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Republican Debates - Informative or Reality TV?

Updated on January 14, 2013

If you have been following the recent Republican debates it has been quite entertaining. Most of the voting public tunes in to watch these debates to learn more about the different candidates views on issues that affect them and the country as a whole. We tune in to see how each candidate measures up to our expectations of what a presidential candidate looks like. We want to see how comfortable a candidate is answering the tough questions asked of them. We want to see if their answers are knowledgeable and accurate. It's pretty much like a job interview with we the public being the employer, and the candidates being the job seeker. We want to make sure they are a good fit for the position we are looking to fill. We are looking for relevant information from the candidates so we can make an informed decision as to who we think has the most knowledge and presents themselves in a professional and presidential light, but is this what we are getting from the recent presidential debates?

In my opinion these debates resemble some of the reality shows I watch every week. In some of these recent debates, I am waiting for one of the candidates to throw a drink in the face of their opponent. I expect at any minute the candidates would be seen scuffling on the floor like we see on reality television.The behavior I have seen from these candidates has not reflected the presidential demeanor I would expect from candidates vying for the job of president. Don't get me wrong, I have been thoroughly entertained, but I can't say I have been given a lot of information that I didn't already know. Are debates televised to inform us or entertain us?

This country is facing some serious issues domestically and internationally. Surely, we should be discussing what these candidates have outlined to begin to solve some of these issues. I would like to hear what specific plans they have to solve these problems, not answers taken from their campaign speeches. The tough questions should be asked and the candidates should be expected to answer those questions with knowledge and accuracy showing their potential presidential leadership. On these recent debates I have seen arrogance, inaccuracy, divisiveness and some candidates being evasive on relevant questions being asked of them.

When I am choosing a candidate for president, some of the issues that are relevant to me are:

CHARACTER - This is definitely a relevant issue because the character of a person defines that person. That persons morals and ethics is most important in relation to the job as president. This person will be our representative to the world. Character matters very much in electing a president.

PERSONAL FINANCES - This is important to me because how you handle your personal finances is a pretty good indication of how you will handle the nations finances. It is no different than when you apply for a job and the employer requests a check of your credit report. They do this to see how responsible you are with your personal finances to determine how responsible and honest you will be with their finances. A candidates personal finances is very important information that should be considered when electing a president.

PLAN FOR AMERICA'S FUTURE - I want to know what each of these candidates plan is for America's future in regard to unemployment, solving the housing crisis, position on ending and starting wars, education, gas prices, issues in the Middle East and any other issues this country will be facing in the future.

These debates should be solely focused on these issues because the candidate that is ultimately selected as president will have to deal with these issues and many more. These debates should be focused less on entertaining and more on providing sound and solid information to assist the American people in making an informative decision for the office of President of the United States of America.


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