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Represenation without Taxation

Updated on May 30, 2012

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The Question

Jonesy0311 posed the question of whether America is on the road to serfdom. He then clarified his point by saying, "Look at your paycheck and recognize the percentage which goes directly to your Masters. Did ancient serfs ever pay 40% to their lords?" The answer to this question may actually surprise many of you. We are already there. We are already slaves of one sort or another due to governmental meddling. We are not free.

The Great Overlord Sam

The use of taxation to "redistribute wealth" and the system by which it is justified (the concept of a "social safety net") makes it so you are either a participant or a victim in the destruction of freedom. Consider filing for taxes. It is required by law no matter if you made $1000, or $1,000,000. If you don't and get caught there are a variety of varying punishments received. So we all filed taxes because the Great Overlord Sam has demanded it under the guise of the IRS (none of which individuals who work for or run it are elected). If you make over a certain amount you are taxed. If you make under a certain amount you are given money. There is no choice in the matter. Since I am currently a student I have gotten money that does not belong to me. They call it a tax refund, but it isn't. It is theft. So what can I do about it? Should I give the money back? Who to? The fact of the matter is we are serfs. We have no control over this. If you or I refuse to pay taxes the result is fines, the forced taking of our property and final imprisonment. If we refuse to go willingly and attempt to defend our freedom the next result is bodily harm and injury. Government is violence controlled. Big government is violence uncontrolled.

The Lie of Free Money

What is more, the people who have no scruples about taking money that is not theirs are electing people who give them more. This is the case of the people of Rome voting for more bread and circuses. I have coined a phrase for this phenomena which I call Representation Without Taxation. These people have no vested interest in the economic success of the nation accept where it related to how much "free money" they get. The lie is that this money is not free, but comes with chains attached. It is there for interesting to note that for the most part people who are on government welfare programs or who are extremely low income vote predominately liberal (in the USA that is Democrat, for the rest of the world, any party that advocates socialist behavior). I have written an article on this subject and I hope you will have time to enjoy it. It is titled Give Me Liberty or Give Me Security: The Castration of Freedom.


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    • ibbarkingmad profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Middleton 

      7 years ago from Southern Utah

      Yah, in recent times I have discussed the Tea Party and Occupy Movements and realized that while both have a sort of sense and kind of the right idea, both have been distracted from the real issues sooner or later (the Occupy Movement sooner, the Tea Party later). There is a big shell game going on with two political parties. One represents large and very powerful government control while the other generally represents large business and corporations. In the end we are the dupes and marks because we keep following the shells while our money, our liberty and our freedom (they are different) are being sold to the highest bidder in the name of the government-industrial complex. I have nothing against large businesses if they are honest, but the way government and business has been melding together makes me shiver. Corporatism has been around for a long time. Also know as Crony Capitalism and Mercantilism this nasty little idea has reared its ugly head in Fascist nations and in Europe before democracy took hold.

    • platinumOwl4 profile image


      7 years ago

      This average American is more familiar with African slavery than European serfdom. This is by design,it makes it easier for the overlord to control you. If my house is on fire and I wake-up and the fireman is there I am grateful. Until I discover he was the one who started the fire. Most American are so distracted with football,explicit movies, beer, and plasma TV until they refuse to see the impending calamity. Old movies can give you a clue. I found this on youtube The Adventures of Robinhood.


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