my nerves enough just by itself, believe me when I say it’s taking a village to raise the hair of these reporters too. There’s so much product in their hair that I’m convinced that none of them took it as carry on with the TSA’s 3 oz limit. Their Sebastian, Bumble & Bumble and Bed Head products no doubt had to be in their checked luggage because they’re using the full sized version of the product, not the travel size.

I guess if I were a reporter I’d want to look good too but I think what gets me the most is that somehow all of these reporters and their crews were able to get into Haiti to begin almost instant coverage while the inundated airport struggled to get the doctors and supplies into the country. Does that seem wrong to anyone else but me? Does the “cheese” (as it were) stand alone on this one? And would it kill Anderson Cooper to have just one hair out of place and a ripped shirt on while he single handedly pulls people from the rubble? After all, that’s the stuff that fantasies are made of for both men and women, right? Reporters in Haiti need to not be so clean – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      Chelsea 7 years ago

      He probably just took the nice shirt out of his suitcase. Looking dirty doesnt change what the news was or make the report less valid. The way you wrote this comes off as jealousy and is not what is important.

    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 7 years ago from Portugal

      The fact that journalists were getting to Haiti faster than health and rescue helpers really got on my nerves.

      As to the way reporters dress or look like... I don´t give a damn :)