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Republicans Ask Americans to Trust Trump

Updated on December 13, 2019

While America was watching with dismay about how the impeachment proceedings are going, the Republicans throughout the hearings have asked the American people to trust President Trump. Trust Trump to make the right the decisions, trust Trump whenever he states something as fact and that there was no quid pro quo with Ukraine. Trust Trump that he is looking in America's best interest about corruption.

As the Republicans were trying to deflect all the obvious of abuses of power and obstruction President Trump has done and continues to do, a New York court that had filed fraud charges against Trump for misuse of charity funds, settled with Trump. Settling means Trump was guilty and this was a way out of more serious charges.

President Trump was forced to pay $2 million dollars and admitting that he misused funds raised by the Trump Foundation to promote his presidential bid and pay off business debts. The Trump foundation was really not a charity but a bank-like thing holding people's money. Trump decided that he wanted a six foot portrait of himself and used $20,000 from his charity. He also used another $12,000 to buy a Tim Tebow signed football helmet for himself. He also spent $250,000 from the charity to settle other lawsuits involving fraud or questionable activities.

If that is not enough reason NOT to trust Trump, what about the 10,000 fact checked lies POTUS has been spewing out of his mouth since taking office? Or, the hundreds of tweets that disparage others with more lies? What about the obvious obstruction of justice during the impeachment proceedings- POTUS preventing key witnesses and documents from shedding light about the Ukraine matter?

The whole impeachment banter is like talking to the wind. The Democrats have their evidence, their talking points, their prospective. The Republicans rally around this man called Trump, either in fear (as in a mafia-like thing) or because they are just an idiot team player. Those Republicans willing to say some negative things about Trump's actions have been silenced behind the scenes. POTUS is texting key members encouraging them to support Trump's case of lies and in return, Trump praises them.

Now, that the articles of impeachment are approved, the Republicans and POTUS are coordinating their response for a fake trial. If the Republicans accuse the Democrats as having a kangaroo courtroom, the Republicans are now doing the same for a trial. A trial where a Republican jury will determine the outcome. Why is Trump coordinating with the judiciary?

It has become a farce. Sadly, we know the outcome. The Republican senate will never impeach Trump, as they have said so. Maybe the Republicans will try to have Biden or his son be a witness in the trial. They want to turn this away from being an impeachment on Trump's wrongdoing. For the Republicans to ask the American people to trust Trump is hollow, for even they know, the man cannot be trusted in all things. It is his nature to not be truthful and always give disinformation unless it benefits himself.

Trump will be acquitted. He will claim victory. His stupid followers will be emboldened. The election season will be nasty. The American people will decide once and for all in November 2020.

What a nightmare Trump has brought to America.


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