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Reporting Multiple Stalkers to Police

Updated on February 27, 2020
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The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is Jesus Christ. Kelly is an unlicensed lawyer, due to multiple perpetrators.


Police repeatedly claim not to even know what _ _ _ _ stalking or gaslighting is. This is true even while they are actively gaslighting the victim.

This article grew too voluminous prior to completion, and continues to be "under construction." So, please excuse the mess while it continues to be finalized and divided into more manageable size articles. Part 1 of this article is at Requested Homicide Investigations 2015-6.


Kelly is a University of Kansas School of Law graduate who is still not a licensed attorney due to targeting, and perpetrators have claimed to be reassigning my education to others. She has never even attempted to take the bar exam, first due to her mother being diagnosed with terminal cancer six weeks after graduation, not being told about bar loans until it was one month too late, then the workplace mobbing, and continued targeting. Therefore, Kelly does not issue legal advice. However, Kelly does have well in excess of $200,000 in student loans that have more than doubled since graduating from law school, and should be close to being written off, but have been moved around and the clock restarted over and over again instead, while waiting on law enforcement to ever do their jobs.

While the last couple of decades should have been the best years of Kelly and her children's, which includes grandchildren's lives, with a house paid off by now, a well established elder law practice, her child being a registered nurse for well over a decade, etc., both in wide open fields due to the retiring Babyboomers, instead these same years have been consumed with unfathomable hell, due to the complete, utter, and enduring incompetence and corruption of law enforcement.

There will be a new day dawning for scapegoated adult children, sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, great-grandsons and great-granddaughters, etc., (someone becoming a part of a cult does not give that cult "permission" to the fifth or any other number of generations of descendants, "to a thousand generations to those who love me...", nor does bloodline) of abusive and/or parasitic narcissistic extended families of origin in this country, if it kills me, (and they are still trying to kill me, still being given as many years and attempts as they need to meet their objectives. While the Bible says, "absent from the body, present with the Lord," I do not plan to die anytime soon, and in a paraphrase of Paul, not that I compare myself to such, it is best for some that I remain. Some of these predators are so far gone, trying to play on the three greatest fears of mankind: rejection, failure, and death, that when they realized Christians may not fear death, in their usual oneupmanship manner, said they could cause it to be that I wished to die, but that death would not come - this is what is running the streets in and around Kansas City. In 2005, it was, "Die! Die! DIE! and a response, "I'll die when God says I die, not when you say I die."

If they do not get what they are after the first time, they just swing back around and orchestrate it again, and again, and again. When it becomes obvious they are stalking you or are concerned it is too overt, then they start showing up where you frequent ahead of you, they will move perpetrators in around you, then when they get you far enough down, in their downward spiral to the grave, they start manipulating or coercing you into their groups, neighborhoods, or networks. We have, or at least had, a policy in this country of not negotiating with terrorists, which is exactly what these groups of predators, perverts, stalkers, thieves, etc., are in my opinion.

Four years and counting since notifying all levels of law enforcement, and my life and health are worse than they were in the Fall of 2015 when I decided I needed to start filing police reports, still not even reunited with my children, which includes grandchildren, let alone in a safe environment, trustworthy (there are dirty medical personnel involved in these schemes, too) medical treatment for injuries sustained, clearing of bogus mental health records, or with any restitution or real opportunity to seek damages). We are not anyone's scapegoats, second-class citizens, slaves, domestic or commercial, to be constructively or otherwise forced into slavery or menial jobs beneath our potential, underpaid for the same work, paid under market value, such as $15 an hour when the going rate is $25 an hour, or paid $10 an hour for a $20 an hour job, that does not mean that you are "too good to clean toilets," but that organized groups of parasitic predators should not be allowed to prevent you from reaching your potential, criminally or otherwise orchestrate repeated "small beginnings," not to be despised, reaping the rewards of your own education, creativity, motivation, and labor, one should not be forced to "clean toilets" all of their days should they aspire for something more, due to groups of predators and perverts, (recall our previous untangling of and distinction between "humility" and the perpetrator pursuit of "humiliation" of victims), nor to have motivation systematically neutralized or punished, nor are we to be intentionally deceived, manipulated, tricked, criminally mentally incapacitated, impersonated, coerced, or forced into relationships or marriages, cloned, ("cloned" here could mean collecting additional eggs and sperm, doubled, impersonated, etc.) forced, tricked or deceived into reproduction, known or unknown, anyone's whipping posts, sex objects, genuine pigs, or property, but some of the best people walking this planet.

We continue to support no contact, as full grown adults should be able to choose to remove toxic, parasitic, or undesired individuals from their lives, boundaries that should be fully reinforced, and not with criminally or otherwise orchestrated leverage or diminishing of rights, or abuse of scripture, in order to bypass, invalidate or attempt to cause the appearance of invalidating, resisting, or attempting to trump those choices in a victim-blaming manner. Some of our fans over the years have claimed no contact is when the parasitic predators escalate into group stalkings.

A few quick reminders for Christian multiple perpetrator stalking victims:

  • God does not honor evil, nor does He expect you to. Always listen to the Holy Spirit, which is not the electronic technology that perpetrators try to claim it is in order to strike at the validity of the Holy Spirit like the psychos that they are.
  • Any society charges a father with providing and protecting his children, additionally, the Bible instructs fathers to instruct their children in the ways of the Lord, and to prevent provoking them to anger. Narcissistic parents are often actually after something closer to "worship," but God comes first, avoiding idolatry. Normal parents, perpetrators will "bind the strong man" and/or woman, abnormal or predator parents will generally demand unearned trust, respect, obedience, and/or even worship.
  • Adults are not required to obey their parents at all, and it is "leave and cleave," not marry and be enmeshed. God hates divorce, because under normal unorchestrated circumstances it causes so much damage, but Moses allowed it, that you might live in peace.
  • No mission field dating, and keep an ever watchful eye out for Don and Jane Juan perpetrators.
  • Also do not allow anyone to convince you, as cults are known for doing, that it is the apocalypse. While the Bible gives signs of the end, the beginning of birth pains, when you see these things beginning to happen look up for your redemption draweth nigh, but no one knows the precise day and hour but the Father, God Himself.
  • Recall that we are vessels, but the battle is the LORD'S.
  • Recall that Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light, so do not be surprised when his followers or children follow his example.

The Sword of the Gospel: Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’…Matthew 10:35

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” - The Declaration of Independence. We hold these truths to be self-evident regardless of who poses the threat or in what manner, including those who use the law against the spirit of the law.

Practicing Christianity in the United States  - unequally yoked.
Practicing Christianity in the United States - unequally yoked. | Source

Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm. Ephesians 6:13 NASB

Note consistently, those reporting the best long-term results were those who literally moved to the other side of the planet away from their abusive families of origin. This is something I wish I had done when my late brother and I were young, taken him and my child and moved to the other side of the earth. He would likely still be alive today, with him and his wife seeing his child and grandchildren grow up, and my children, including grandchildren and I would have never had to endure this ongoing ordeal. Awareness is key, had I known then what I know now.

Even now, the perpetrators are carrying on about stealing yet another book, rather than any restoration being provided to the victims. Recall that Gail's Scapegoats book manuscript was stolen in early 2014, still unfinished while waiting for law enforcement to do their jobs. Perpetrators acting out the theft of that book with an alleged $110,000 advance, in a then wide open market they have since flooded. Then there is Kelly's Echo book, with Mission perpetrators claiming and acting out the theft of that book with an alleged $250,000 advance, still waiting to be written by Kelly, having put human life before profits, but law enforcement refusing to allow reporting and turning to the public. Then, there were the alleged books cyberstalking trolls stole from our comments to "Share Your Thoughts," some of which had more than 500 comments on them. Then, there were a couple of alleged art books with Kelly's reporting stalking artwork. We work, they steal to make certain they make all of the money and we are left with nothing, with the possible exception of any liability they can create by any means necessary. We should have a several hundred dollar a month passive income online but for hacker and cyberstalking activity first noted in August 2012, I believe it was, still continuing, as it also was years ago on AOL.

So, once again, police corruption has cost us dearly, and that is while waiting to practice law as perpetrators continue to attempt to create liability, have us disbarred, etc. Four years and counting since reporting to all levels of law enforcement, and this is the grand culmination, the stalking agenda continues completely uninterrupted without one dime of compensation or even medical expenses received, nor have my children, including grandchildren and I even been reunited in a secure environment. That's how worse than worthless the police force is in this country in our experience, as well as their harassment, stalking, lies, gaslighting, etc., consistently adding additional burden to the already treacherous situation. They would actually need to improve greatly to just be worthless, and I grew up with cops so they had to really work at causing me to hold my current opinion.

These were orchestrated, premeditated, methodically and often sadistically or maliciously carried out targetings by organized groups; targetings of even young children. To the fans of our Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook Resource Page, prior to it being hijacked and trashed, and our Google Community, who said their families of origin were killing them and the police were helping the murderers rather than the victims, our experience validates your own. Law enforcement in this country is completely and utterly failing at the very reason for their existence as an entity in these matters, and even worse yet, have consistently been a heavy burden.

Nothing contained in this document shall be deemed legal, medial or professional advice of any kind, nor shall terms be deemed legally defined. Is there a word that is prima facie slander but not liable? And yet, they are proud of that one.

Also note my graduation from law school did not result in a law degree that is up for dibs for whomever a bunch of cult or cult-like members deem should have it, access it, duplicate it, falsify, invalidate, or employ it by any other manner, nor am I required to choose between my law degree and my children, including grandchildren or anything else. Commentary received in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, "They don't let little girls who are Christians practice law." While I am a Christian, I am hardly a "little girl," Big Daddy wannabe. The reassigning of property, etc., even children, is well recognized cult behavior, which should be easily recognizable by law enforcement.

We are not cult members, nor do we wish to be. Quite the contrary, these cults or cult like groups need to be held accountable, criminally and civilly, to the full extent of the law, which would have long ago occurred if the cops did their jobs effectively in a timely manner for the victims - rather than this deadly and destructive three-ring circus of the last four plus years. In fact, had that been the case, none of this would have occurred in the first place.

A few years ago we inquired publicly of Kansas and Missouri law enforcement, on our higher traffic, once again hijacked pages, (my longtime personal Facebook page, hijacked for 10 months in 2017, even the photos are hacked, requiring that I upload a birth certificate or driver's license, which I refused to do, being hijacked again in April 2019, when I refused to engage in a public gaslighting conversation with someone who I knew was not my child, linked to a longtime Yahoo account also hijacked, also linked to our narcissism Facebook pages, with even the email address changed again) how the following people could walk into a police station and receive timely, effective protection from multiple perpetrator stalkers:

  • a toddler
  • a teenager
  • a housewife
  • an elderly person

We also asked how police misconduct or other concerns could be effectively reported to police without reprisal from stalkers. The following is certainly not comprehensive, but the answer so far!

This article is certainly not comprehensive, but chronicles some of the experiences in pursuit of effective police protection, justice, restitution, and damages from years of targeting by multiple perpetrator stalkers, as opposed to the activity just becoming more overt or subtle but never being stopped. It is intended, once completed, and I hope to be able to complete it prior to the cyberstalking thieves ripping this account off completely, too, to be understood more thoroughly by some than others, but comprehended by those of average intelligence who take the time to do so, in order that the ways of multiple perpetrator stalkers be exposed and articulated based on experience.

Your experience being stalked, should you be unfortunate enough to be stalked, may differ, and may last for many years as mine has, overtly or more subtly, depending on stalker agenda and circumstances. Nothing contained herein should not be considered legal, medical, or professional advice of any kind, nor should terms be deemed legally defined, nor is it intended to discourage any stalking victim also in pursuit of protection or justice, but to raise public awareness. This is especially true since what little awareness is raised is so often lame as compared to the reality, based on personal experience. That serves the stalkers well.

Figuring out the scenarios does not stop perpetrators as one might originally think. We recognized more patterns while raising awareness on our Facebook page, Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother, (Johnson County Sheriff's Department claimed not to have Facebook when asked to access contextual articulations during my overnight visit in 2016), which prior to being hijacked and trashed, was above the fold in the Google search results for its keywords, even in spite of the relentless manipulation, hacking, etc.

Note also I was recently blocked from posting in the forums after posting numerous questions. Online trolls have maneuvers to appear they prevail when they are otherwise unable to, such as hijacking accounts so you can't delete their comments, etc. So, if you were on Hubpages during the mass exodus when Hubpages was having so much trouble with Google, and you posted trying to defend the Bible, your Christian beliefs, or religious values while the apparent Satanist went off, and was not blocked, nor was the posting with many comments removed, share your thoughts. Were you offended, frustrated, annoyed another person who appeared to need psychological assistance was going off online?

Our Google Communities of high traffic but only about 1,300 followers, Narcissistic Abuse: Echo Recovery, (which Google, in accordance with the tagline notice on the account, claimed last year Google Consumer, it is now termed, is "going away" as of April 2019, also, which includes our hacked and manipulated YouTube channel with not quite 4,000 followers), from fans and readers stating their narcissistic family members were trying to kill them, and that the police were actually helping the criminals rather than protecting the victims. This is consistent with our experience with extended family of origin members joining in during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking, as just one example, and there has certainly been police involvement, adversarial to the victims, but further stalker agendas.

A timely response is critical as perpetrators seek to destroy authentic evidence, create bogus "evidence," drug victims, shift blame, play ping pong, etc., not to even mention the risk to human lives. So distinctions, concerns, and articulations that are brought to law enforcement at any level, need to be accepted, documented, investigated, and acted upon in a timely and effective fashion rather than criminals given as many years as they want in order to claim their crimes are without evidence, victim blame, and all of the other stalker games. It should not be the burden of every citizen, or innocent law enforcement officer for that matter, to be forced to deal with law enforcement's compromise with evil resulting in such widespread corruption.

If a city cop, for example, is unwilling or unable to escalate a situation or concern to an appropriate level for the law to be enforced in a timely and effective fashion to protect innocent men, women, and children, as well as aid in the prosecution of criminals, then we have an issue that needs to be immediately addressed and remedied, lest we deteriorate into a society of chaos and carnage with citizens left with no other option than to take the law into their own hands in order to protect themselves, their loved ones, property, identity, etc. We live in an organized society, and within our society law enforcement is invested with much trust, existing to play vital roles, as public servants, of which they are completely and utterly failing, and worse yet, in my experience.

We were actually in the process of moving to a new URL with an expanded topic to include multiple perpetrator stalkers, Narcissism: Echo Apologetics, but had to create a second of that page from it being hijacked, too! In any case, what was shared with us is 100% consistent with our experience since realizing police reports were needed in the last quarter of 2015.

We also intend to share some recognized patterns as soon as we are able to, having been administrators, bloggers, and online authors for nearly a decade now. While I do not have so much as one hour of law enforcement training, I did nearly become a psychologist, and may still. So, for example, I have tested out at my thinking being 93% analytical, and 97% so under pressure, as opposed to emotional, as well as a 500 question test resulting in a score of me being 97% what I appear to be - as in not a pretender. I know this, and now you know it, too!

These are some of the experiences of a lifelong resident of the area, a mother and grandmother, graduate of several local schools and universities, and member of the local legal community for more than half of my life in various capacities. It appears you may need great endurance while trying to report multiple perpetrator stalking, as well as the patience of Job. I am still in pursuit of having my life, child's life, grandchildren's lives, and the lives of other innocent victims restored. The losses and injuries are many.

The first attempt was to contact the FBI and KBI, around the hackers and multiple stalkers swirling around me, spraying with me stuff, drugging me, engaging in directed conversation, etc., after being threatened by perpetrators with arrest for 3 or 4 months in late 2015, prior to approaching Mission Police Department in late 2015 or early 2016 anyway.

Also note that as near as one can tell most of the multiple perpetrator commentary is one bull story, melodramatic drama after another, just designed to waste your time, life, and energy, from which there is generally no escape. This article is to give someone who has never been stalked by multiple perpetrators a taste of the reality of it, as well as to provide validation to those who have or are being stalked, not to slander anyone living or deceased.

Also note it appears that hackers sign into this account, daily, and may have a "man in the middle" program in operation. My profile is not updating in accordance with my activity. I sign out, reload the page, and it is signed in again, etc. Also, someone has deleted the Amazon capsules there were in this article, which I do not think was Hubpages. Also, as has been done in the past, the stalkers are trying to bind me to their mangling of the English language, which they misuse and abuse like everything else. As previously stated publicly, I speak plain English. My Amazon capsules have now been deleted twice in the last 48 hours. Also note this article is not intended for diagnosis purposes (stalkers like to diagnose by meme even, lol).

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Multiple perpetrator stalking is much worse than this in our experience, with the goals of homelessness, suicide or "accidental death," or the victim being committed. The late Don Harman and one of his "flat Don" photos. They were ridiculously obvious photoshopped or fake photos of him all over the place, that we all laughed about - not yet knowing. Perpetrators steal and photoshop your photos.Double Bind Coercion - law enforcement's specialty with multiple perpetrator stalking victims.“Most adult children of toxic parents grow up feeling tremendous confusion about what love means and how it’s supposed to feel. Their parents did extremely unloving things to them in the name of love." Susan ForwardAlso realize there are plenty of women involved in these schemes, not just men.Another fabulous YouTube video the perps got taken down. "Sent to Coventry" in the U.K.See the FBI Crimes Tip Website for the Internet Unit. It's worthless as far as we can tell, if you can make a submission around the hackers.REM or rapid eye movement sleep is required for both physical and mental health. It is deep restorative sleep for the body, and the mind processing thoughts, which takes 45 minute to 2 hours to achieve, based solely on my recollection of the topic.
Multiple perpetrator stalking is much worse than this in our experience, with the goals of homelessness, suicide or "accidental death," or the victim being committed.
Multiple perpetrator stalking is much worse than this in our experience, with the goals of homelessness, suicide or "accidental death," or the victim being committed. | Source
The late Don Harman and one of his "flat Don" photos. They were ridiculously obvious photoshopped or fake photos of him all over the place, that we all laughed about - not yet knowing. Perpetrators steal and photoshop your photos.
The late Don Harman and one of his "flat Don" photos. They were ridiculously obvious photoshopped or fake photos of him all over the place, that we all laughed about - not yet knowing. Perpetrators steal and photoshop your photos. | Source
Double Bind Coercion - law enforcement's specialty with multiple perpetrator stalking victims.
Double Bind Coercion - law enforcement's specialty with multiple perpetrator stalking victims. | Source
“Most adult children of toxic parents grow up feeling tremendous confusion about what love means and how it’s supposed to feel. Their parents did extremely unloving things to them in the name of love." Susan Forward
“Most adult children of toxic parents grow up feeling tremendous confusion about what love means and how it’s supposed to feel. Their parents did extremely unloving things to them in the name of love." Susan Forward | Source
Also realize there are plenty of women involved in these schemes, not just men.
Also realize there are plenty of women involved in these schemes, not just men. | Source
Another fabulous YouTube video the perps got taken down. "Sent to Coventry" in the U.K.
Another fabulous YouTube video the perps got taken down. "Sent to Coventry" in the U.K.
See the FBI Crimes Tip Website for the Internet Unit. It's worthless as far as we can tell, if you can make a submission around the hackers.
See the FBI Crimes Tip Website for the Internet Unit. It's worthless as far as we can tell, if you can make a submission around the hackers. | Source
REM or rapid eye movement sleep is required for both physical and mental health. It is deep restorative sleep for the body, and the mind processing thoughts, which takes 45 minute to 2 hours to achieve, based solely on my recollection of the topic.
REM or rapid eye movement sleep is required for both physical and mental health. It is deep restorative sleep for the body, and the mind processing thoughts, which takes 45 minute to 2 hours to achieve, based solely on my recollection of the topic. | Source

The reports submitted on the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Kansas Bureau of Investigations websites, barely around stalkers and hackers, as well as via U.S. Mail, in recent years (2016-), yielded no discernible positive results whatsoever at all. There were 1.5 days of commentary regarding having two words together that ended in "ly," as if that negates the crimes.

Ex-Department of Justice and JAG Attorneys

I am uncertain how I could make some things any clearer than I have. I am not interested in being Jane Bond, not now, not ever. That was Toni who wanted to be an FBI agent, not me. As one example of some previous contact with KCMOPD in my late 20s. He flashed me. They arrested him. See how that works? (which is, of course, not legal advice or opinion). I am tired of the double binds.

I went to school for many years to be a lawyer, and not a criminal lawyer at that, but elder law. This is the very reason for the existence of law enforcement as an entity in the first place, so every citizen does not have to do "police work," deal endlessly with people who should have been in prison, maybe even on death row, decades ago, etc. I have now missed 15 years of practicing law due to these people, 15 of the prime earning years of my life. My child, grandchildren and I have missed many years together due to these lunatics.

I do not want to hear perpetrators talking backward, forwards, upside down or any other way. I want my privacy, children, including grandchildren, life, health, career, bogus records cleared, property, etc., etc., etc. Restoration, you know, the usual, justice, restitution, and damages. Then, of course, there is the matter of precedence set in the right direction, needed changes within the system to prevent this from happening in the future, and other matters.

It goes without saying the law needs to be enforced - against the criminals, and in a timely fashion, not 1,500 years later, which is about how long it appears it could take at the rate of any positive results since reporting this situation to all levels of law enforcement four years ago and counting. It is even my concern after this experience that we have a bigger prison system in this country than we have ever had, and that it might be filled with innocent people while all of the lunatics are running loose!

Part of the function of our law is to serve as a deterrent. Law needs to be predictable. If someone does this, they will likely get that. Another instance, if a pharmaceutical company, for example, is allowed to look at projections, knowingly putting a product on the market after clinical trials, but that the profits will still far exceed any class action claims, then the penalty needs to be large enough to serve as a deterrent in the future. Perpetrators use the law against the spirit of the law just like they misuse and abuse everything else.

Just for the record, I do not toss and turn at night if someone does not agree with me or does not like me, as these perpetrators apparently attempt to force victims to live their lives based on "popular opinion" or "approval," which I will never do. The freaks keep assigning me "husbands." God Himself is my husband in accordance with my Christian faith. Of course, the very reason God created man in the first place was for relationship, and the freaks even try to control that, too.

Having been a part of the local legal community for decades and worked at many Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri and Johnson County, Kansas, and other law firms, I have many concerns. The firm of the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking appeared to be a "heavy duty" firm, meaning there were ex-JAG attorneys, and at least one ex-Department of Justice attorney, etc.

What occurred in the middle of Downtown Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri and also in Johnson County, Kansas is truly mind boggling, and distinctly appears to have been premeditated with malice, orchestrated and planned prior to me even walking in the door, having graduated from The University of Kansas School of Law the prior year. It continues to this day.

Three JAG attorneys were consulted when my late mother contacted me during this time in 2005, during the workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking that repeatedly nearly ended my life. My late mother was absolutely hysterical, stating she had received word via U.S. Mail that her youngest child (who had no interest in becoming a plumber) was being targeted in Army boot camp and for me to get him out of the military. The threat was that there was a rumor started that Michael was gay, and that his life was at risk. The commander of this base having identified himself as his rank and name, "Bloodthirsty," claimed he would get to the bottom of it. According to Bloodthirsty, even though Michael is not gay, he stood up during exercises and exclaimed, "I'm gay and I want to go home."

This is not to publicly disparage my brother Michael, but a statement of fact. Rising up from the level of the alcoholic family system dysfunctional roles of scapegoat and golden child being pitted against one another, stalkers repeatedly appear to be inflicting "challenges" when no one cares about their idiotic challenges except them. So, stalking victims are suppose to be the ball in these murderous predators game year in and year out because the cops do not do their jobs for the victims, and the freaks want to "show off."

When no one cares about their stupidity, except to prosecute it, then they claim the penalty is aggression against you or your loved ones, even minor children. I am not in competition with my children, including grandchildren, younger siblings, girlfriends, old boyfriend, deceased mother, (yes, they are that far gone), the ghost of Christmas past, or anyone else in your predator, cult-like imposed "either/or" nutcase bull, and he is not interested in competing with me either. Stalker psychos, just like the movie The Green Mile, attempt to use targets' love for one another against them, apparently just one more way of demonstrating their predatory hate, alleging they are not allowed to love anyone so you can't either or some ridiculous bull. Also note that another well known cult tactic used by perpetrators is to redefine language, terms, or words.

Multiple perpetrator stalking victims are not every nutcase on the earth gladiators, and I am tired of being thrown in the ring because the cops are so corrupt and refuse to do their jobs. I am not required to choose between this or that anything, nor do you give me my choices. This is still the United States. During the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking predators attempted to inflict a chose between my grandchild and my law degree - and targeted both. These are my children, which includes grandchildren, and it is my law degree, which is not subject to anyone's approval, reputation that has been damaged and disparaged, my books, etc., these freaks need to impose their "toddler rule" (mine, mine, mine at everything they see) on one another or in jail.

One mighty horsemen, in his black cape, on his black horse, pointed his javelin at me with my grandchild standing right beside me. I have an idea who those two were, in 2009, I believe it was - reported in writing to law enforcement years ago now. The threat received in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas a few years ago was that he was going to do something "in his black cape, on his black horse, in all his glory," with some seriously perverted threats regarding forced sexual activity involving me and my child.

The mobbing and stalking murderers are well versed in deception and murder, and my mother stated during the last months of her life that she had to choose which of her children lived and died. In more recent years the stalking, murdering perverts have referenced this as "Marie's Calendar," and even though she has been deceased since 2006, claim to be enforcing her will by murdering me.

This is just one example of how idiotic and psycho some of these stalkers are, who will go through mind boggling mental gymnastics, likely claiming them as "religious" beliefs, to blame shift and appear to have some legitimate bizarre reason for their deviant and often criminal, not to mention morally reprehensible, behavior, that never seems to result in any criminal charges.

When your predatory, alleged "religious" beliefs intersect with the criminal (and civil law), they should be prosecuted not indulged or encouraged. To rephrase that, the current murdering perverts and stalkers are trying to blame my long deceased mother for them trying to kill me. Note these people have at least one female of a strikingly similar appearance to my late mother running around Merriam, Johnson County, Kansas, distinctly appearing to be the woman in the photos sent by Dale in the days following her death. Perpetrators also love to claim your deceased loved ones are still alive. She is deceased. I was at her bedside when she died around 10:30 p.m. on March 16, 2006, and ironically buried on the first day of spring, when she was such an avid gardener. Stalkers also like to issue seemingly endless death and other threats, which has gone on for years now, over and over, asserting that your living loved ones are deceased by various scenario.

Additionally, I attempted to report the ex-Department of Justice attorney in the office next to the stalking psycho attorney was gassed in his office in 2005. Psycho attorney demanded that I stay at my desk, which was in part in order for me to be criminally violated with such things as gasses and other violations, at my desk.

I was the 22nd or 23rd assistant in this position in the previous two years, with a known, trusted and highly respected HR person, who it appears had him documented into a corner, that he would be fired if he lost one more assistant. When he escalated, I was authorized by HR, based solely on my own discretion, to leave for the day, which occurred four times during the months I was there. This HR person was offered and accepted a position at another firm as the workplace mobbing began to escalate.

When I spoke to Mike, ex-Department of Justice lawyer, who had a rock solid vibe, which psycho did not want me to experience, Mike appeared gassed in his office the next day, with someone who was not one of the regular building maintenance men getting up in the ceiling (ventilation) above my desk under the pretense of fixing something. This was reported to the DOJ on their Facebook page, since the cops are worse than worthless in this situation. We would be better off without buildings that say "Police Department," giving the illusion someone is upholding the law, and it would prevent their abuses and quick revenue raising, which appears to be their only fruits.

There were 55 of a potential 80 articulations of crime, concern and context completed during the year of the police report, 2016, which police refused to allow me to complete reporting. At this point I made the decision, even though I generally am a private and discreet person, to turn to the public, with the realization that law enforcement placed this double bind upon me due to their own incompetence and corruption, while simultaneously not even stopping the ongoing criminal activity, but adding their own harassment, threats, head games, and abuse, or a as reasonable person similarly situated might conclude, more of their own harassment, threats, head games, and abuse.

Perpetrators in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas asserted their criminal activity against Michael, as well as an acted out threat in their James Bond ways, for standing down to me, with implications it was also due to him checking on my welfare when the pathetic excuse for a police department was not stopping the stalkers from killing me in Mission, and for him refusing to engage in predator Don Juan behavior.

I can clearly see my (biologically half, legally whole) brother, Michael, was set up years ago, at a minimum before or during the 2005 workplace mobbing, undoubtedly resulting in no charges against the criminals. Perhaps we should ask self-proclaimed property owner, "Michael Croskell," one of three last names of his on business cards on the property in Gower, Missouri (markers appearing intentionally unclear, perhaps slightly south), but of Gladstone, Missouri, and of a great resemblance to Jeff, but of a different likeness, although also with a ponytail, than the original pastor property owner making the offer at North Oak Public Library, but in a truck of the exact appearance in both instances; or we might ask the property tenant, Tim, who was so annoyed by that huge John Deere tractor or bulldozer, with an appearance of the likeness of Dale/Ray, driving through the property resulting in so much trash needing picked up, of Gower, Missouri, or his twin brother, Jim, with a chest, upon casual observation, not as fine but not unlike Buzz's, or Tim's over-the-road truck driving boarder and self-proclaimed electrical expert, who so enjoys directed conversation, in contrast to the directly addressed magical language of the alleged pastoral property owner, if they may have seen my brother, Michael or my child or grandchildren, since I left there upon the abrupt outburst of the alleged property owner, at the changing of the seasons, as I recall, 2018, echoing the previous landlord at the changing of the seasons, the minute it got cold, in 2017 in Mission, another person I am certain was impersonated as Bonita was taller and shorter from day to day during a period of time. Then, there was previously, a couple of years earlier, that person in Bonita's kitchen at 2 o'clock in the morning, where she kept her finances, later suspected to be Samantha, after realizing some of the batchit crazy of the stalkers. That previous elderly male tenant dying of a brain tumor in the Mission basement apartment on Beverly Lane is also of great concern. The "bur" echo continues.

Concern for Cops: QTCop Cindy, believed to be of KCMOPD; Condor, believed to be of OPPD or LPD; Paul, resembling Robin's first husband, also a cop, of OPPD; Sylvia, KCMOPD, Lawman68 John John, believed to be of the Belton, MO PD or FD, Jay Bowman, who may be the late Jay Bowman due to diabetes, of the KCKPD.

The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict: Evidence I & II Fully Updated in One Volume To Answer The Questions Challenging Christians in the 21st Century.
The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict: Evidence I & II Fully Updated in One Volume To Answer The Questions Challenging Christians in the 21st Century.
The late Josh McDowell spent years debating and defending the Bible. This book informs Christians, including biblical responses to many of the intentional pretenders' games, which they generally asserted as if they were passed out on a cheat sheet. And they might be! These are often asserted to confuse and deceive true Christians by intentional deceivers, windbags, and the like, as opposed to those truly searching, in order to sound as if they are waxing on eloquently. Elements of the commonly spewed "323 A.D. speech" are addressed. Get your copy today before it's rewritten! My copy is all molded from KCMOPD not returning my soaking wet property, after being arrested and jailed for trespassing at Kansas City International Airport. It is one of my greatest pet peeves in all of life for someone to mangle scripture, especially in order to deceive, manipulate, control, injure, or prey upon someone. So, as with most things, the multiple stalker agenda and I stand in direct opposition on this point as well.

As a stalking victim, have you been "punished" or threatened for drawing a boundary or defending yourself? Have you been told it will be taken out on your children, grandchildren, mother, grandmother or other loved one if you don't "mind" every predatory freak on the earth? Note childhood sexual abuse survivors may have weak boundaries from the abuse, and how these predators may be trying to use that against victims, as well as accomplish the same with adults with or without healthy boundaries.

If you have been stalked by emotionally manipulative predators have you noticed they will present you will a photograph of someone appearing to be suffering from cancer for example, in order to play on pity and emotion, but are actually threatening you with cancer? Aren't some of these murderers, rapists, and thieves clever? Is there anything on earth they are unable to leverage? I doubt it.

They thought that one up in the tree house, since law enforcement went so many years without cleaning out the back woods. So now the tree house is completely out of control. Think of it rather like that, but with as much power and money as their criminal activity yields. So the tree house may have many amenities. Of course, when you realize this perpetrators will attempt to change it up, and are given as many years as they like by law enforcement.

I know this sounds idiotic, mostly because it is, but it is the multiple stalker way that they are allowed, and even assisted by law enforcement, in continuing year after year, as they shred every aspect of your life, health, and being. There was a tree stump of the appearance of Bart Simpson's head on this property with commentary that now the Bart Simpson show will be cancelled, with Roger having opened a Springfield, MO office around the time I left.

There was directed conversation by "Bill Sanders, Jr's" secretary, Kathy, "you had Roger's d*ck in your mouth," (this is a reference to videos alleged to have been passed around that are not even me, or orchestrated while passed out on my own bed from being gassed or drugged, or whatever the case may be, but it is not of consensual sexual contact, if it indeed exists, and I think it does because this is the way perpetrators casual rub your nose in it prior to you realizing there are groups or a network, and some of their idiotic ways) several years ago, which is not true. I did not even know what directed conversation was at the time of this luncheon in Corporate Woods in approximately 2012. She is no longer "Bill Sanders, Jr's" secretary. Roger also told me while I was there that our biorhythms are the same.

I have been in this local legal community more than half of my life, with a trusted and pristine reputation. It is my primary career that these people are also ruining. My transition into practicing law from being a legal secretary should have been as smooth as silk, but it was interfered with by these creatures instead. I have never slept with any lawyer I have ever worked with or for, consensually. So, if there is footage or video with the appearance, however it may have been achieved, it is either not me, or it is not consensual, but something that was done during a criminally inflicted state resulting in my not knowing or consenting, which is happening here in Johnson County, Kansas, and the police don't seem to be doing much, if anything, about that either. I am still receiving threats. There has not been a dime from any of these crimes, not even medical expenses, nor any real opportunity to seek civil damages.

So, the stalking victim is suppose to be surrounded by all of this harassment, take down, and moronic stupidity of predators, year after year while law enforcement alleges not to even know what multiple perpetrator stalking even is. Then, of course, destruction is spun around as a "favor," because there was "a lion in the street" you did not see that they allegedly "saved" you from that was much worse. Then, when you nail one of them, they claim it was your minor child loved one, and another freak circles around to replay the "challenge," and when they lose, they just lie about it. I'm not interested in their "challenges," and especially not for everything that is me and mine as "prizes." I need a stronger word than "pathetic" to describe these creatures, which as I recall is how the late Dr. M. Scott Peck, who died of cancer as I recall, described evil, petty and pathetic.

Note, Scott, a 6'5" Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) environmental engineer I once dated was also referenced during the 2005 workplace mobbing, and the above-mentioned property in my opinion is an abomination of the earth. I doubt it is even the same property the original pastor offered to let me stay in for free at the North Oak Public Library, months prior to "Michael Croskell" (Flannigan) pretending to be him, taking me to a gutted RV in the full sun with no amenities, and filled with bloody bedding, mice, covered from end-to-end with mouse droppings, and even some snakes inside, the "spirit of Emmet," who died of cancer allegedly floating around (not a Christian belief anymore than believing in the Father and the Son, but not the Holy Spirit is - different Gospel. His pondering is bait for me to help the poor boy with his ponderings that likely are not honest ponderings at all, which I addressed and witnessed to some of the major doctrinal errors at that time. I am not the Holy Spirit. Some plant, some water, and some need the damn cops to ever do their jobs effectively), trying to force me to execute a lease, shower at the neighbor's trailer, use an outhouse in thick foliage and woods, plant an acre of tomatoes to water by bucket from a well for income, hints of moving to another property, I believe coined "the plantation," giving me large cans of expired and rotten food, be his traveling companion, as well as traveling to St. Louis with him for his legal work even though he is not an attorney, could not respect a boundary to save his life, and thought the appearance of their snakes, one not even being a natural creature, would send me running while they laughed. This is what perpetrators do, put on shows, try to make you the spectacle, etc., on and on and on and on for years. Still not no discernible positive results or compensation for the victims, four years and counting since reporting to all levels of law enforcement.

There was KAMOP Karen commentary along with tons of others commentary, tons of echoes verbally and non-verbally, likenesses of Darlene and Kirk, on and on. The minute I did the heavy cleaning and lawn work, and I mean heavy lawn work, clearing about five acres, in order to settle down to write, without the surrounding environment stressing my body due to its condition, (for instance there is an old oak tree probably 100 years old, an enormous tree standing there as if screaming for help, which is seriously how it appeared, huge dead branches hanging and falling, for maybe even decades, just left where they fell, no help came until I tried to clean it up, beer cans and bottles on the ground and in the ground everywhere I cleared, a completely green slime pond called "Beaver" lake or pond or something, even the fruit of the trees was rotten (acorns), gall balls, poison ivy was also killing the trees I think) I booted up my laptop, it was hacked, I was locked out, and another 18 months of work was gone, and he kicked me out just out of the blue, with deniable commentary that psycho stalker's wife was going to now park her RV in the spot I cleared and write online, including regarding Evidence That Demands a Verdict by the late Josh McDowell. It was also undoubtedly yet another display of interference in order to mock Christianity and God.

This is not a comprehensive account, but this is what a multiple perpetrator stalking victim is left with due to the complete and utter incompetence and corruption of law enforcement. Articulating these predators' endless stupidity trying to warn the public, and that with cyberstalking hackers, as they continue completely uninterrupted, but actually assisted by law enforcement - year after year.

In any case, of course Michael stood down to me. My lifetime demonstrates consistent trustworthiness, protective of the innocent, a strong and healthy maternal instinct, and not only for my own children, with a reasonable sense of justice, invested more than half of my life in this local legal community, then becoming (a still unlicensed due to perpetrators), lawyer, and I am old enough to be his mother.

This pathetic and disgusting display by law enforcement and others that is in part chronicled in this article is alleged by perpetrators (among numerous other recognized reprehensible goals) to be "learning [my loved ones] a lesson," and it shall not stand if it kills me, and they are still trying to kill me. It is consistently and exceedingly clear who is not worthy of trust in this matter, even with all of the criminal activity, James Bond deception, (excuse me, James, I know you're not nuts), impersonations, rewriting history, manipulation, etc.

Please note the author does not believe in or promote magic, or perpetrators alleged to be "restoring the craft." In this instance "magical" only means that Croskell would speak loaded language, and the perpetrators viewing or listening, and they always are, which consistently becomes obvious to the victims, this is a "show" to them, would take the orders, which is the perpetrator way. So, for example, having been there for weeks with no flies, Croskell says flies in his conversation to me and suddenly I'm killing 75 flies a day in the RV. This is just one example. You can think Lord of the Flies, because that is probably exactly what the reference was. Perpetrators will generally say it generally, a threat may be stated backwards as a fear for example, that they are afraid they are going to jail. In police reports perpetrating officers also provide instructions or future orders, in this instance stating them as words of the victim that the victim never said.

While I am not asserting this is an example of actual witchcraft, perpetrator commentary during the 2005 workplace mobbing when psycho attorney went to Washington, D.C., was that he was doing so in order to visit the Masonic Library for some "spells" because the ones he was using were not working. Witchcraft is an abomination to God. He hates it, and God prevailed during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrators stalking, preserving our lives when we did not even know what was going on against multiple perpetrators the police appear to have at a minimum stood down to, and it appear to quite consistently aid the stalkers. Witchcraft has been a repeated theme by perpetrators.

The death threat received in 2006 was against "three souls," with Mom and Bo both dying, and me nearly dying but for God Himself. This is far from the only death threat, there have been hundreds received for years. So perpetrators are still trying to tear our lives, health, bodies, records, our entire existence up, as well as my child, and grandchildren in order to rewrite history, steal literally anything they want from us, and to cause it to appear their witchcraft prevailed when it did not. This is one reason why pretenders seem to hate the Holy Spirit, which I am filled with, by the way. Note it is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to lead a Christian into all truth, and perpetrators try to make a gumball machine out of the Holy Spirit, as if He is somehow responsible to them.

Childhood sexual abuse survivors - break generational cycles of abuse and get an education so law enforcement can take you and your children (which includes grandchildren) down and blame you for it!

Gaslight (1944)
Gaslight (1944)
Gaslighting is an insidious form of abuse taken from the film, Gaslight. Watch as the Don Juan perpetrator love bombs Paula, then starts undermining her perceptions, trying to drive her crazy, and have her committed. In the movie the police actually do their jobs for the victim, but it is an old movie.

Nobody likes cops or lawyers - until they need one.

Federal Bureau of Investigations: Reporting Stalkers (2016-2017)

It appears in the United States if you belong to the right sexual predator group of thugs (thugs here may or may not be of the stereotypical appearance commonly associated with the word thug, but are thugs just the same) and perverts you can rape, pillage, plunder, inflect and experiment on, stalk, rewrite history, murder someone in the street, drug them for years, or whatever you want to do, and if you should get stuck anywhere the police will jump in to help the criminals against the victims.

While this involves many attempts to report attempted murders, murders-in-progress, as well as numerous heavily suspected murders, identity theft, ruined lives, dirty cops, and dirty lawyers, among many other concerns, the FBI has been no discernible help whatsoever at all. This includes a sudden death of an attorney on the Square in Olathe, and an apparent drugging of a prosecutor in Douglas County, Kansas, the assumption of the identity and law practice of a targeted Trustee of both the Kansas and Missouri Bankruptcy Courts, the apparent gassing of an ex-Department of Justice lawyer in his office, among many other concerns.

On the contrary to assisting, there appears to be a long, wide path of carnage perpetrators have now had years to conceal, which is all that appeared to be going on during the year of the police report, 2016, in Mission. The thrice requested, hand-delivered in writing, request for the FBI and KBI, as well as the request to ask the FBI to request the presence of Mr. Martin, (whose secretary told me when I called in 2005 had been hospitalized for two months with a brain infection, even given his last rites), was submitted in March 2016.

In Mission the Deffenbaugh trash trucks were allegedly the FBI, according to perpetrator commentary. This is not intended as a reflection on that company, but a reference to the son of a Special Agent I once dated, as well as resemblances of who is believed to be his current wife in that local historic McDonald's. While McDonald's has assisted America in becoming obese and clogged arteries around the world, allegedly even adding sugar to their fries for kids, this is, of course, not to say they had any knowledge of James Bond and his crew editing their photos.

I myself have had hundreds of photos edited on my Facebook page, as well as hard copy photos disappear or edited and returned to my previous photo albums. (One simply cannot help but think of the late Don Harman's "flat Don" when contemplating idiotically photoshopped or fake photos). Also note the phonics, as is also their way. Deffenbaugh, deafen bah or causing a sheep not to hear, as in following of the Great Shepard, Jesus Christ. Waste management.

Perpetrators make subtle edits to photos to reference people, as well as blending the photos of more than one person. There was a photo of Marilyn Monroe, edited to resemble Sherry, and a photo of Lucy edited to resemble Ashley. After enduring many years of these psychos, this appears to be one of the nutcases' way.

It is so cute at this point the way the FBI website displays it is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, displaying victim resources and other information. What that appears to mean is about what it appeared to have meant in Oklahoma City, OK, when the children showed up that day for daycare, but several FBI agents allegedly did not.

The last estimate I read is that 25 million people are being trafficked. I wonder how that could be happening? With all due respect, the lip service is really old. We have been targeted for decades, reported it to all levels of law enforcement in 2016, and this is the grand culmination of the results four years later. My child, grandchildren and I have not even been reunited in a safe environment, let alone restored, any prosecutions, compensation, or anything else. I have been walking for almost six years now due to the loss of my automobile in one of their stalker crimes in May 2014. I have serious, still untreated, and worsening spinal injuries sustained at that same time, while reporting a clear disability theme. They are causing people to be on disability, inflicting it, orchestrating it, worsening it with electronic strikes. I have lost several millions of dollar in income during these, the prime earning years of my life. And nothing discernible is being done about any of it in favor of the victims.

So at this point the FBI website just looks like good public relations work to convince the average, unsuspecting citizen, as we believed not so long ago, that someone is effectively upholding the law against criminal and sexual predators wherever they may be found. Having grown up with cops, every reasonable benefit of the doubt was given to law enforcement.

The local FBI office moved from the main part of the revitalized downtown KCMO, coined on their website as the early building. It is much more difficult to get to in my experience without transportation. However, I am relieved to know they did finally catch Bonnie and Clyde.

The response received during the year of the police report, 2016, and I am serious, was for perpetrators to act out and claim to invite perpetrators to impersonate an FBI agent in at least two instances, in mockery, which appears to have included deniable involvement by a uniformed police officer within the Mission Police Department. Note actors do these things for years, conditioning victims. So while it may sound ridiculous, be certain to grasp it, because it is ridiculous!

Blending of Photos and Names

Here is an example of another long recognized pattern of perpetrators to blend both photographs of two different people, as well as blending or playing on names. This is a name example:

  • The name "Bieberbach" is used to help you in the police station.
  • "Bieber" is a reference to Justin Bieber, or more likely a potential reference to someone you know named Justin.
  • "Bach" is a portion of the last name of an FBI agent you know.
  • This is potentially the police department inviting Justin to impersonate an FBI agent, or bragging, among whatever other double meanings generally also attached, which is one of the stalkers' ways. Note I do not have even one hour of law enforcement training, and their super annoying b.s. does not reflect my normal thinking patterns, nor do I care if any law enforcement officer anywhere agrees or disagrees with this articulation.

Then, when I was walking by Mission Police Department at that time, years ago now, what appeared to be a high level law enforcement officer, of the same age, build, and general appearance of this person, stepping out the back door of the police station to make a bobble neck gesture in mockery.

The bobble neck motion is also a potential signal, of sports. In this example, KU's basketball team, with perpetrators having claimed the last uniformed officer I verbally wrestled in Mission Police Department was KU basketball Coach Bill Self in uniform. Justin was a traveling tutor for the KU basketball team years ago when I was in law school, with Naismith Hall being right next door to the law school.

This is only one of numerous experiences at Mission Police Department. Both of these are potential examples of how perpetrators rub a victim's nose in it constantly, too. Once the average, even relatively healthy person can grasp the fact that regardless of the chronological age of the person standing in front of you, it is often much more helpful to contemplate the maturity level of about a six year old, and you will often be much closer to the ballpark.

It is so cute at this point the way the FBI website displays it is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, displaying victim resources. Be sure to keep your trafficking hotline numbers handy for that magical moment you fit the qualifications, and can use a phone to call the number you dialed, perhaps at that last burst of energy just prior to death.

Kansas Bureau of Investigations: Reporting Stalkers

Once again, the reports submitted on the Kansas Bureau of Investigations and Federal Bureau of Investigations websites, barely around stalkers and hackers, as well as via U.S. Mail, in recent years (2016-), yielded no discernible positive results whatsoever at all. Keep in mind that during the Year of the Police Report, 2016, I articulated 55 of a potential 80 submissions, turning to the public after all of the games at the police stations.

America Online Kansas City Over 40 Chat

The KBI was allegedly trolling the America Online Over 40 Chatroom decades ago for pedophile rings. I recall the days of LQQKaQT, KrystleKlr, (who at the time clearly appeared to be at least 3-5 males pretending to be a female) Lirpaloof, etc., the photo of the H & R Block granddaughter, Lauren, in ruby (not the Ruby at infested Dollar General in Mission, this was years prior to the revitalization of Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, with the construction of the H & R Block World Headquarters, that appeared abandoned for years as a new building) red slippers, I mean red pumps, then the takedown of that chatroom a couple of decades ago, with the scum of the earth descending upon it, with it appearing the perpetrators perhaps using then recently laid-off, decade long Sprint employee, GregSOC, (who resembled Gov. Bill Graves) of Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas, as a scapegoat. This was back in the day when Sprint was actually an asset to our community, a couple of decades ago, before all of the waves of layoffs, hiring and laying off, thousands every 18 months or so.

This harassment at the time was primarily focused on me for a period of time, but others also, then a lot of people. It pretty quickly escalated to the point of Greg receiving death and other threats. So, it was no small ordeal. The decent regulars in the room, the men, were often protective against troublemakers. However, as usually appears to be the case, no matter how many decent people there are, there are always a surplus of scumbags to outnumber them.

Then, there was even bragging online years later about how a group "controlled GregSOC for two years." In our experience in the narcissism niche, bragging like this can be documented for years without the slightest known action by police, criminal activity can be documented by multiple reliable sources, with no known police action taken, against the criminals anyway, ignored by police until perpetrators decide to stop openly bragging, or find some way to alter or delete it that appears legitimate or unnoticed. Funny thing how that seems to happen with evidence and documentation offline, too.

Concerns regarding various bloggers in the narcissism niche remain unaddressed since 2016, as well as concerns about other members of the AOL Kansas City Over 40 Chat. As ridiculous as it may sound, perpetrators impersonate common people, and GregSOC was impersonated to me in Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas in recent years, standing in front of the wrong house, just as Scott McCandless was impersonated to me in Fairway, Kansas, also walking into the wrong house. These are allegedly the criminals who are just too clever for law enforcement, decade after decade, apparently.

Think similar appearance naturally, or face casting or mold mask of the exact likeness in these instances. Once the average person even realizes such psycho is a possibility, you may notice this around the hairline, or differences in height or body shape, but generally not voice. However, remember perpetrators injure victims, as well as study body language and mannerisms for their Nazi-level headgames, identity theft, etc.

If that was true that the KBI was trolling the room, and it came from a reliable source, I was harassed off of AOL by cyberstalkers and hackers over more than two years. It appears they failed to bust the pedophile ring, too. Most of that online harassment and hacking, as I recall, was received in Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas.

Actually, I am known as "KC3Lady" as a result of some of this activity, such as my "KC3Kelly" name being duplicated with three indistinguishable screen names coming into the room as "KC3Kelly," (replacing "L" with "i") as well as cyberstalking harassers coming in as "KC3Barf," "KC3Puke," and "KC3Vomit," I believe were the screen names. I am tall and thin, (more than one inch shorter now due to spinal injuries by still to the best of my knowledge unprosecuted stalker crimes in May 2014) so they were implying it was because I was anorexic or bulimic, which I have never been.

Two of Numerous AOL Scenarios of Concern

The AOL Kansas City Over 40 Chatroom itself appeared to be descended upon by similar scum of the earth toward the end of the takedown of that chatroom, as well as me being told about various deaths of longtime members after I went to law school. This includes such concerns as being informed my friend and legal analyst, Camille, who I never knew to date at all in the years I knew her, allegedly marrying, suffering an accident, being put on life support, then deciding she did not want to live that way, and dying, within a short period of time. My grandson and I had dinner at the Merriam Chili's with Brad, and Brad died a day or two later of an aneurysm.

I did not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. 1 Timothy 1:7 (This does not mean never fear anything or to do something ridiculous to prove you don't, hence, "If you are the Son of God throw yourself off this cliff." Satan said to Jesus, and Jesus rebuked him).

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This is just a base framework. The 2005 workplace mobbing was much worse. Think up and down the spectrum. Cyberstalkers are able to manipulate YouTube videos in various ways, including splicing, redating, etc., Stalkers love to talk about peeping tom and other videos aimed at humiliation (profits) allegedly distributed. Never attempt to perform a lobotomDon't judge yourself by what others did to you.The only people who get mad at you for speaking the truth are those invested in the lie. Note this quote not for the "literal" cyberstalking Nazis to try to find an exception to. Everything is not literal.Unsafe people demand trust instead of earning it. The same can be said of respect.If you doubt the power of your voice, just look at what they do to try to silence you. - KC3People hate the truth. Luckily the truth doesn't care. Trust - always listen to the Holy Spirit, or your intuition even if you can't figure out the logistics of why.It is an extremely important point Dr. Simon is making that aggression is not synonymous with violence. There is aggression that is not physically violent. Contemplate this in more modern, less obvious hostage situations, too - electronic hostage, Don or Jane Juan perpetrators, stalkers, traffickers.Cognitive Dissonance - We have promoted Christine on our pages for years, where is would often stop by.Selective listening You might be surprised how many flying monkey actors can surround you. Don't doubt your perceptions, stalkers are doing just that. "This is an arc and I don't mean Noah's" Perpetrators signify this threat with a vehicle with that term on it. Correction: returning from, not en route to.
This is just a base framework. The 2005 workplace mobbing was much worse. Think up and down the spectrum.
This is just a base framework. The 2005 workplace mobbing was much worse. Think up and down the spectrum. | Source
Cyberstalkers are able to manipulate YouTube videos in various ways, including splicing, redating, etc., Stalkers love to talk about peeping tom and other videos aimed at humiliation (profits) allegedly distributed. Never attempt to perform a lobotom
Cyberstalkers are able to manipulate YouTube videos in various ways, including splicing, redating, etc., Stalkers love to talk about peeping tom and other videos aimed at humiliation (profits) allegedly distributed. Never attempt to perform a lobotom | Source
Don't judge yourself by what others did to you.
Don't judge yourself by what others did to you. | Source
The only people who get mad at you for speaking the truth are those invested in the lie. Note this quote not for the "literal" cyberstalking Nazis to try to find an exception to. Everything is not literal.
The only people who get mad at you for speaking the truth are those invested in the lie. Note this quote not for the "literal" cyberstalking Nazis to try to find an exception to. Everything is not literal. | Source
Unsafe people demand trust instead of earning it. The same can be said of respect.
Unsafe people demand trust instead of earning it. The same can be said of respect. | Source
If you doubt the power of your voice, just look at what they do to try to silence you. - KC3
If you doubt the power of your voice, just look at what they do to try to silence you. - KC3 | Source
People hate the truth. Luckily the truth doesn't care.
People hate the truth. Luckily the truth doesn't care. | Source
Trust - always listen to the Holy Spirit, or your intuition even if you can't figure out the logistics of why.
Trust - always listen to the Holy Spirit, or your intuition even if you can't figure out the logistics of why. | Source
It is an extremely important point Dr. Simon is making that aggression is not synonymous with violence. There is aggression that is not physically violent.
It is an extremely important point Dr. Simon is making that aggression is not synonymous with violence. There is aggression that is not physically violent. | Source
Contemplate this in more modern, less obvious hostage situations, too - electronic hostage, Don or Jane Juan perpetrators, stalkers, traffickers.
Contemplate this in more modern, less obvious hostage situations, too - electronic hostage, Don or Jane Juan perpetrators, stalkers, traffickers. | Source
Cognitive Dissonance - We have promoted Christine on our pages for years, where is would often stop by.
Cognitive Dissonance - We have promoted Christine on our pages for years, where is would often stop by. | Source
Selective listening
Selective listening | Source
You might be surprised how many flying monkey actors can surround you. Don't doubt your perceptions, stalkers are doing just that.
You might be surprised how many flying monkey actors can surround you. Don't doubt your perceptions, stalkers are doing just that. | Source
"This is an arc and I don't mean Noah's" Perpetrators signify this threat with a vehicle with that term on it. Correction: returning from, not en route to.
"This is an arc and I don't mean Noah's" Perpetrators signify this threat with a vehicle with that term on it. Correction: returning from, not en route to. | Source

Request for Suggested Police Interview 2016

The following police suggested police interview was regarding what turned out to be the articulatons of the year of the police report, 2016, completing 55 of a potential 80. This police interview has never taken place, at least not with me present.

Hand delivered hard copy delivered three times to the Mission Police Department due to gaslighting and other misconduct - "Please also ask the FBI to request Donald F. Martin's presence." was allegedly removed. The following was hand delivered after many attempts to first file police reports verbally, then numerous typed hard copies of submissions hand delivered to the Mission Police Department in order to get around the gaslighting, verbal gymnastics, etc.

March 10, 2016

I hereby request in writing in person to the Mission Police Department, as a reasonable person similarly situated would deem appropriate and necessary, that two Kansas Bureau of Investigations agents, (who I originally repeatedly attempted to contact electronically from the Cedar Roe Public Library situated in Roeland Park, Kansas), presenting official credentials along with driver's licenses, and providing me with Xerox copies of same, as well as those of an officer who provided me with a Mission Police Department business card within the police station stating he is Officer [Matthew] Bieberbach, should he be present, as well as an FBI agent, preferably Special Agent Robert Beuttenbach of Kansas City, Missouri, if possible, if not an agent of his recommendation, if possible, be present during the verbally suggested police interview, (by an Officer Martin in my home on March 8, 2016), be scheduled on or following but not prior to March 25, 2016.

Please also notify Special Agent Beuttenbach I have received death threats against his son, including similar spinal alteration threats as I suffered in a crime originating in Mission, Kansas, in May 2014. Please also notify Special Agent Beuttenbach that I was informed his son's body is under water at Shawnee Mission Park, at the northwest end, in front of the shelter west of the [inserted the word “patio”] [the word “dock” removed for clarity] deck, which a reasonable person similarly situated could construe as either a fact or criminal intent. Additionally, I have received numerous threats against Buzz** and Kristi**. Please also ask the FBI to request Donald F. Martin’s presence.

[The following was not a part of the written request: This online article regarding Warden, Triplett & Grier, [I guess Triplett went to Black & Veatch] in The Kansas City Business Journal, whose site was previously free and open, with a photo of Jim Warden overlaying the article, then you had to sign in and at some point that photo was removed, and now the article is restricted from view. The essence of the article, disparaging Mr. Martin, was Don and a couple of other lawyers being screwed out of agreed upon percentages of the case [that these boys left Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin in Corporate Woods to pursue], while Don was in the hospital [with a brain infection, in such bad shape as to be given his last rites. I called him in 2005 from my desk].

Mr. Martin has a commanding presence, which he appeared to be without when he was allegedly at Sanders Warren & Russell around the time of Griffin's monkey dance in 2011. Bar number information was provided to MPD regarding Mr. Martin, with a request to attempt to protect his bar number, in 2016. Four years and counting since reporting this situation to all levels of law enforcement. I hope Betsy is doing well, I tried to console her when she was crying at BSPM years ago, which was before marrying Tim and not practice law].

Please also have the appropriate or assigned KCMO homicide detective who has been requested, both electronically and via U.S. Mail from the Mission Post Office, to investigate my late brother's death as a homicide, present, if possible. See attached Document 103 [Request for homicide investigation].

Please also provide me with a competent officer without a dual agenda, or thinly veiled verbal gymnastic maneuvers, to document and investigate several other death threats I have been trying to report. All things considered, I would prefer escalation to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

Please notify me in person at **** Beverly Lane, Apt. B, Mission, Kansas, [no longer at this address] while providing proper credentials and driver's license, with Xerox copies of same (due to the MPD's name tag changing game) as I will not accept any correspondence via any other mode, as well as requesting current picture identification and up to 25 personal cards, all of which, (in addition to my original birth certificate that is missing from my Mission, Kansas home), I have reason to believe may have been criminally duplicated, employed or manipulated, (but I have received no response, nor has a police report been filed per the clerk as of March 8, 2016, from a thrice requested over several days, simple identity theft police report within the greater context of the situation, in order that I may lock down my credit reports and notify other agencies, which MPD has refused to document, including evidence in my home they have been notified is being entered.)

Kelly Ann Christensen

Enclosures: Documents 103, 201, 202

*Please note, this request is prepared and presented under exhaustion, from, among other things, having to wrestle the Mission Police Department to take a police report including several death threats against the health and life of others. Additionally, MPD knows or has reason to know I am not in a position to be able to walk to Olathe to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, nor to the KBI.

**Buzz was impersonated to me at Smithville Lake and in Mission, Kansas. ****stalker commentary also included numerous threats against his life and well being, including telling me he is at the bottom of Smithville Lake. I have received commentary on Kristi ranging from her being targeted to her being a ****stalker.

Additionally, overt attempts were made at the Mission Police Station in the evening hours of March 8, 2016, [documented fully separately] which were received as attempts to cause me to lose my temper or escalate, by a uniformed officer inside the police station, wearing a name plate stating he is Officer Adam, (a large, beefy, perhaps, steroids body type) asked three times what he could do for me and each time I answered I wanted to file a police report, who then, while looking me up and down as if I am trash, as well as other non-verbal ques, attempted to elevate administrative procedures above taking a police report [public safety], then stated, "You can file a report or you can leave." He then informed me he will give me two options, at which time I exited the police station after stating, “You do not give me my options. This is about murder.” All of this occurred immediately following directed conversations outside the station and within the context of extended, well documented, questionable behavior throughout my stay in Mission, Kansas. [Trolls have this “cute” little fake name tag game which lends itself nicely to the deniability goal of ****stalking].

This directed conversation delivering threats was reminiscent of street theater appearing to be delivered by one police department (KCKPD) and facilitated by another (MPD), as I attempted to enter the Mission Police Station to file a police report. The above paragraph is after I entered the police station, the first half of the scenario, and the scenario in full, that occurred outside the Mission Police Station on March 8, 2016, will be fully articulated in a separate posting.


Resident Review: Do not move here. The Mission Post Office is also troll infested (employees engaging in perpetration and directed conversations as well as customer trolls), as is the local HyVee (both employees and customers). The Lenexa HyVee was also involved in perpetration when my then teenage daughter was targeted unbeknownst to me (because the cops are playing ball with kids in their PR campaigns rather than raising awareness that ****stalking is not the stereotypical "gang members" and identity theft involves much more than stealing your name to get fraudulent credit cards. Instead, as MPD did to me, they gaslighted, engaged in directed conversations, and pretended not to know what directed conversations even are - among other things. Otherwise, I might have had a clue what the hell was going on years earlier saving my children (child and grandchildren) years of hell. However, I will continue to now raise public awareness if it is the last thing I do - and it won’t be. Apparently, they do not like to deal with covens, cults and secret societies, etc., but in some cases the perps are cops.


I have yet to receive any response at all, but further gaslighting and harassment during subsequent requests to file police reports and document evidence of the ongoing crimes being committed against me. Also note, they knew and had every reason to know I was unable to contact them for myself - separate hard copy document also hand delivered. Other jurisdictions told me to deal with the jurisdiction I live in.

But when they arrest you and hand you over, do not worry beforehand what to say. Instead, speak whatever you are given at that time, for it will not be you speaking, but the Holy Spirit. Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child. Children will rise against their parents and have them put to death. Mark 13:12

The above is not legal advice, but Christian scripture. These are some of the scenarios of the multiple perpetrator stalkers in our experience. "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." John 10:10, the distinction between Satan and Jesus Christ. Let the dead bury their own dead.

As for my children, which includes grandchildren, the Good Lord willing, we shall all be reunited soon by an Act of God in spite of all of these dirty, worse than worthless cops who have been allowed to remain on the police forces, placing more fit officers and innocent lives at such great risk.

Note also, perpetrators are stealing Facebook accounts, on which predators openly brag to one another in ways that should be easily recognizable by police, but may not be obvious to the casual observer. Cyberstalking trolls manipulate the accounts for deception, to hurt your loved ones, destroy your relationships, try to create liability or culpability, make subtle changes to your photographs to rewrite history, incriminate, etc., then it appears switch your photos completely out when someone assumes your stolen identity so your actual appearance may or may not remain on the page. There may be a great likeness in the photographs, but someone who is not indeed the same person. Ponder the various scenarios, but Facebook is a predators' playground.

Police are the next authority figures up from Mom and Dad.

This is the "concerned citizens" have been calling routine police use excessively once you have been stalked out of your home and car by multiple perpetrators and are walking due to their enduring incompetence and corruption in the first place. Perpetrators will call, but police will just pull it out of the air, too. You do not even need to have one of "those damn guns."

Multiple uniformed officers in multiple jurisdictions also demanded my driver's license one after another, which is why I refused to provide it at Shawnee Mission Parkway and Stateline Road on May 4, 2016, to the Prairie Village uniformed officer who stopped me, after the orchestrated trolls confrontation at Mission Hills Country Club. See more details below under Prairie Village Police Department and Johnson County Jail. I do not even want to state the suspected reasons for this at this point. This was after starting to report multiple perpetrator stalkers in 2016, with Roeland Park Police Department even making a copy of it.

It was also during the year of the police report in which the Google account almost immediately begin returning irregular returns, videos that had been fine for years where suddenly deemed not eligible for monetization, Blogger hits that had been 1,200-1,600 daily for years began to decline, the paper check option was no longer available the one time we needed to use it. Reminder: Be sure to stop by Mission Police Department for your Internet Safety Tips for Children brochure. Online safety is important.

Note I still have not received a simple identity theft police report from Mission Police Department within the greater context, required to lock down my credit reports, returning to get this report, MPD changed it from free to $5.00. The second time, they claimed they had three days to complete it (maybe one year later), and it had only been two days.

This is not legal advice. Always consult a licensed professional with any legal questions.

As a starting point, think of multiple perpetrator stalkers doing to full grown adults (and children) what pedophiles traditionally do to children, since children are naturally dependent and vulnerable, but with some twists and turns, use of modern technology, and law enforcement assistance (the next authority figure up from Daddy and Mommy).

Drone-Stalking Video

This drone stalking video and discussion have been moved to their own article at Drone Stalking: Stalkers Using Drones. A local news video forms the foundation of the discussion, which is understood as a broadcast to raise awareness. However, and with all due respect, we find it to be in the usual lame manner that is really nowhere near how the technology has actually been used in our experience, once again allowing stalker techniques to slip through the cracks. Therefore, our own experiences with drones and other remotely controlled devices being used by perpetrators is discussed in further detail in order to raise what we deem to be more useful and accurate awareness.

Flying Monkeys: Abuse by Proxy

"What KIND of police report?"

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A few, but certainly not a complete list, of police responses to reporting stalkers.What KIND of police report? One of each, and two of the second one, please.
A few, but certainly not a complete list, of police responses to reporting stalkers.
A few, but certainly not a complete list, of police responses to reporting stalkers. | Source
What KIND of police report? One of each, and two of the second one, please.
What KIND of police report? One of each, and two of the second one, please. | Source

If you are a stalking victim, have perpetrators tried to make you responsible for BEING stalked, with reasoning such as "You knew you were being murdered when you came in here to buy that loaf of bread!"

Mission Police Department: Reporting Stalkers

Where to even start with Mission Police Department? Here is one incident during the year of the police report, 2016. Remember that perpetrators may place themselves in your path constantly for years at a time.

As I was approaching Mission Police Department to submit an articulation a white, Ford sedan of the Kansas City Kansas or Wyandotte County Sheriff was sitting in the parking lot where Mission police back their cruisers in. As I approached this area, this vehicle pulled out in front of me and parked on the street in front of the Mission City Hall part of the building. A uniformed officer exited the vehicle, which perpetrator commentary soon suggested was Officer Mike. He turned toward me, then stood there momentarily with the car door open.

I then observed another vehicle approaching, with a male driver resembling my late brother, Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader, who then stopped behind me in the Mission Police Department parking lot, and exited the vehicle. Due to the larger build then in view, he now more strongly resembled my brother Michael. When he exited the vehicle he began engaging in directed conversation, which I completely ignored while talking to Mrs. Huwiggins on my cell phone, because I detest directed conversation. There was a third actor who was allegedly representing Nite1 Mike, who perpetrators claimed was representing the mafia.

This is the way of the nutcase cops, threatening to do to my remaining brother what was done to my late brother, and I did indeed witness in Mission two uniformed officers standing over my younger brother while he appeared to be drugged out of his mind. Keep in mind I have never even smoked pot in my entire life, but have been drugged literally hundreds of times now.

A few minutes later I entered Mission Police Department at which time a white male beefcake uniformed officer tried to cause me to escalate. This was also likely more of their name tag changing game, with the name tag of "Adam." He asked me three times if he could help me, and three times I said I want to file a police report. Then, while non-verbally looking me up and down as if I were trash, told me, "You can file a police report or you can leave." (This phrase was echoed with Lenexa Police Department).

This little jerk then told me he would give me two options, at which time I told him you do not give me my options, this is about murder. I exited the police station amidst some other muttering. After this I requested that KCKPD return with one of the Lidtke boys and their prosecutor, since I no longer had an automobile due to still unprosecuted or compensated for stalker crimes. This was requested more than once, including at Mission Police Department in writing, and Roeland Park Police Department verbally, who just said off the cuff, they aren't coming over here.

This occurred March 8, 2016, with this little show being acted out at Mission Police Department, apparently a threat issued by one super clever police department, facilitated by another. Oh, look, it's Mission Police Department's organization chart in the following photo.

I sustained multiple serious still untreated or documented injuries while living in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, including but not limited to spinal injuries, rectal, uteran, oral, occurring on about May 23, 2014, with an upper middle age white male known to me as a Missouri attorney, among others, impersonating a police officer. The nine page articulation of these crimes disappeared from my possessions while at 1020 Project last winter, 2019. It appears perpetrators, as was stated at that time, "There was a bad accident and you died four hours ago," are attempting to blame on an auto accident that never occurred. My car was towed, not wrecked.

If you are a stalking victim, how many times have you been told by perpetrators the police or prosecutors were doing this or that, but you blew bubbles in the bathtub and messed it up to further blame the victim and restrict your activity such as raising awareness online? Have you noticed the fumbling, bumbling police dept always fumbles in a consistent direction in their commentary?

Further Discussion

There appear to be at least two scenarios with possible variations regarding these emotional vampires claiming your loved one is still alive after there has been a funeral. Perpetrators want the victim to be the circus monkey, ball in their game, always seeking the appearance of their superiority, regardless what extent they must go to in order to create and maintain this appearance.

Everything they do, they seem to have a positive spin tale to offer no matter how absurdly ridiculous. It is created to blame the victim, which is one more reason there needs to be an effective, timely response for victims by police.

In some instances perpetrators will claim they went into the Federal Witness Protection Program, which the police also appear to making a mockery of and signaling the location. I refused to vacate my identity and go into the Federal Witness Protection Program, which in my opinion is just one more step in their game, with even this delivered via electronic privacy violating, trespassing means. We previously referred to some of this as electronic harassment, electronic trespass, and electronic assault, none of which shall be deemed legally defined. Law enforcement does not provide such validation that such a thing might even be needed in person here in and around Kansas City, in my experience.

Perpetrator sit and knit pick, ridicule, etc., as armchair quarterbacks and abusers have long been known for doing. It is my choice to use the word "assault" here, to the "legal expert" who did not think entering my home was "breaking and entering" because nothing was broken. It is the concern for human life, not the idiotic p*ssing contest insisted on by perpetrators, that is the topic of this article. Once again, nothing in this document shall be deemed legally defined.

My children, including grandchildren, and I have been through enough. The inconvenience should be the perpetrators and the law enforcement, not ours. You are then in a different city where you know no one, no one knows you, a clear goal of perpetrators anyway, so their smear campaigns are easier, it can even be disorienting or overwhelming, someone is free to then step into your life where you were located, etc., and it is my opinion it does not make you one bit safer, due to police incompetence and corruption. This is strictly a personal opinion, and not professional advice of any kind.

Then that there was an alleged fraudulent death certificate created prior to death, this not in reference to Bo, but myself, with potential fraudulent collection of life insurance funds which may have also apply to Bo.

In May 2014, the main perpetrator known to me as a Missouri licensed attorney, is allowed in Johnson County, Kansas to run around impersonating a police officer in a fake cop car, said to me, while standing in front of me in his nutcase way, "There was a bad accident and you died 4 hours ago." This "police report," with fax marks across the top, was filled with instructions masquerading as victim assertions, which were not asserted by the victim. This is consistent with perpetrator ways, to do something like falsifying accusations about the victim, while simultaneously issuing orders.

Since it appeared to me at that time, that the facility itself was not where it was stated to be even, but paperwork slipped in for obvious reasons, multiple obvious reasons, a copy of this report was submitted in good faith to Overland Park Police Department years ago now with questions handwritten on the back, such as is this police officer's handwriting and other observations and inquiries.

Watch the bait and switch, including using what appear to be condemn buildings as stages while claiming it is a certain facility. This provides their position of power they are unable to lawfully obtain for perpetrator actors, disparages the victim, falsely detains the victim, then there is the matter of billing, etc.

This may sound ridiculous at first, but think of an area you are unfamiliar with, such as way out in the country here in Kansas on what appeared to be a condemned campus which did not in any instance match the layout of the alleged asserted facility. Resist black and white, either/or , all or none thinking so often appearing. There appears to be this scenario, potentially deceived facilities, which I am allowing for at this time without an example, as well as those who appear to be participating. Then, there appears to be a scenario where it is not the actual facility used, but another abandon stage, and I am serious, with the paperwork potentially being slipped into the actual facility.

Perpetrators do everything they can to prevent a victim from reporting to police, but it's not like it does you any good once you do. Then, you have to wrestle the cops trying to get them to do their damn jobs, and endure all of their games with no discernible results this much later.

I clearly was and am not dead, this is their backwards talking b.s., (this was him telling me I'm dead, then writing that I was the one who said it) and my car was not wrecked, at least not by me if it was at all. I can out drive most of these people, and they will harass you even on the highway. It appears intentional car accidents were attempted but failed.

It reminded me of my car accident on Valentine's Day 1989, with a car pulling out across both lanes and stopping, with a hill to one side and oncoming traffic on the other. It reminded me of a little old lady stopping front of me three times in the merge lane in Gladstone, Missouri, the third time me tapping her bumper and wrinkling the hood of my new Honda Accord. It reminded me of the car that came across the median years ago on I-35, with me jerking the wheel in one direction, then the opposite so hard my little Honda bounced, and having to get out and check to see that I had miraculously not impacted with anyone.

This was during rush hour, head on and would have almost certainly been fatal. It reminded me of the unmarked truck dropped long pipes on the highway in front of me on my way to work in 2005, Downtown Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri. My child was in multiply alleged car accidents in Slidell, Tammany Parrish, Louisiana including an alleged accident breaking every bone in her face four days after this psycho entered the law firm I was working at, snarling at me.

Upon arrival at my child's bedside in NOLA, she was in need of pain medication, the building was dirty and I'm uncertain it was even the actual facility either, and after an alleged 14-16 hour reconstructive surgery had no bandages, lacerations, etc., on her face. One grandchild endured a broken leg with the idiot drunk (note the distinction between an alcoholic and a drunk, who was standing with his child in a Facebook photo with the next innocent young blonde appearing heavily drugged or intoxicated or worse a few years, then changes were made upon recognition) in Slidell mocking him on Facebook, and the other a goose egg on his head.

Otis was (this photo was edited originally appearing as public ridicule with the recognized "puppy dog" expression perpetrators use to signal lobotomies, active link switched out on hijacked Facebook page of mine, also note outside normal jurisdiction when the nutcases are allowed to run around impersonating police officers in the middle of Johnson County, Kansas) impersonated to me at the alleged hospital when I first walked in stating, "She'll never make it without me." This is believed to have been "Mr. Smiley" with his arrow straight posture.

Otis going to jail left his disabled mother alone to the best of my knowledge. Slidell Police Department, standing in stark contrast to Kansas City area law enforcement endless gymnastics, has responded in a professional manner, direct and straight forward. Note also the alleged hand injuries to my child is an echo of an incident my late mother endured many years ago.

I am also curious as to what in the hell is going on with having heard at different times that my child was in jail for six weeks at a time, and I certainly hope that is not exactly what it appears to be within this greater context. My child is not any kind of a criminal, and six weeks seems to be an interesting length of time, such as for an embryo to grow. So, this better not be exactly what it looks like within the context of this situation with freaks breeding people even.

While those dirty cops had me in Johnson County Jail, articulated below, that is exactly what was acted out, except it was a woman in a wheelchair. Five uniformed officers acted out a disabled, and these perpetrators are disabling people, including me, woman, appearing heavily drugged, pushing her in her chair around the corner, then one of them walking back out while zipping up his pants. If you have been fortunate enough not to have to deal with these freaks, this is their way. They act things out, say things backwards, act like they're a bunch of James Bonds (sorry James, I know you're not psycho) and all kinds of messed up communication that deviates from the norm.

There was also a woman in the jail who was of such a striking resemblance of one of my law school friends, looking dazed, confused, maybe drugged or lobotomized, with accompanying commentary that it was not the first time she had been in there. This is one of the perpetrator ways. According to the other lawyer I worked for at the Corporate Woods, Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas firm, Bill Richardson (echoed from the Greyhound Bus driver, to Marcel of Overland Park and AMC, to Bill during this time), he married my friend Amy in 2010 or so. Bill practices workers' compensation, and Dr. Patel has for many years been a physician in this area of law. I have never met Dr. Patel, but it is my concern that he has also been targeted with such suspicions arising from the advanced or highly targeted appearance of a physician at the facility of the May 2014 ordeal, with special emphasis on his eyes. The facility itself was of the appearance of a condemned campus, not matching in any instance the layout of the campus of the alleged facility it was claimed to be.

Also recall that during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking it appears an embryo was taken from my womb, which was the result of breaking and entering, having never invited this person to my home, and rape while drugged on my own Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas bed, (this is the topic of the four KCMO uniformed officer directed conversation in Perkin's "you f*cked him") as well as 8 eggs, with these slime bags running loose, casually walking by my desk to ask me if I think it is possible for a woman to have a baby and not know it.

These psychos are crippling me, with serious spinal injuries from crimes still unprosecuted to the best of my knowledge, as well as uncompensated for, they are as well orchestrating, forcing, or putting people on disability, with the first attempt to put me on disability being immediately following the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking, again in May 2014, with paperwork returned from Overland Park Regional Medical Center when I was taken to Olathe Medical Center, and they are continuing to work toward that goal, which also appears to be completely uninterrupted by any effective law enforcement response. Lucy, Bo, Roberto, and Alfi were or are also all on disability. Some of the 2005 commentary included, "Would you be willing to go to the doctor and say you are sick when you're not?" "No."

Note less than two years after graduating from law school, healthy, in the prime of my life, and these creatures tried to put me on disability, and they are still at it 14 years later. Had the police been doing their jobs, these years would have been the best years of my child, grandchildren, and I's lives, but instead we continue to endure unimaginable hell in every area of life. Note also, perpetrators have had more than four years now to cause things to appear as if they are not, and not to appear as if they are.

This is how dangerous it can be to raise a child or grandchild in this city, and now it appears they are killing us twenty years later after tearing the hell out of our lives, bodies, health, careers, incomes, etc., as well as targeting my grandchildren. Police response? "There's nothing to report." Barney of the Mission Police Department while to trying to non-verbally provoke me shining his flashlight right in my face, among much other highly incriminating behavior.

Additionally, this person is the meanest, most sadistic SOB I have still ever known, with perpetrators claiming he is not deceased and asserting what a great guy he is or was, etc. This is who my child was with prior to going to Louisiana, as well as going to Slidell, Tammany Parish, Louisiana in July 2006, thought at the time to be of a free will choice, with the themed suspended driver's license, and with my oldest grandchild.

In any case, the tow lot also stated my car was not wrecked, but was towed from the QuikTrip parking lot. QT claimed they never tow a car but received multiple complaints including a news crew threatening to do a story about all of the old junky cars around. The car was presentable, and I was not notified where my car was, but discovered it had been towed clear to Basehor, Leavenworth County, Kansas.

In any case, do not expect the slightest bit of assistance from law enforcement in this arena either. Additionally, threats were received in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas in recent years, "Someone else will be living your life and all you'll be able to do is watch. She'll look more like you than you do."

Bo was on disability and HUD, which appears to be quite a pattern for perpetrators apparently in order for the perpetrator to have an income and home in order to more fully focus on their criminal lives when they jump into the identity. This also provides reliable payment of rent for any perpetrating landlord by HUD. Also note a potentially larger globalist agenda of draining this country, taking it down from the inside out.

For example, Chase, my disabled Christian friend from AOL, was impersonated to me in Grain Valley, Missouri, in January or February of 2008. There was an assertions to an alleged HUD representative that I was his nurse allegedly in order for him to get a two bedroom, with me stating at that time that I am not your nurse. During that time there was a HUD renewal claiming to be for two years. I have been greatly concerned he is a decedent, but once again the police are a burden rather than of assistance.

KCKPD Referenced Above


In this article you should find related Amazon products. There is one for a firearm for stalking victims with no police protection, a gas mask for being gassed in their own homes, offices, cars, which is not stopped when reported to police, and a book regarding Dolly, the first cloned sheep, noting that bioethics is relevant when perpetrators enter your home to rape and harvest, and that the first cloned animal was a sheep, with Jesus Christ being the Great Shepard, Dolly, a well-endowed female.

You don't have to have dated some psychos for them to stalk you. He's okay. It's the victims who aren't doing so well.


Do you enjoy lying, seeking revenge when your lies are questioned or not believed, but too stupid to tell a convincing lie? Why not apply to law enforcement where the magic bullet, Vince Foster moving his body after he committed suicide, and the butt lunge accounts prevail. Apply today!

This video is not presented as legal advice. Always contact a licensed professional with any legal questions. Note this is a lawyer. Note the cop just lies exclaiming whatever his wishes are is the law. Note the jail threat when his commands are not immediately followed, like he is some kind of neanderthal thug among a group of thugs, but they have police uniforms on. Grunt. Belch. Package check. "Ain't no broad gonna tell Mission Police Department wut to do." After requesting the waterway, sexually violent, phallic graffiti be photographed today.

Note the fact that the lawyer states he is scared. (Do not assume in or around Kansas City that a lawyer is safe by virtue of the fact he or she is a lawyer). He may intuitively be sensing, but second guessing, or has no point of reference for any reason to potentially be in danger. Perpetrators, with or without badges, do not generally "declare war," they mostly take sucker punches.

Note the attitudes of the cops, for absolutely no apparent legitimate reason, their p*ssing contest attitudes, their arrogant, almost aggressive body language. Note the escalation to bringing the dog presented as punishment for not obeying upon command, but the "good" cop spins it around as a favor, with non verbal (80% of communication) and verbal communication sending the message, "Why are you so defensive? (because he knows instinctively he's under attack, whether he can articulate it or not, and may not be able to find any legitimate reason he would be, so they wind it up by encouraging him to shake it off, undermining his perceptions) We're just doing our jobs." Another package check off camera. Shake down. Testing, 1, 2, 3. They almost got him to back down, but he seems to persist in filming out of fear.

Note the little ridiculing comment of a big, dumb cop making fun of a young lawyer being an Uber driver. This is a bad sign because perpetrators often behave like immature, spoiled rotten little six year olds, including their seemingly endless ridicule of victims. It is often at about a six year old maturity level, which of course, even actual six year olds can easily engage in. "Shuddup, Stupidhead."

This is the attitude often confronted as a stalking victim, note other perpetrating police officers are much smoother verbally while their body cams run, but will have smirks on their faces. There are a multitude of games I intend to articulate. Notice the number of cops, which is just like perpetrators. They are generally, but not always, chicken*hits, and will often be 3-to-1, 5-to-1, 18-to1, or worse, as well as in succession, one after another, sometimes for ages.

Imagine being a targeted teenager, abuse victim, or elderly person dealing with a bullying cop. For some reason, it appears a whole lot of cops seem to they are the law and final word, and that the actual law does not apply to them.

There are quite a few perpetrating cops, and they are putting the public and decent cops at risk. They have agendas. For example, the night in the winter of 2017 that I was mobbed at Gladstone's Perkins at 2:00 or so in the morning, there were four under 40 white male KCMO uniformed officers, a table of about 12-18 males also engaging in directed conversation, then three Gladstone uniformed officers showed up, yelling in my fact trying to tell me how I was allowed to talk, handcuffing me, (not under arrest) manhandling me while in handcuffs with spinal injuries, threatening me with trespassing charges if I return to an establishment that had just invited me the night before to plan on staying in out of the dead of winter every Monday, a disparaging public display, my things gone through, then, because the white male shorter beefcake under 40 KCMO uniformed officer engaged in directed conversation, "you f*cked him" (regarding me being raped during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking by psycho attorney, then having the embryo criminally harvested and transplanted into a surrogate, drugging and tricking me into signing the documents, when I thought I was witnessing a document, also by psycho attorney during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking, after ruining his "perfect record," which infuriated him in front of "the boys," because I did not jump on his lap, but sent him home to his wife. The dirty cops did not and still do not want the psycho attorney to be embarrassed by his psycho crimes). I was forced to St. Luke's, where I immediately refused medical attention.

This is in broad daylight, with a car. Now imagine being surrounded by multiple males in uniform on an old, dark, cold country road with them forcing you, literally, into an ambulance you clearly do not in any way need, then having the hospital refuse to even document your known physical injuries, but more than willing to engage in high level gaslighting at St. Luke's Northland, where you immediately refuse medical attention, but are billed anyway. These incidents with perpetrating cops will be more fully articulated later in this article.

For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

Women are not the only ones being raped, but this video is a perfect work of art with just exactly the right amount of sarcasm. Being stalked is all about victim-blaming, and not just the being raped part of it.

1999-2001 School Mobbings

This section has been moved to a separate article at School Mobbing and Multiple Perpetrator Stalkers. The link will become live upon publication.

While the theater the emperor enjoys visiting could be one of many, multiple, or changing, perhaps it is The Barn, where he hands out lines, parts to plays, kind of like a director or something. I wonder if Sleeping Beauty is a favorite of the emperor. Perhaps, "that all depends on what the meaning of is is."

There is an Amazon capsule that was removed from this spot and has now been replaced. If you are being stalked be sure to purchase a gas mask in order to breath in your own home, office, or car, seriously, because law enforcement will not do one single thing about it if you report it. Perpetrators put all kinds of gasses, toxins, asbestos, and fumes in your ventilation systems. For example, perpetrators will just leave the cover off of your air conditioning unit in an apartment complex, knowing they won't be bothered by police. This is seriously standard equipment you need to live in Johnson County, Kansas now and even be able to sleep in your own bed if you are being stalked. Perpetrator gas victims, and also enter your home, spray pesticides on your while you sleep, inject you, rape, all kinds of things, while you are passed out, resulting in no known charges. The police don't do a thing about that either, except maybe stand down to them or give them a ride over to your house. I reported it four years ago, and it still has not stopped. God only knows how many times it happened prior to realizing it.

Note: there should an Amazon capsule right here displaying a book about bioethics and Dolly, the first cloned animal. Bioethics was a topic during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking, and is relevant to this article. Someone keeps deleting my Amazon capsules, even after diverting five sources of income already, if it is missing when you read this article.

This content is copyrighted by Kelly Ann Christensen a/k/a KC3Lady, all rights reserved worldwide. If you see it scraped somewhere else on the web, please report it.

There was an Amazon capsule removed from this spot just now, that is now standard equipment for living in Johnson County, Kansas, if you care to be able to breath in your own home, office, or car while being stalked. Police do nothing about this either. Perpetrators will just leave the cover off your air condition unit, knowing they won't be bothered by police. Perpetrators put all manner of toxins, asbestos, gasses, fumes, and toxic odors in the ventilation, reported four years ago now and still not stopped, but be sure not to smoke while being murdered, it might interfere with a misdiagnosis or class action by the ones with the fraudulently or criminally obtained rights over you or your loved ones. Here in Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas you can't even smoke in a bar for the last decade or more to the best of my knowledge.

Out of Control? Hmm

Before it gets out of control? LOL Independence is known as the first or second meth empire of the entire country. Having grown up with cops, it disgusts me to even feel the need to state this, but they have met the enemy and it appears to be them. Will law enforcement as an entity ever do their jobs effectively, or just keep being little biotch whores full of games, gaslighting, and lip service?

Keep in mind if you see someone who appears to be methed that multiple perpetrator stalkers meth even toddlers by spiking their food in their own homes here in and around Kansas City, which results in no known charges.

Also keep in mind perpetration depends on the perpetrators' cult agenda, maybe sexing up, maybe taking down, etc.

Perpetrators try to "trash victims up," including busting their bodies, and rot victims' teeth clear out, then will sit and mock the victim regarding their dental status and appearance which they caused. The male attorney psycho stalker even did this on his company's website, one of the top ten companies in Overland Park, Kansas, mocking what they did to my mouth, including breaking down and lasering my bottom gums down and back, after stealing my bottom teeth, in order to cause my chin to protrude.

Since some perpetrators appear to be witches, they cast that on to their victims, trying to cause the Christian to look like a stereotypical witch, and the witch to appear to be the one living the clean lifestyle, even if they have to drug and kidnap you, busting your body and face up to accomplish it, which also results in no known charges for the criminals, just more mockery of the victims.

Perpetrators traffick people right in their own homes, and the cops damn well know it, and are helping the b*stards, but do not make the mistake of believing it is only males, because that is far from true.

In my experience, you should not expect police to do anything effective for the victims about these people murdering you and your family, regardless of how many have been or are being murdered, how long it takes you to be murdered, how much evidence you have (it will disappear), or any other factors regarding the victims, except for police maybe helping the criminals as much as possible, while covering their own behinds, and when the stalkers are stuck somewhere in their scheme police will jump in there to help them, then police may even laugh in your face if you try to report it.

Police have all manner of games to prevent the reporting or taking responsibility for being the police department charged with enforcing the law effectively, which perpetrators will actually claim is not the responsibility of law enforcement and attempt to spin it around that the victim has a duty toward law enforcement instead.

Perpetrators may declare that your breasts are not large enough to warrant police protection, perhaps especially if you rejected having implants that could potentially have resulted in more profits for peeping tom videos you were unaware were being recorded) or that you must earn police protection with sex or oral sex for police officers. This may include shower (in your own shower, where no policeman could ever see, of course, <wink> but you may receive a play-by-play of it) contests in a desperate attempt to protect your children from sexual predators and perverts, which may be "announced" at your place of employment if you work at one perpetrating chain. She appeared to not yet grasp how idiotic and immature many of these morons are, and I could not even file a police report regarding the elderly couple in there threatening to handle her children, due to police corruption and incompetence.

Now remember, police are known for being a mature group of professionals, somewhere on Planet Neptune, never known for anything close to junior boys' locker room behavior, so it is, of course, only perpetrators engaging in such activity claiming to be police officers.

Expect the murderers to do things like they did to me, giving me a strange "roast" the year following my late brother's death, with another one of them telling you it is their Christmas presents to one another the following Christmas, to mail chunks of the victim's flesh from the previous Christmas, who the term "Jesus." Expect the murderers to brag and rub your nose in the murders, such as calling my late brother, dragged 85 feet down I-35 to his death, "Road Runner." Also to hear things like "you've eaten human flesh before, you just don't know it."

Expect the murderers to disparage your loved ones, including the ones they have already murdered, such as accusing them of the very thing they hated most or fought most in life, such as fighting pedophiles, and being accused of being one even a decade after death.

Police may let you know you're the "dog" in the perpetrators' endless either/or challenges, by deniably driving by with the "Warning: K-9 Dog" or animal control (dog catcher), with accompanying commentary, which is, of course, always deemed ridiculous. Actually, animal control might "start the show" depending on your jurisdiction, kind of like they did in the ** right off the Plaza a few years ago.

Perpetrators will threaten the victim they are drugging with drug charges should they attempt to report it to police. Police reinforce this message in a vast multitude of ways. Then, perpetrators may exclaim that you have an "attitude."

While you and I know it is actually abnormal not to be infuriated at some level of injustice, (perps bank on using your own emotions against you while police help them escalate it until the only question becomes directing inward or outward, and in either case they will use it against you, so give it to God) police, and some of their dirty little mental health workers they appear to now conveniently have onboard, will take it out of context to use it against you, just like narcissists do, even if they have to drug or lobotomize you to get the footage, resulting in no known charges, of course.

Certainly not wanting to be thought to have an "attitude" as judged by a bunch of murdering perverts, be sure to always smile with a grateful attitude for law enforcement's complete and utter failure at the very reason for their existence as an entity, and even much worse than that, while you and I pay every minute or every day and night in every aspect of life for their compromise with evil, also while you and your loved ones are being trafficked, prostituted, infected, bred, ripped off, identities stolen, radared, poisoned, gassed, drugged, harvested, midnight operations, or whatever the murderers current whim might be. This is, of course, sarcasm.

Also note that perpetrators toxify victims, intentionally attempting to break down their immune system, doing many things over time to accomplish this. For example, is actually infecting victims with parasites allegedly because one of their freak doctors thinks it is an ancient secret that all disease begins with parasite infection.

Cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry in this country, with the last known statistics that one in three will now deal with cancer in their lifetime. Cancer deaths are not investigated to the best of my knowledge, of course, open murder does not appear to be either, nor "murders-in-progress" stopped, just concealed, rewritten, and spun around to blame the victims. Also note the rise of the cancer statistics, just like the mental health statistics.

It appears the criminals running loose all over this area, may actually profit from causing the illness and death of innocent men, women, and children, and they have little cop trolls, mostly mouthy, smart mouth, cocky ones, in male and female, which is absolutely disgusting.

Based on experience, police call the mental health facility when a stalking victim tries to report multiple perpetrator stalkers. Once perpetrators cause the victims' homelessness, police are then free to repeatedly make gaslighting remarks about how you must be mental, simply by the fact of homelessness, never acknowledging that it is due to their enduring, complete and utter incompetence and corruption. Once perpetrators cause the loss of vehicle, police excessively stop the stalking victim simply for walking, inquiring of mental health status due to walking. Police now appear to have their very own county mental health workers in order to facilitate the process.

Also note, Independence is where my late brother's body was taken, who called Lucy repeatedly to come and "get the body." The police and coroner's reports were excessively redacted, and there was no response to the request for the unredacted police and coroner's reports.The inquiry as to whether this was standard operating procedure for Kansas City Missouri Police Department, also went unanswered, meaning is the Coroner's Office situated for some reason in Independence for the KCMOPD?

The request for a homicide investigation included stating the suspicion that they intentionally (first claimed the accident was barely inside the KCMOPD jurisdiction from Claycomo, then changing it, like they do every bullchit story they lie to cover up, to several mile markers down the road, and sent the body to Independence), went around KCMO, but there was no official response received. In my experience the closest you are going to get to the truth is the first story or the first hour, be it local b.s. or national b.s. or international b.s.

Independence historically is a place I was forbidden from even being allowed to go when I was young, so there is a long history in my experience of Independence being pretty bad. This is not to say there are not nice neighborhoods and people in the area.

Note: I am not a licensed physician, nor are the people in the video. However, Dr. David McDermott, another narcissism author and blogger of concern, is. While he does not address the above issues, he shares his own experience with a cult. Dr. David McDermott's, also writes about his cult experience on his Decision-Making Confidence blog, if it has not been hacked and altered.

Unfortunately, and undoubtedly with no charges, it appears DoctorofMind, who we promoted for years, a physician who teaches other physicians about pharmaceuticals, and who began appearing to be drugged years ago, was perhaps, targeted. DoctorofMind shared such videos as stating Xanax should be taken off the shelf, and can actually cause the symptoms it is prescribed for, and others.

Now it appears all of his videos are gone from YouTube, except, of course, the ones ridiculing him for exactly what perpetrators did to him is generally the pattern. Can someone tell law enforcement what "drugging someone is?" They feign ignorant of everything else. Nevermind, I'm quite certain they know that one.

Note it is also the burden of every innocent citizen of Kansas City to determine whether the uniformed officer standing in front of you is trying to uphold the law to the best of their ability, has taken secret oaths or other conflicting interests, or some lunatic allowed to run around impersonating a police officer, in a "cruiser" in which the plexiglass is not even factory-installed, but looks like he installed it in a barn somewhere, drugging, "arresting," and kidnapping people. Police will allow him to just fax in the report, apparently, without question, containing order for the rest of your demise, write in their idiotic reverse.

Welcome to the shiny red apple of Kansas City! The following video says crime has been bad since the 80s, but in my experience it has been much worse since the "revitalization" of Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, with well over a billion dollars spent, and in my opinion, clearly a bad element and/or dirty money. Police rode on horses through downtown several years ago, perhaps, some even in "all their glory."

#1 Reason: The Crime Rate

The CIA or all of the Dirty Cops?

Federal Communication Commission Letter

The letter to the Federal Communication Commission was moved to Open Letter to the Federal Communication Commission in 2016 from Mission, Johnson County, Kansas.

Copyright Repeatedly Removed

This book still has not been written due to this ongoing situation.
This book still has not been written due to this ongoing situation. | Source

Johnson County Jail


Prairie Village Police Department

Wednesday, May 4th I was walking to the KCMO Public Library (trying to avoid hacker trolls) when I walked through the Mission Hills Country Club. There were three trolls who challenged me verbally, then an older man who verbally assaulted me (presenting himself as the manager), and threatened to call the police.

I have never had such a problem before peacefully walking through the Mission Hills Country Club, but on a previous visits I had left my website address for the managers, and documents for Mr. McCandless, then on the prior visit two perpetrating Missouri attorneys were playing golf trying to intimidate or threaten me, but I thought to myself I can put my nose up in the air, too, and did.

I exited the golf course and continued on my way to the KCMO Library. At the intersection of State Line (which is where psycho attorney in 2005 said he drives down every morning to work) an officer in a Prairie Village uniform (I don't think I was anywhere near Prairie Village), while sitting in a cruiser marked Mission Hills, addressed me verbally, while he was standing at the light and I was waiting for the light to change to cross the street into Missouri.

He asked me if I was the one at the golf course. I answered, "Yes. "He pulled over into the bank parking lot and began making a scene at the intersection with people looking, taking photographs and videoing. I would not show him my DL due to officers repeatedly asking for and taking my DL for no reason (identity theft in process and I have yet to receive a simple identity theft police report from Mission).

I told him to arrest me if he's going to or leave me alone. He grabbed my arm more than once, then would not let go even though I told him I have spinal and physical injuries he was hurting. He handcuffed me behind my back, which was also hurting my back injuries and sat me in the cruiser while 4 or 5 other cruisers pulled up making a scene. He did not read me my rights - Miranda or tell me what I was under arrest for.

I repeatedly asked why I was being arrested, and I could not catch my breath in the cruiser he left me sitting in alone while he talked to the other officers in multiple cruisers. He first mentioned "trespassing," then later "obstruction." I asked, Obstruction of what many times with no response, until he finally said "obstruction of the identity process."

Additionally, while at the intersection of Shawnee Mission Parkway and State Line Road, the officer asked me if I wanted medical attention. I stated I do not until I have reported all of these crimes. He called them anyway and I was gaslighted by a medical person, male - who attempted to get me to sign a release releasing Overland Park from liability. I refused.

He took me to the Prairie Village police station, (Toni was a Prairie Village dispatcher years ago, 1997 or so), pulling around in back. We exited the vehicle around back and he took me into a deserted part of the station, photographed and finger printed me.

He then stated to two other officers who were taking me into their custody after he sat at a computer for several minutes, that there was another incident in Westwood. That was a lie. Two other officers (perpetrators like to compartmentalize for passing the buck, inept responses and to avoid accountability "it wasn't me" "that's not my department" etc.) took me clear to Johnson County Jail on the or right off of the square in Olathe for "obstruction," which they claimed required me to see a judge. It was approximately 2:30 p.m.

Johnson County Jail

They then stated it would be in the morning before I would be able to see a judge, so I would be in jail over night. The paperwork stated I was signed in by A. (appears to be "J," call to station stated "Andrew") Ward- the same name of the officer on the falsified Overland Park police report from the 5/2014 drugging and kidnapping when *** *****, attorney, impersonated an Overland Park police officer.

Perpetrators later bragged of "having an officer in OPKS." I sat in a cell that was so cold I was shivering. This was causing spasms in my injured back, which the older female guard/officer at the guard desk responded - "You don't have a back injury."

I spent the next approximately 12 hours in a concrete cells with a metal bench shivering and having back spasms. I could not comfortably sit or lay down because I was so cold, as was the metal bench/bed. I asked for a blanket and informed the old female at the desk, as well as others, I have back injuries (numerous times) and was so cold I was shivering - which was causing back spasms.

She told me, finally, after many hours of asking for a blanket - "You'll get a blanket at midnight." That was the shift changed - when she walked out she sarcastically waved and smiled - I flipped her off it was so sarcastic (and it is unlike me to do so under normal circumstances) - still leaving me with no blanket.

Everyone else had blankets hours before I was given one when I had been asking for one all day. I could not sit or lay down comfortably that entire time due to the temperature, concrete, and metal furniture. (This is exactly what happened in Lenexa - in the lobby shivering all night).

Prior to being moved to another cell, a young black female was arrested right outside my cell. She appeared to be very upset and scared. I mouthed to her that she would be okay, thinking we were in Johnson County, Kansas, not Hilter's Germany. This child, (18 years old) repeatedly asked for food - for several hours.

Medical personnel finally saw me (not performing any kind of examination), and also refused to give me a blanket. When the next shift started there was a black male officer, who said he will give me a blanket after he takes care of everyone else. Everyone in custody gathered outside my cell in chairs and were given blankets while I continued to shiver.

I believe it was about 2:30 a.m., a couple of hours I think, after everyone else had gone to their cells with their blankets, before he took my photo, fingerprints and gave me a blanket. He also gave me a mat to sleep on and a pillow. I told him I need more than one pillow in order to elevate my head while sleeping for medical reasons, I believe I mentioned that I had swallowed lye (Drain-o) as a child. (This sometimes causes me to aspirate in my sleep and my head in supposed to be elevated, as well as the historic operation being altered by perpetrators making it much worse than it ever was, with no charges, of course).

He refused to provide me with an additional pillow. So I asked him if I could have an additional blanket to elevate my head. He refused.To the best of my knowledge, the child (18) never did get any dinner. Additionally, I barely woke up in the middle of the night hearing someone screaming who I believe was her.

The next morning a man came to my cell and told me the charges were dismissed. I never saw a judge. I was let out of jail and walked 16 hours from Olathe back to Mission, after briefly visiting the prosecutor's office completely exhausted.

I was not allowed a phone call and my cell phone was dead, as well as my contact list lost when psycho attorney drugged and kidnapped me in 5/2014 and my Verizon cell phone (which also had photographic evidence on it) was not returned to me.

During that walk, while crossing the interstate, which I had to do in order to get home, a Lenexa uniformed officer (who may have been "Mr. Smiley") on a motorcycle approached me while I was walking down what I believe was a public path, a golf cart paved path (golf course) on the north side of K-10.

In any case, a large (huge, really, let alone in a police uniform, which can be very intimidating, while incarcerated, throwing a temper tantrum, using obscenity, to someone young or with a background of abuse, very muscular, with arms the size that perhaps cause issues fitting in a normal sleeveless shirt, 40ish) bald white male came on duty I believe at midnight. He then walked by the young black girl's cell (mine was next to it) and said, "I don't give a f*ck what you want." She then said, crying, "You promised." (She was still trying to get something to eat as she had been all evening). He responded, "I didn't promise you a thing, bi*ch!"

I am disgusted by what I witnessed there, besides the very reason I was even there in the first place. The next thing I noticed was her saying she was "not going to pee in a hole." They have cells with nothing but a drain in the middle of the room (based on what I could see on the monitors in the guard station from my cell), which are displayed on monitor at the desk where all of the officers sit.

So, for allegedly being caught smoking pot, this young girl (18) was not fed the entire night, humiliated to either not use the bathroom or squat in a drain on camera (where I could also see the monitor in addition to all of the officers (male and female) and whomever else). Then, as I previously mentioned, I woke up late in the night to someone screaming, and I think it was her.

Note: This is essentially as previously articulated, including the latter part a few days after returning to my apartment in Mission. Gangstalker Commentary this morning (this was articulated and posted to FB on Kansas City Gangstalking - Exposing this Crap on or about May 9th), I was threatened that "the police brutality is going to get worse if you don't stop."

Now I am being threatened with bodily harm to stay in their jurisdiction rather than crossing over into KCMO. (I was arrested last Wednesday at State Line Road for absolutely no legitimate reason whatsoever) for "obstruction." Obstruction of what I don't know, but they finally said, "Obstruction of the identity process." Funny, when I have been trying to get a simple identity theft report for months

.Additionally, gangstalkers have stated that they (dirty cops) submitted the crime tips and took credit for solving the crimes I reported in order to cover their a*sses for not taking a full police report from me in the last six months I have been trying to report numerous crimes.

Hence, my email was hacked last month (documentation deleted regarding the run around from Ashley of the City of Mission leading to the suspension of my DL, as well as documentation, including emails sent to "Officer Bieberbach" of the Mission Police Department from the business card he provided me in the Mission Police Station), followed by my flash drive being stolen out of my home (more documented submissions), then my backpack being stolen and documents (the entire folder, including quite a bit of documentation, submissions, and a log of the dates of what I hand delivered in writing to who) removed before I found it on the side of the road missing key items and documents a couple of days later.

It also appeared they lied about the date my only other visit to their jail years prior. Years prior I had been in jail in Johnson County, Kansas when I was stopped in Wyandotte County, Kansas, and they claimed I had not paid a speeding ticket for years prior. This was a speeding ticket when I was 21 year, the first day I drove a brand new 200SX and opened it up. At that time, they took me to Johnson County rather than Wyandotte County jail. There was then posted after this arrest, a photo of a male with my name and date of birth, and I know this was also to disparage me in the police computer. I think I was drugged during this ordeal, and perpetrators had removed even my bottom teeth during the 2014 drugging and kidnapping, among many other injuries and losses.

This jail is in absolutely alarming condition and needs to be of immediate concern and corrective action. Also note, in their "James Bond" ways, there was a full size diesel wrecker with "Dale's Automotive" at the entrance to the jail, on the other side of the chain length fence. This is a reference to the male who gave me up for adoption as an infant, not the local business.

Lenexa Police Department: Reporting Stalkers

February 28, 2016: I walked 6.5 hours from Mission, Johnson County, Kansas to Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas Police Department with the known multiple physical injuries, after the loss of my vehicle due to perpetrator crimes.

I caught the dispatcher lying in her little game on the phone as I got closer to 87th and Quivira, near Four Colonies. It also appeared that she gave the original responding officer incorrect location information to prevent him from getting to me first.

As I walked by my child and I's past apartment, The Crossings, multiple police cruisers surrounded me. I ended up dealing with just one cruiser with two under 40 white males, who appeared bent on me not continuing, after all of that walking, to the police station. However, my bag was searched, upon my insistence to continue, and they took me the rest of the way to the police station.

The only reason this was pursued at all was because of the games at Mission Police Department. When a stalking victim tries to report multiple perpetrator stalking police do everything in their power to prevent it.

Upon entering the police station, I then began giving the framework of these crimes to a third officer, with more than one cop standing there, at approximately 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, February 28, 2016, who identified himself as the Sergeant. This middle aged white male listened to a small fraction of the framework before he interrupted me to ask what is happening now, and began to gaslight me some minutes later. He stated a validating sentence, then immediately stated the opposite.

These cops also know damn good and well "what happened in the last 24 hours?" is removing the context, etc. He then, with his little video recorder running, offered to provide me a ride back to Mission, which was never provided. “You can file a police report or you can leave.” This was in response to me challenging the beefcake white male on two lies within approximately 7 minutes (Not the helpful young officer from Boston, but the other officer in the cruiser).

I finally started walking at 7:30 a.m. the following morning, after repeatedly being told “the whole police department” is on first a burglary call, then a fire call, while I was shivering in the waiting room all night, putting my injured back in spasms.

The female at the desk, the dispatcher I guess, seemed quite amused by the whole situation. I had stepped outside to smoke a cigarette around 7:00 a.m. and saw two police cruisers leaving the parking lot – one went east and the other west on 87th Street, undoubtedly to the call that "the whole" police department was on.

I then attempted to get an email address to use, since I was not allowed to finish my report beyond maybe 15 minutes or so (I am guessing and I was exhausted) and was not provided one. Additionally, I placed a QT cup in the trash can, of a drink that had been spiked, purchased en route. I was drugged or poisoned, again.

I ended up articulating several pages, and photographing them with my Verizon picture phone. These photos were hacked and switched out on my Verizon picture phone, of which I am absolutely certain. They were dated the next day, too. These articulations were submitted to the Clerk of the Court around the police department, in their drop-box.

My Teenage Child's Targeting 20 Years Ago

My child and I were living in The Crossings when she was first targeted, based on what I see in retrospect. That is in Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas. Note I visited Lenexa Police Department repeatedly when my child was being targeted as a teenager, not one cop mentioned to me she was being targeted, that this was an organized effort, or that it would continue - that was two decades ago.

Once again, quite the opposite, Lenexa Police Department took my teenage child to jail to "teach her a lesson," even though they knew she was dropped to the ground and did not even strike back. It was one of the hardest things I ever did, allowing her to sit in jail, juvy, over the weekend.

On Monday morning I could see it was breaking her spirit, and told her appointed attorney, that's enough. While he was appointed to defend her best interest, he disagreed claiming he thought she needed to stay for a week. I spent the next two days, going around her appointed counsel, to finally get her out of jail for something she did not do in the first place.

I vividly recall there being a white female officer, and I believe the other officer was a white male. At the time, I thought my child was heading in the wrong direction, and the damn cops knew damn good and well, I am convinced at this point, that she was being targeted. As I have repeatedly stated, even worse than that. This was a portion of the divide and conquer.

Additionally, it is a targeting theme for the victim to have their driver's license suspended, if they are old enough to drive. I took off school three times to defend her regarding traffic citations, speeding tickets, I believe, but by the time she went to Slidell, Tammany Parrish, Louisiana in July 2006, she had a suspended driver's license, lasting for several years, about 800 miles from home.

That was because as a responsible parent, trusting the integrity of law enforcement at the time, instructed her she was going to have to stop speeding, and moved out of the way of the natural consequences. When my children, which includes grandchildren, returned to me in 2011, I paid tickets in Leavenworth, I believe it was, and Edwardsville, and got her license reinstated. So the freakoids in Mission stated that was the reason my driver's license was suspended, in their idiotic and endless "either/or" scenarios.

If you have followed us for a time, you might recall the documentation regarding that situation in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, (along with the directed conversation from the bench on another occasion of "Tom's baby"), with the judge, whose appearance was reminiscent of the Trustee of the Kansas and Missouri Bankruptcy Courts whose very life is of concern still, opening the court stating the wrong time, with stated time being more than four hours off, which stated time itself appears to have been an echo of the time of birth (mine) and/or death (Greg Schrader's), and the assertion of "just get it paid." Their warrants are compartmentalized, undoubtedly for ping pong deniability. Also recall after it was stated the yellow school zone light was not flashing, that it was removed from the sign, on the very steep hill I was going down when stopped.

Recall also the lying on the bench during this court session, and the refusal to review the documentation regarding his staff, while also recalling that recording devices are not allowed in their courtroom, as well as the threat of incarceration if I did not "shut up and sit down" (I was not talking to anyone, but had just quietly stepped out of the ladies room), while demanding my drvier's license (another echo) issued by their bailiff just prior to court, with Barney and another officer standing right behind me as I addressed the judge, which was non-verbal intimidation.

Additionally, a couple of years later during the year of the police report, 2016, I noticed in their police station lobby on the wall striking likeness of Spike and the late Kenny Sickman. Once I noticed them, they were removed from the walls, literally taking the framed photos off of the wall. (The freaks later attempted to claim, while two landlords lied about the date of my move from Mission, that me moving was the cause of his death).

Spike's striking likeness appeared rather tan. Note Spike headed up a thriving medical malpractice section at Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin, with the late Kathy Kelsay (dying shortly after retirement is another potential theme) as a secretary, which as I recall, they decided to end the medmal section in spite of it being a thriving practice with Spike as a superior mentor to young lawyers, based on my personal observations in the capacity as a legal secretary at that time in 1999-2000. I tried to contact Spike, with noted responses from staff. Recall also that Spike appeared mad as hell in 2005, when the stalking lawyer took me across the street to the deli to fire me, something I do not even think he had the power to do. (The promised, "You're Fired, Where Are You Going?" post was interrupted by stalkers). This conversation is the reference of "Uh, I don't have an answer for that."

I am in my fifties, and have never had a suspended driver's license for any period of time, but that has been the case for several years now. My late brother's driver's license was also suspended, but he was allegedly driving around trying to protect his young child. This appears to be because these psychos prefer to hunt their human prey on foot, which is disgustingly reminiscent of the stories one heard years ago about the Klansmen allegedly taking a black person out to the woods, taking his shirt and shoes, and telling him to run while a gang of them hunted him. It literally appears to be the modern, suburban (as well as rural) equivalent, regardless of your skin color.

Additionally, a psycho cop twice struck my foot while I was walking through his Fairway, Kansas, jurisdiction to the point it was difficult and painful to continue walking. My child suffered a broken foot years ago.

Then, a few months ago, this many years later, in the summer of 2019, Lenexa Police Department pulled a big stunt, lying and gaslighting in order to accomplish it, with that same telltale smirk on his face the entire time. He was so very proud of himself.

Some of these cops are nuts, truly. They are like dealing with martians or something, apparently from brainwashing, I guess. There will be more about this below. Also note all of this should have been taken care of years ago, privately, and my children and I should have long ago been restored and gotten on with our lives, but for dirty cops. Therefore, once again, we advocate for the cleaning out of these police departments.

Can you strut up and down the corridors of KCI as if you're effective at something? Why not apply to the police force? Start your reign today!

Steve Jobs on Privacy

Steve Jobs Privacy Video

No, really. He was sick for a long time, he just kept it secret. Really. He didn't become ill when he got in the way, really. No, seriously. He died of cancer, doi. Who investigates cancer deaths? What's an orchestrated double bind for public disparaging so the emperor can have his way while appearing reasonable? Let's find out in the next video! Oops, allegedly, of course, and only for entertainment purposes, and be sure not to hold your face wrong, like it could be a possibility.

Note: He had been sick for a long time, but just did not tell anyone is the precise story I was told when the paralegal who tried to warn me at SWR in 2011, suddenly died very shortly thereafter - I mean a day or two later. Also note, these freakoids impersonate common people and rewrite history, so keep watching for the story to potentially be transformed over time, beyond any original spin, which could even include impersonating him on alleged past videos.

Uh huh...Boundaries on Emperors?

What's a back door? Let's ask Bill Gates.

Overland Park Police Department: Reporting Stalkers

One might think that a city like Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas, one of the most highly educated and wealthiest cities in this country, would set an example. Well, it is quite a pathetic example they set.

There were two trips to Overland Park Police Department while trying to report multiple perpetrator stalkers, which began in early 2016. Recall that this police department is the jurisdiction in which my then toddler grandchild and I lived, with my child having a bedroom in the basement, during the severe 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking.

This is also the police department for which I believe Paul worked, a cop I was getting to know in the AOL Kansas City Over 40 room. My hope is that Paul is okay, and not targeted. My concern is that his likeness may have been used as a reference to the alleged late Robin's husband, also a cop.

I only ever met Robin one time, and I do not even know her married last name, but Dale claimed in 2006 that she died the same way I had nearly just died. Robin and I have different mothers, but were conceived by the same sperm. She is only six months younger than I am, but the one time I met her she was of substantially the same appearance as my friend, Jaime, but a much different personality.

Neither visit resulted in a police report. During one visit I submitted documents around the two perpetrating uniformed officers likely the psycho attorney or one of his buddies, and his sidekick, Mr. Smiley, into the always available fine collection box.

During the other visit I spoke to two uniformed officers who due to construction or remodeling instructed me to meet them in one of the front rooms, which was full of computers and a printer. The white male sat there with a notepad, but wrote only one word on it. The female sat there talking to me as if I was a mentally challenged 12 year old gaslighting me while claiming she did not know what gaslighting is.

After several minutes of this, with the officer claiming over and over that I was going to have to report a crime if I wanted a police report, which I was doing, stated she was going to have to ask me to leave the building. That was just to continue her show, there were no raised voices or anything else.

She was quite proud of herself, barely able to contain her grin, which particularly showed at the corners of her mouth. If you are unfamiliar with the narcissism literature, this is an often described scenario, easily recognizable once one realizes how differently, backwards, the thinking of some people truly is.

While sitting in this room full of computers I asked to print off the approximately 55 articulations in order to proofread and sign them. The response was that they cannot print anything off of the internet, and this is not the only police department to assert such lame excuses.

While returning to my then Mission, Johnson County, Kansas perpetrator coined "death house" apartment, during one of these trips, the commentary was, "This is an arc and I don't mean Noah's. Stay the hell out of Overland Park, b*tch!" (In the alternatively, the substantially similar language may have been "Stay out of Overland Park, b*tch!), with a uniformed officer standing down and across the street from me. This caused me to have to stop for several minutes.

Do you enjoy knocking over little old ladies' grocery carts? Dog piling on innocent men, women, and children? No backbone, morals, or observation skills, but enjoy bullying exceedingly better human beings around? Why not join law enforcement today?

City of Fairway: Reporting Stalkers

Since I have been walking after losing my automobile in the May 2014 drugging and kidnapping, originating in Mission, Kansas at The Village Inn, and progressing into Overland Park, Kansas, where *** *****, attorney-at-law whom I previously worked for at ******* in 2005, and who I understand to be the Executive Vice President of ******* *****, in Corporate Woods, impersonated an Overland Park Police Officer, in a white Ford traditional-looking police cruiser, (note the Smithville Lake previous articulation regarding these cruisers) but with a tank in the backseat, and placing a tube through, in between the plexiglass, which was clearly not factory installed, into the encased area in the backseat, where I was handcuffed, and heard the noise of the gasses being turned on and off through the hose, as my head bobbed and I faded in and out of consciousness several times, in addition to the physical injuries inflicted upon me during the commission of these crimes, and losing my Verizon phone, prior to applying for this cheat, crappy Sprint Lifeline phone, I attempted to notify Fairway Police Department that I am being stalked and often in their jurisdiction.

I attempted to advise Fairway Police Department I am often in their jurisdiction by submitting typewritten documentation and photographic evidence to the clerk sitting on the northern side of the window within the City Hall building of the City of Fairway. She clearly attempted to implement the "jurisdiction jumping" routine the first of the three times I submitted documents to her, informing me, a 51 year old grown adult with a law degree and KU Law jacket on, what I could submit to the Fairway Police. She then went through the documentation as she made copies and was asked to submit same to the Fairway Police Department in a sealed envelope. She was increasing more aggressively and unnecessarily rude by the third visit.

Note also she was provided with the photograph of my then about kindergarten age grandchild appearing to be in need of urgent medical attention as if he were about to pass out, with a broken arm and bloody left eye, while Sam and Robyn appeared to be celebrating. This photo was also shown to the woman in the office of the Mission Catholic Diocese/Knights of Columbus Hall. Note I could barely stand to view the photo, but neither of these two appeared to find it the slightest bit disturbing, which is in and of itself quite disturbing.

Administrative Police Policies Regarding Making Copies While Innocent Citizens Attempt to Report Serious Serial Crimes and Criminals

Additionally, she then, not unlike the last time I submitted hand delivered documentation to the Mission Police Department and was sent, in the rain, with known physical injuries, and barely enough money to my name to make copies, after the Mission Police Department previously making copies of numerous hand delivered documents submitted to the clerk within the Mission Police Department, articulating some of the numerous crimes being posted on this blog (previous Blogger blog, due to the gross negligence of police duties, and in some cases, active participation in the "#fangrocking", slow-kill murder for sex, profit and power scheme, claimed there was a charge for the copies and envelope. She then told me the next time I will need to walk to the Police Department to make any submissions, not to submit documentation to the police department via City Hall, even though I was on foot.

I was informed where the police station was, previously of the understanding it was some distance south. When I entered Fairway Police Department, trying to report commentary regarding Mr. McCandless, whom I previously worked for at Shook, Hardy & Bacon, it was broadcast over the radio, "She's crazy," prior to me barely saying a word. I was then told it would be at least 20 minutes before someone would be available. I sat there for a few minutes, then left.

Note I ended up walking clear down to Shook Hardy's offices in order to warn Scott myself. On the walk back, Mr. McCandless was impersonated to me walking into the wrong house in Fairway, much as Mr. O'Connor was walking into the wrong house in Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas, when he was impersonated to me.

Note Fairway Police Department's aggressive following, chasing really, me around their jurisdiction, on one ocassion. Recall the previously articulated electronic strikes causing material, most especially with small amounts of spandex in it, to "pucker" in a straight line across, first the genital area, then progressing, while living in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, and recognized in retrospect as having occurred in Westbrooke Glenn in Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas with my yoga pants, when police began sitting in the parking lot between my apartment and the mailbox, which I walked to and from daily. Also the pin light like strikes that break down the material, with these not thought to be from law enforcement as the line strikes.This causes jeans, for example, to begin to fit looser, and eventually leads to the appearance of the material dry rotting. These electronic strikes may also be evidenced on the skin, as is the case with my legs especially in recent years.

Also note the two occasions of the police cruiser setting in the Hen House parking lot in Fairway, where he would have the longest range of me walking by, and my foot being struck so badly as to barely be able to continue walking. It is a unique and uncomfortable or painful feeling. Also recall that my child suffered a broken foot many years ago during her Johnson County, Kansas targeted in her teenage and following years, and she had young, strong, healthy bones, being bigger boned than myself, at least prior to all of the criminal activity these psychos have executed against us over decades.

Faith for the Journey

There was someone with her family at Kansas City International Airport in the winter of 2017/8, that looked so much like Beth Moore, except shorter, I think I did a double take.

Final Thoughts

These are not really my final thoughts. My final thoughts will not exist until there is justice, restitution, and damages, among other things for victims.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2020 Kelly Ann Christensen


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