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Republican Party Hamstrung By a Buffoon by Merwin

Updated on September 11, 2010

The Presidential Megalomaniacal Buffoon

( originally written on my old blogsite 5/17/09 )

The title of this essay is a bit misleading in two ways.

First, I am not (at this time) speaking of the sitting President rather it is George W. I speak of.

Second, I don't think he really is a buffoon but simply intended to project the characteristics of one.

The ultra-conservative movement has a few areas that are problematic and in the next few paragraphs I hope to touch on a couple that I think are the most difficult. And then I will tie it all in with the buffoon assertion.

The Republican Party regained a lot of it's ancient muscle memory at the time of the Reagan administration. The collective persona of the party grew into what later became known as the religious right.

Here is where I believe we can see our difficulties.

I don't really have a problem with politics being populated with outspoken believers, our founding fathers were nearly all pious and devout and vocal about it. What I find troubling is that on the whole we seemed to have earned a reputation as being arrogant bigots, especially in the last twenty or so years.

Never mind the sound economic measures that were implemented during that time, we are only remembered as self-righteous flag waving, religious rednecks with a sin axe to grind.

The economics of the Reagan Administration, what is now called trickle down economics were first introduced and advocated by Pres. John F. Kennedy (a democrat), and probably would have seen its first application through him, should he have lived.

After Reagan gave it life so to speak, George Herbert Walker Bush (who in the primaries against Reagan, termed it Voodoo Economics) continued that economic program (with variations) when he was elected.

The economics (at least on the surface) were a stunning success and with the advent and growth of Rev. Falwell's Moral Majority, followed by the Christian Coalition, the Republican Party had strong legs to stand on.

Then the "Democratic Rhodes Scholar" and his wife were elected and we had eight years of them, with the GOP not losing too much strength.

But evidently, something had to done (by the powers that be) to bring it down to a balanced, non-arrogant view of itself. But more importantly to pop the bubble of political empowerment enjoyed by the "religious right".

Enter The Buffoon.

Now without going all conspiracy theory on you, let me explain that I am personally certain there is much more to the motives of "the correction" other than simply to deliver a "spanking" to an obnoxious political child. But most of that is not for this essay.

George W. shows up around election time, acting all presidential and humble, and born again and subservient to the wishes of those who he wishes to be elected by.

He selects as his running mate (not on a whim) Cheney. Neither of these guys are idiots, neither of these guys in the long run exhibited impressively good moral behavior. Bush as a matter of fact displayed fluctuating religious convictions inordinate with his claims of being born again.

His willingness to lie to the American and International community about WMD's and other similar symptoms are not as troubling by themselves as they are when taken on the whole with everything that his collection of cronies and policies exemplified.

His leadership (or lack thereof) of the "Religious Right" has done more to bring about bigotry toward that sector of society than anything else the Democrats could have manufactured. And all this, under the lame disguise of him being an idiot.

Sorry, his projection of himself as an "aw shucks, down home, good ole boy" who just happened to get elected on his daddy's coat tails and his firm belief in Jesus, doesn't wash.

Honestly, this guy played himself up to be dumber than Pinocchio and in need of more strings being pulled for him than the story's puppet, before the "Fairy" gave him life.

With Cheney playing the part of Jiminy Cricket?


In my opinion that whole eight years was orchestrated to make the population of the Republican Party become an emasculated version of it's former self. And though Bush and Cheney are puppets of something much larger they are not dumb, they are participants.

While in some respects that administrative debacle might serve the good purpose of re-balancing the GOP perspective i.e. making us less arrogant. I don't think that was the real reason for the effort.

I believe it was done to remove the last remaining bits of hope for the Republic and not necessarily the Party thereof, but the general life force of our former American Government.

If this was the intent, then they (whoever "they" are), are well on their way to success.

Pinocchio, the Megalomaniacal Buffoon and Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio’s dark Intelligentsia Conscience, played their parts well.


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