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Republicans: Do The Right Thing

Updated on June 19, 2016

Anyone but Trump

A Major Dilemma for Republicans. Will They. Do The Right Thing?

I just can’t help feeling sorry for sensible diehard, loyal, lifelong Republicans this election year, Not all Republicans mind you, but the responsible and intelligent members of that once respectable party. Many of them feel an allegiance to that party and wouldn’t dream of voting for a democrat.

Generally speaking, over their lifetimes during most election years, the choices Party members had were incredibly better than the Trump abomination. They have never been betrayed so forcefully by GOP party leaders whose choice of Palin for the VP spot in 2012 cost McLain the presidency and reduced the party's esteem to that of Jackass.(with apologies to Jackasses) The party never learned a thing from that fiasco.The betrayal by Speaker Paul Ryan will never be fully understand. as many party members wondeful how Ryan can endorse a person who fails the test in so many ways.

The almost certain selection of the abominable showman Donald J.(ackass)Trump, has made a mockery of the primary system this year while providing an entirely different situation for loyal Republican voters who are left with the divisive Trump. He has gathered a large block of reactive, unsophisticated Obama haters and uninformed citizens on his side. The presumptive annointed choice of the party, Trump, presents a moral problem for the party and the Nation.

How can our citizens back the bigoted, undisciplined realtor/ reality show character this election year. Where have our values gone ? Can we ever reclaim them?

There is hope and a way to redeem our values. We as a nation need to soundly defeat him in November and send message.


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    • jonnycomelately profile image


      2 years ago from Tasmania

      Yours sounds like a voice of good sense, regardless of any agreement/disagreement I might have for Republican principles.

      It is not just in the United States of America that you have a very poor selection of persons busting for a position of political power.

      It has been said that a Nation will get the Leader it deserves. Nonsense from the populace will get a nonsense leader. Good sense from the populace will get it a Good Sense Leader.

      It's my impression from afar that you have had a Good Sense Leader and First Lady in your current President. Their efforts have been obstructed somewhat by orchestrated (pardon my political incorrectness) crap from ulterior motives of Media Magnates, as I understand it, but might be wrong.

      Some intelligent, healthy debate is called for, without resorting to Hollywood-style hysterical and noisy confrontation.



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