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Republican party gets Trumped

Updated on June 18, 2016

Why Trump?

I understand. I really do. You're tired of the politically correct nonsense sweeping the nation. You want an honest politician, who says what he means, and means what he says. You see on the news, not just Fox News, protests by illegal immigrants wanting rights, and some states, such as California, practically bending over to grant them. All while your ancestors had to come here legally through the long process of Ellis Island and such.

You're tired of gun control talk every time there's a mass shooting. You're outraged by Muslim protests in Europe and talk of bringing Syrian refugees here, despite Homeland Security even admitting they can't fully vet them. You're tired of America looking weak overseas with Libya, the Syrian civil war, and the Iran nuclear deal. And you're not happy because you lost a job due to a plant moving to Mexico thanks to NAFTA. And most of all, you're angry with the Republican Party because you gave them a clear directive to stop the Obama agenda, and yet they failed. Obamacare still stands. The budget keeps growing. And the Republican Party has turned its back on you, all the while the Democrat party has left you behind as it panders to other groups.

And along comes this charismatic leader who speaks his mind, doesn't pull punches, and seems to revel in attempts to tarnish his image. You've finally got a candidate who talks like you do in your everyday life. And he's a multi-billionaire, so he's not for sale. He's everything you want in a candidate.

Not so fast.

The candidates for President this year


The fight for the Republican party's identity

This was supposed to be the year the Republican party resolved its fractured identity, an identity that has left political pundits and opponents both confused and uncertain how to move forward with attempts to manage a working government. Are they the party of the image of Reagan, meaning conservative in both budget and private? Meaning does the Tea Party and Ted Cruz really hold sway?

Are they still the establishment, fighting wars on drugs and despots? The party of Jeb Bush, in other words, the party of the Reagan-Bush dynasty controlling the party?

Are the party of the fiscally conservative, but socially liberal? Had the Libertarian Party finally found a hold in the Republicans, first with Ron Paul, and now his son, Rand Paul?

Were they the party of a consensus between all the above, with an attempt to reach out to the growing Latino demographic? Meaning were they the party of Marco Rubio?

Instead, they became the party of Donald Trump.

Why not Trump?

He is on the record for raising taxes. (video below)

He is for gun control. (video below)

His tiff with Megyn Kelly is going to create issues down the road, as Hillary Clinton will almost certainly show ads repeating his Tweets and comments regarding her, while also making it appear this is how he views all women.

Sorry, Donald, you can't declare bankruptcy if this gig in the White House doesn't work out. (He's declared bankruptcy four times, and has 7 failed business ventures.)

Most damning of all, to me, anyways, is how he carries himself. It's almost as if he's starring in his own blockbuster movie. It looks and feels like a script straight out of Hollywood. No surprise there though, as he is a reality show star with the Apprentice, and has appeared on Seinfeld, Monday Night Raw, and even Wrestlemania. This is almost like yet another attempt to sell himself to the public with his over the top persona that's too outrageous to believe.

While he has backtracked on this, this was his original view

Celebrity Apprentice Images


The tiff with Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is a news host on Fox News, with a reputation for asking tough questions, and a no-nonsense demeanor. You would think that her bluntness would've meshed well with the Don's preference for the truth, and straightforwardness. What happened, instead, was ugly.

Megyn asked him whether he felt his comments regarding women, especially Rosie O'Donnell, would affect him in a general election. Meaning, would they hurt his chances of winning? Trump took offense, stating it was unfair question. I disagree. I thought it was a very fair question.

Instead, he began attacking her, making comments about her menstruation cycle, her mean-spiritedness, and called her a bimbo, among other things. At any rate, before another debate, Trump refused to attend unless Megyn was removed from the panel. Fox refused, Trump sat out. Later discussions returned him to the front, and he later even allowed an interview with Megyn on her show. For the record, Megyn Kelly took the high road for much of the, at times, very personal attacks. You can expect Hillary will be using all of this as material when the general election begins.

As for claims Megyn Kelly's, and by extension Megyn herself, show benefited from the exchange, I find the claim questionable. She was already the most watched show on Fox News, which was the most watched news program.

He's flip-flopped on gun control before

Another problem

If you look at how the media portrays the Republican party. you would find an older white male, rich beyond imagination, who looks down on women, hates Latinos and Muslims, and despises gays. He would be authoritarian and hire and fire people mercilessly. He would preach the morals of a Catholic saint, and live the life of a morally bankrupt lawyer. And he wouldn't have the faintest clue what it's like to be poor. He would be belligerent and obnoxious, looking down at all of us peons.

So, if one wanted to make a parody of a Republican candidate for President, you would use Donald Trump, and really wouldn't need to do much editing.

The Trump family



While I understand the reasoning and willingness for voting for Trump, he really isn't the candidate you think he is.

For a "straight shooter", his opinion changes regularly. He has funded several Democrat campaigns over the years, Hillary Clinton's most recently. He has also funded several Republican campaigns.

His claim also of being anti-establishment is a bit false considering he has funded the establishment. How can you claim to not be part of the problem when you're the money behind the problem.

As for claims by his fans that he's not for sale, I'll ask you the same question I've asked Bernie fans on Facebook about what had happened had the Bern won the Democratic nomination.

Do you really think he'd turn down all the campaign contributions when the general election rolls around?

I won't be voting for Trump come November, and I wouldn't recommend you doing so either.

A look into the Trump campaign


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 20 months ago from Auburn, WA

      All I can say, as an almost 30 year GOP loyalist, is Thank You for this hub. I get tired of being called "stupid" or "traitor" and the classic "sellout" by Trumpers on HP and elsewhere. It's disgusting. You encapsulated my criticism of Trump perfectly. I don't want HRC to be President, but that's not on me. They nominated him and he is going down in flames. He is the stereotype of a GOP candidate and his supporters don't seem to realize it.

      They know not who they vote for...

      Sharing (it might annoy a few Hubbers :).