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GOP: Republican Contender for 2012

Updated on August 28, 2013
President Obama: The Thinker
President Obama: The Thinker
Rick Perry
Rick Perry | Source

2012 - Time to Elect A President

Time to select the Republican challenger to President Obama in 2012 came. The Republican pool started out pretty full, but dwindled down to two candidates.

Rick Perry of Texas started the race looking quite Presidential, that is until he opened his mouth and showed his ignorance to the American people and the world. This is what we Texans have been dealing with for several years now. Rick Perry finally saw the light and conceded the race, but not without endorsing Newt Gingrich. It has been said that Gingrich and his campaign had been pressuring Perry to step down before the South Carolina Caucus. And just in the nick of time, Perry says he's out. Gingrich said that he felt Sarah Palin would work well with his office if he were elected, anything short of actually committing to offering her a position as his running mate for VP; this just after receiving her endorsement.

Another candidate, Michele Bachmann should have taken the same road as Palin and stepped away from the scene. She carried to much personal, as well as political baggage to be taken seriously. She could have easily be offered the same perks as Palin to run as VP so that they could pull the female vote. However, this strategy didn't work to well for them the last time around. And Bachmann saw the writing on the wall. The American people don't have a problem voting for a woman, but she would have to be a qualified woman. Michele Bachmann, finally read the writing on the wall and stepped out of the race as well.

Herman Cain had been embroiled in too much controversy to be taken serious. His moral fiber came into question, something the conservatives wouldn't dismiss; as well they shouldn't. However, he's not completely gone, he's working in the shadows, traveling and getting support for the Republican Party.

The contenders Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Most of the extremely right wing conservatives, the Tea Party supporters and the like shifted to Newt Gingrich. Smart choice maybe; however Mr. Gingrich himself carried quite a bit of baggage that hadn't even begun to resurface yet. Gingrich became nasty on the campaign trail, something that might have worked with Tea Party supporters, but not the average conservative supporter.

  1. Newt Gingrich admitted to smoking pot and in 2003 came clean on his dependency to oxycontin. Today he calls, Medical Marijuana a joke. While legalizing medical marijuana has opened up another venue for corruption and misuse, in the long run, it has helped many individuals get through the pain and suffering of debilitating illness.
  2. Newt in 1995 was pushing for a referendum on drugs. Kill anyone who imports drugs by mass into the U.S.; drug users to do public service work twice a week; people on welfare must pass a drug test because they are receiving government funds. This showed just how out of touch Mr. Gingrich was with the American people. He assumed that if you are on welfare that you are automatically involved in drugs. Seeing those in need as second class citizens. If Mr. Gingrich wasn't as wealthy as he is and as disconnected, he would have realized that since the economic debacle under President Bush and the lack of bipartisanship in Congress, there are many Americans on welfare and unemployment, not because of drugs, but because of the economic downturn. As well as many veterans coming off a ten year war, who will return to underpaying jobs if any at all that they qualify for.
  3. Family Values, something that Newt Gingrich has stumped on many a times and gotten paid to speak on. Where were those family values when he had an affair while married to his first wife and leaving her while she was fighting for her life from cancer? Where were those when he was having an affair with a staff member, while married to his second wife and asking her if she would be willing to have an "open" marriage? Better yet, asked his mistress to marry him, when he had not even asked his second wife for a divorce?
  4. Ethics and Moral Judgement are two things that Newt Gingrich tries to espouse around the campaign trail. He is a man that can be trusted. In 1978, his moral judgment clearly showed his sexist way of thinking. Claiming that his female opponent would have to leave her husband and children in the care of a nanny, espousing neglect on her part if she were elected. Again, during the Clinton and Lewinsky case, he pushed on moral values for the presidents impeachment, all the while, having an affair himself. And definitely not the last issue that would come up, but one that I touched on; Mr. Gingrich used his government funded office to allow lobbyists to work out of; as well as falsifying documents 13 times. From this the ethics committee sent him a letter of reprimand and a fine for $300,000.

Newt Gingrich is, was and ever shall be an out of touch politician, who ran as an outsider; 33 plus years does not make you an outsider. Apparently the people of Virginia believed this to be true as Gingrich would not be on the primary ballot for that state. He failed to meet the requirement of signatures to be placed on the ballot.

The second contender, Mitt Romney, could not prove himself to the American people, but he did to the right wing conservatives. The extreme right wing supported the only remaining candidate out of necessity.

In the end, the GOP could not close the deal and take control of the White House.

2016 -- Soon Be Upon Us

2016- Who will take the White House?

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  • profile image

    jjs 6 years ago

    I refuse to vote for Obama for a 2nd term. Don't like the choices being given for the GOP, either. Boy, it sucks to be me right now because it's like I don't have a choice from which to select somebody to vote for!