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Republican National Convention By the Numbers

Updated on July 22, 2016

The 2016 Republican National Convention held its 100th convention at the Quicken Loans Area in Cleveland, Ohio from Monday, July 18 through Thursday, July 21, 2016. This was the third time the Republican National Convention was held at this location. The first time was back in 1924. The second time was in 1936.

Cleveland was just one of six cities in line to host the Republican National Convention. On April 2, 2014, the Republican National Committee announced that Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City and Las Vegas were the finalists for hosting the convention. By late June 2014, the list had been narrowed down to only Cleveland and Dallas as the final two contenders to be the host city. On July 8, 2014, Cleveland was selected.

Purpose of the RNC

The convention is administrated by the Republican National Committee for the purpose of officially nominating a candidate for the upcoming United States presidential election to be held in November. Additionally, the convention is held to adopt the party's platform and rules for the election.

The main purpose of the 2016 Republican National Convention was for Donald J. Trump to accept the party's nomination to become the 45th President of the United States. That came on the last night of the convention. Michael Pence accepted his Vice President nomination on Wednesday night.


The Republican National Convention has 2,472 delegates who attended the event. Trump needed 1,237 required to win the presidential nomination. That's half of the total, plus one.

Donald Trump received 1,725 delegates before the convention began. The other 16 candidates received from 2 to 484 delegates.

Highlights of the Convention

Before Trump accepted the nomination for the Republican Party, many other activities took place during the first three nights of the convention.

  • On Monday, July 18, Donald Trump introduced his third wife, Melanie. She spoke about her husband being a good family man who is fair. Then she plagiarized parts of First Lady Michele Obama's speech that was given at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.
  • On Tuesday, July 19, Tiffany Trump, and Donald Trump, Jr. spoke on behalf of their father.
  • On Wednesday, July 20, Eric Trump explained why his father would be good for the country as its president. Vice-President nominee, Michael Pence accepted his nomination.
  • On the final night of the convention, Donald Trump accepted the nomination for the Republican candidate to be the next president. Trump was introduced by his oldest daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Convention Themes

"Make America Safe Again"
"Make American Work Again"
"Make America First Again"
"Make America One Again"

Singers of the National Anthem

Monday Night
Marlana VanHoose
20-year-old singer who has been blind since birth
Tuesday Night
Dan Polk
Cleveland native who sings at the Cleveland Indians' games
Wednesday Night
Abby Paskvan
20-year old gospel singer used Whitney Houston's 1991 recording as inspiration
Thursday Night
Ayla Brown
Daughter of former US Senator Scott Brown and former “American Idol" Season 5 contestant

Interesting Things About the RNC

  • Usually, the Democratic and Republican conventions are held after the Summer Olympics. This year both conventions come before the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics. This is different from the 2008 and 2012 conventions.
  • This was the first Republican National Convention held entirely in July since 1980.
  • Donald Trump is the first presidential nominee of a major party who has never had a political job or being in the military since Wendell Willkie, the Republican candidate in 1940.
  • Donald Trump is the first presidential nominee of a major party without any political experience at all since General Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952.
  • PayPal founder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel was the first openly gay to speak at the Republican Convention in 16 years. The billionaire made it known that he was gay, a Republican and a citizen of America.
  • Twitter and CBS News jointly live streamed the entire convention on Twitter.
  • About 50,000 people attended the convention.
  • About 15,000 members of the media were on hand to cover the convention

Trump's acceptance speech was 75 minutes long. It was the longest acceptance speech in 44 years.

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